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If teens ruled the world...
Teen Rules Contest Jul 20, 2016


Teens Rule! (E)
If teens ruled the world...
#2088151 by Mari McKee (13)

Teens Rule!

If teenagers ruled the world,
there would be less words spoken,
because teens use phones to text,
as if their vocal chords are broken.

Social networking would be required
for a school diploma to be earned,
because knowing how to multi-network
is mandatory and must be learned.

School hours would be flexible,
attending the hours they choose,
thus giving them plenty of time,
after a long, late night, to snooze.

Teens will choose their own car,
by age fifteen, to drive anywhere,
with no restrictions or time limits,
from there to here or here to there.

Teens wouldn’t have to obey adults,
because they are annoying and old,
then they can do whatever they want,
forbidding parents to lecture and scold.

There would be a main task for parents,
to provide teens with plenty of money,
So if teenagers ruled the world,
their world would be milk and honey!

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