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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Mystery · #2088272
Joanna is thrown into a new life with a strange boy


THE BOY SHIVERED AS HE STARED DOWN AT THE DARK AND DUSTY BUILDING BEFORE HIM. He pulled his jacket tighter around his body and descended down the hill. It was the middle of summer, yet his body felt frigid and raw, almost as though his skin should be blue and shaking from hypothermia.

Shoving his hands into his pants pockets, the boy made his way around to the back of the looming building where there was an entrance that he'd seen several others use before. He'd expected for the door to be unlocked. Yet when he'd reached it, he pulled harshly on the doorknob, only to find that it was locked from the inside.

Letting out a dismal sigh, the boy delved into his back jean pants pocket and pulled out a silver pocket knife, his grey eyes focusing on the doorknob. Sliding the knife into the key slot, he set off to work, trying hopelessly to get the knife to work the way he wanted. The longer he hunkered down on the balls of his feet though, the more frustrated he felt himself becoming.

The boy was sure that he was safe, especially since everyone in the rather small town would be at the annual festival that they threw every year, he wasn't entirely sure though as a crunching in the woods became louder. He felt his hands freeze, an uncontrollable shiver made its way down his spine, making him feel as though he was being watched.

Their was forest on the backside of the building where the boy was, so when he stood perfectly still he could hear the sound of leaves crunching just barely inside the forest. The boy wanted nothing more than to ignore it, yet as the crunching become louder, he felt himself grow even more at unease.

The door where he stood was slightly hidden by a wall, which he felt would give him some protection from whoever it was that might be watching, but not much. Bracing himself, he stuck his head around the corner to see what it was that had been making all the ruckus.

Something inside the boys head screamed for him to be very alert yet of what he was not sure, because it was no human but a small squirrel that on the grass watching him closely. The squirrel twitched its tail, looking as though it were angry it had been caught, only it did not run away like the boy had expected.

Letting out a low chuckle at the fact he'd let a squirrel scare him, he turned away right as his phone had begun to ring in his jacket pocket. He'd seen squirrel's before, only the one's he'd seen were always scared by loud noises and had run away with a weird twitch of their tails or chattering of their teeth, showing agitation. The boy eyed the squirrel warily, as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and answered it.

"Ello?" His voice rang out into the thick summer air, a strong British accent as he practically bellowed into the receiver. "Have you found the girl?" He asked, using his free hand to push his black hair away from his face that was now covered in sweat.

The boy set back to work once more, making sure to grasp the phone carefully between his shoulder and his ear so that he did not drop it as he tried to manipulate the doorknob to where it would unlatch, the pavement of the sidewalk digging into his knees as he used his hands to work. He listened intently to the voice on the other end of the line, giving an "mhm" or a "Yea" every so often.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood once more as the squirrel came closer, only inches away as it continuously watched the boy work.

"I have to go." The boy said into the receiver suddenly when he'd heard the clicking of the door unlocking. He stood and shoved the phone back into his jacket pocket. "Shoo!" He yelled at the squirrel, stomping and waving his hands in front of it. The squirrel didn't move, yet he was that their was a look of amusement in it's eyes as he pulled the door open.

When inside the building, he quickly locked the door behind him, although he wasn't entirely sure of the reasoning behind it. What he was fairly sure of, was that what he needed was somewhere on the second floor in one of the classrooms. Finding the stairs he took them two at a time, until he reached the second floor.

There were no doors, only smooth brick walls that made him hope to possibly see a trap door, yet as he walked and continued feeling the walls, he knew their was no possible way. The boy stood their confused, focusing his grey eyes on the empty hallway. Maybe their was an entrance through the ceiling?

The silent hallway suddenly became increasingly loud as the boy was thrown harshly against the wall as though he were a rag-muffin for a dog or child to play with. He hit his head against the linoleum floor, making the room spin and a thick blue haze appear before him when he opened his eyes.

He sill wasn't entirely sure he was seeing clearly when the smoke had begun to dissipate, a dark figure emerging. A man stood above him, his eyes like a cats- green mixed with yellow- staring at him intently, a grimace on his face that reach anywhere near his eyes.

The room had stopped spinning enough for the boy to see clearly, although he still wasn't sure he believed what he was seeing in front of him.

"Hello Nigel." The man said, flashing a quick smile that showed his teeth. The boy, Nigel, stared in horror at the man above him.

"Am I dead? I watched you die, Emil." Nigel asked, hurrying to his feet. "I suppose this explains the odd acting squirrel outside." Nigel stated, although he already knew before Emil could say anything.

"I had to announce my presence somehow. As for dying, you should know better than to just assume that a bullet to the heart would kill a warlock like me." There was silence for a moment before Emil added on; "Besides, there are certain circumstances that won't let me die." Nigel made a face only for Emil to shake his head. "Ask question's later, for now we need to find that room. That is what you're hear for, isn't it?" Emil asked, laughing.

Emil turned away, bringing his hands up towards his face so that it looked as though he were praying. A low hum caught in the back of his throat, Nigel stood watching beginning to feel frightened as Emil was lifted off the ground, his arms thrown away from the center of his chest. The floor began to shake, pitching Nigel against the smooth brick wall. He tried desperately to grab at something, only to find that there was nothing.

A deafening crack could be heard all along the hallway as the white wall across from where Nigel sat began to crumble, piece by piece. Nigel covered his head with him arms, wishing for it to be over, until he felt another set of hands grab him.

"Bloody hell, are you alright?" Nigel wondered aloud, standing and wrapping Emil's arm around his shoulders so that he could support his body weight.

Nigel looked up and down the now destroyed hall, all around them was rubble, however in the midst of that, was a small classroom that stood wide open and exposed on all sides.

"You did it." Nigel said breathily, trying to hurry towards the classroom as quickly as he could. Except with carrying Emil, it was like carrying a dead body and it only slowed him down more.

Nigel felt happiness and warmth spread through his body when they'd reached just outside the classroom. He could see the desk where he was sure it would be. However something about the room was off. The desks where students should sit, were barren, the blackboard was blank and the teachers desk was entirely cluttered.

Emil remained leaning on Nigel for support as Nigel walked into the room. It took him a moment to realize that Emil was no longer beside him, his arm no longer around his shoulders. Panic struck him to the core as he turned quickly, exiting the classroom to where Emil was propped up, half sitting- half lying down.

Grabbing for Emil once more, Nigel tried to pull him through, yet it was as though there was some sort of barrier that would not budge. Shaking his head, Nigel took a knee beside Emil so that he could listen to what he had to say.

"I can't enter the room." Emil said weakly. "Go, I'll be alright."

Nigel hurried into the room, at the desk he sifted through each item until, finally, he came across what was a very heavy book. Nigel could feel the power hat thrived from it, something about it that made him feel strong, limitless.

He lifted the book effortlessly, sliding it into an over-sized pocket in his jacket. Nigel quickly rushed back outside the classroom, only to find hat he was alone. Emil was gone.

Nigel didn't bother to call his name, he knew had happened, it was the same as last time. Even though it'd already happened once before, Nigel could still feel the agony and despair that ripped through his body over losing his friend. Emil had died again, and it had been his fault, again.

Ignoring the damage to the building around him, he descended the stairs, making his way to the back door where he'd come in. Outside, it no longer felt cold to him. The air felt thick and humid as it reached his lungs and burned when he breathed too deep.

Finding a tree stump near by, he sat and rolled up the sleeves of his jacket, staring down at his tan skin. His breath had become ragged now, something wet sliding down his cheeks. Nigel reached up to touch his cheek, finding that it was wet, he hadn't even known that it was possible for him to cry. Maybe I've spent to much time on earth now, he thought to himself.

"Perhaps now would be the time for you to do the right thing, Nigel?" Nigel looked up, caught off guard by the short slender man who equaled out to no more than 5"4' and beginning to bald, standing across from him. He could feel the books power surging into his side, itching to be used.

"Adriel." Nigel said, standing to face the bald man, as way of greeting. "What're you doing here?"

"You know very well what I am doing here, brother." His words held anger as he spat them at Nigel, yet he was trying hard to control his facial expressions. Adriel's voice was deep, holding a note of authority. "If you take and use that book with your plan, then we are all doomed. We will all be cast out, down to earth."

"I was cast out, no one cared then. Why should someone care now?" Nigel said as though it were the simplest question in the world.

"What're you going to do when you find the girl?" Adriel asked, no longer bothering to control his facial expressions. He glared harshly at Nigel.

"Just because the girl is in your protection does not mean that she will be hard to find, Adriel." Nigel had begun to back up so that he was on the edge of the forest. "Now as nice as this little chat has been, I don't wish to continue it. Until next time brother." Nigel gave a curt nod, disappearing into the forest.

Adriel stood next to the forest before finally looking back towards the college, letting out a high shrilled scream of annoyance that forced that building to collapse. It's supports tumbling beneath the weight of the building , glass shattering everywhere.

Adriel gave one last glance at the forest, where Nigel had disappeared to, before there was a loud snap and large white wings spotted with brown unfolded from his back. He took off from the ground, disappearing somewhere into the sky.

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