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What happens, when you choose follow others, or not...
         Once upon a time, there was another white wooled sheep that was born. For some reason, he had the whitest wool you could ever imagine seeing. Throughout the first year of his life, he was taught very well by his beloved Mother and Father. He never spoke much, nor did he socialize. Many of the other sheep made fun of him, wondering why he never done a lot of what they took interest in doing, including talking to them.

"What a weird sheep Whitiis is, huh Larri?" Said one of the most ignorant of all sheep in the herd laughing.

"Yes true. It's strange he never eats with us or talks to us, and waits to eat or drink only after he sees where the farmer finished putting out food and water for us." Laughs the other ignorant sheep to Larri.

"Oh well let's just let him be. He doesn't care anyway, what an idiot." Laughs Ringo with Larri.

         Whitiis always heard everything all of the other sheep said, behind his back about him. It made him sad, but he knew better than to try to hurt any of them back. He just continued waiting for his chance to eat and drink, after all of the others were done.

         After all of the other sheep were done, he went to eat and drink. The Shepard put different water and food there for Whitiis because the other sheep greedily ate and drank everything, leaving nothing for Whittis to have, to be ignorant toward him.

         Over a short time, the other sheep became sickly, weak and their wool kept just dropping in large clumps off of them, but not Whitiises, why is this? Whitiis knew, the farmer was slowly poisoning them, letting them die for an unknown reason. Whitiis knew all along, and is one of the reasons why he wanted nothing to do with any of it. The Shepard also knew what the farmer was doing to them. He called the police on him and told them everything. He gave them photos of putting poison in their food and water and everything. If this would have kept going on, not only would all of the, other sheep have died from poisoning, people who the farmer would have sold the poisoned meat to would've died too.

         The Shepard over time slowly helped heal all of the sheep from the poisoning and they never made fun of Whitiis again. They now realized exactly why, he chose to remain different. He was observing what the farmer was doing and knew even if he told the other sheep what was being done to them they would've just laughed at him even more, calling him crazy. Choosing to be different is not weird, it could one day even help save your life.

:)-@ :)-@ :)-@The End :(-@
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