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The government says Mother Mary will betray all of you from on our media...
         The government on the political campaign states that Mother Mary will come again and will betray all of us. This was use of mind control, don't believe everything you hear, people lie after all. Anyone who's reading this should know people lie, and just because a person has a great position of power doesn't mean they will actually tell you the truth.

         Let's all look at the bigger picture, of who, more like what will and is truly betraying all of us. I will say it's never only one individual, it's multiple people, governments, and "other" entities. Hitler done lots of damage as well as others in history, it's not just one person. Others followed and done what he commanded, why did they? If so many of you are so against one individual, then why do you sit there, listen to them and allow them to command and rule you then? Hitlers soldiers knew what his purpose and cause was wrong and evil, why do people still continue to do what they know is wrong? That's the true evil, choosing to do evil and what's wrong. What is wrong with people? Don't people have their own will to not do what they know is wrong and evil?

         Mother Mary is not the betrayer, it is multitudes of people and entities combined who will betray all of you. Do any of you know what they truly are? Drugs, abusing others including animals (done by your own hands, not Mother Mary's or the Father's, yours!), pollution, a lack of love and respect for others, including all flora, fauna and Mother Earth you're greedily continuing to take everything from, etc. If you continue these ways, there won't be anything left for any of you to take, everything will be polluted and all flora and fauna will die. Is this truly what all of you want? We need to start helping others heal, heal the flora and fauna and Mother Earth before it's too late for all of us.

***It is, YOUR own hands, wrong doings, evil acts done by YOU, YOU are the ones who are betraying, YOURSELF! Open and awaken your eyes to the real truths! Do and think for YOURSELF! Use your own brain and mind, don't allow others to make decisions for you, make your own choices! It's not Isis, it's not the Father, it's not the Devil, it's YOU making the choices, decide for YOURSELF what YOU do.***

         Bashing others in the political campaign is a waste of everyone's time. People who see this that are younger also encourages them to bully others which is wrong. We need to focus on saying what we're going to do to help society and Mother Earth instead. We have lead in our water, new diseases are appearing, hunger and homelessness is appearing more and more. Talk about this and how you plan on getting it resolved. Isn't this what a political leader is for, or just going up there to bash each other, making us and our country look like bad? Teens are in gangs in Chicago shooting each other, people are crying wanting something to be done. Teens and children are out of school, they could now have time to cause trouble, such as cause more shootings to appear. They could join a swimming club, do more sports activities, lead and create a group of choice to teach others about a fun hobby they have that they enjoy doing, etc. There are other better and more enjoyable activities a teen could do other than doing drugs and shooting others, ending up caught, put in jail and then their life of freedom is over. Do any of you want to end up sitting in jail having nothing to do?
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