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by S-J
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Fiorna my friend and buddy. My link to the real world. (A fictional short story)
It can be quite lonely in my little world. Can be. I barely leave my house. Not to be anti-social, but to take care of my health. I have a very weak immune system, I get sick too easy. I'm grateful for the modern age. I'm not completely hidden from everyone, since I have a computer with internet and a phone. At least I can keep in contact. I also do a lot of shopping online and get home deliveries. Good thing I don't live in a more remote place. Food deliveries are such a blessing for me. I miss the outdoors, but my health scares me. It can be quite lonely, like I said. That's where Fiorna comes to the rescue. Fiorna keeps me from going insane, cheers me up when I am sad. Keeps me warm when I am cold
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