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We may not always get what we want and that's okay.
From a young age, I looked into my parents eyes begging to have something.
Maybe it was a toy or a sweet or simply just a hug.
But When my parents said no, I never really understood it.
From the age of 16, I looked into the eyes of a boy, begging to be loved by him.
Maybe he did, or maybe he just couldn't.
But when he left, I really didn't understand it.
Then, at the age of 18, it happened again.
Another boy I could have loved, left.
And as I looked back at all the rejection I had faced, I never understood, why me?

But now. A few months on. I understand why. I understand because I had to be the one to say no.
She was so precious to me, My little girl. She wasn't human but then again she was more humane than many.
My dear little feline friend became ill. After almost 12 years of loyalty.
I had to change her life. Put her on a diet of only two small meals a day. An injection twice a day.
To have her look up into my eyes, begging to have something.
Maybe it was some ham or some beef or some chicken.
But when I said no, she didn't understand.
I had her best interests at heart. I knew if she had what she wanted she would die.
So as I watched her sulk as she glared at me from across the room I would smile to myself.

In life, maybe as a child we don't get the toy or the sweet or even the hug.
As a teenager we don't always get the one we want to love us.
But someday, after all the pain and the hurt we go through from not getting what we wanted, we have what we need.
I now like to think, when I don't get what I want, there's something greater than us all, maybe God or just simply the universe smiling over at me and thinking what I thought about My pet Fluffy.
"You poor little thing, sulking over not getting something that you don't know will hurt you more than how you feel now in the future."
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