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Tarot card Divination
The Mystic Readings

Mystic reading number one. (Stranger)

Come on in and sit down, let me give to you a reading.
It will take no time at all and yes my friend, it's free.
I hope you don't mind but I'm doing it with poetry.
Now think of a question as you're shuffling, this is the key.
OK, hand back the deck and than I'll pull out three.
Don't look yet, just hand them to me.
Now that I have captured some of your Chi.
I will use it and review your future's energy.
On the table, I place the three cards face up for us to see.

Now I'm going to show you what I need to do.
My vision tells me what the cards will say about you.

Ok (Stranger) here goes.

Card number one facing you, The two of Cups.
Maybe you are falling in love.
While the lion with wings flies above.
Maybe there is about to be an engagement kind of thing.
Some kind of pledge, followed by a ring.
Are you staring at each other, like a couple of pups?
While Caduceus and Hermes twist between the two large cups.

Card number two, this one isn't facing you, The Moon.
It's face looks down unleashing a horrible storm.
You stood tall with the strongest form.
Just like the dog and wolf who chased it away,
You will have to work together to win at the end of the day.
I expect to that you will find out, sometime very soon.
When you see within the water, the reflection of the moon.

The third and final card facing you, The Hanged man.
Suspended from the gallows by one foot, the man was upside down.
He looked more like an intellectual, with a nimbus for a crown.
Maybe someone is about to put something on pause.
Your way of life is about to be turned on its end for that cause.
Their may have to be some sort of self sacrifice if you can..
Use wisdom to find the proper path and avoid the Hanged Man.

Did anything I said answer your question? I hope it did help you in some small way.
If not, then maybe you have some deeper questions that it may help you answer.
Remember, these are only a few choices in a see of endless possibilities for you to decide.
Thank you (Stranger) for letting me peer into your future, come back soon and visit me for another reading.

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