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A fantasy story
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#2086310 by Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless

I opened the box I had bid for.
The cover was pulled back and the attendant and both said at the same time

'What the hell is this? '

'Is it a car ?' I asked excitedly.

'I thinks so.' he said as he walked away to join the next box auction..

I was on the cell phone at once to my husband.

'Johnny I have a car but it's really old I think it's vintage may need you to work on it.'

Johnny arrived with the tow truck from his garage where he worked and we took it home to have a proper look at the purchase .
'I will come home early and we can see what needs doing to it.' He said after locking it in our garage. I was a little disappointed at this statement but knew he had to work and I settled to doing some chores while I waited with bated breath for him to return home
I paced up and down the passage at the front of the house and hoped he would return before it became dark

'At last.' I said as his truck came around the bend towards the house.

Johnny opened the garage up and we both went to see what I had bought.
I sat in the passenger seat next to him while he looked a t the car.
'You're right about it being vintage, but it's not one that I have seen before.
There was some dials and switches and a screen that displayed some information , and he switched the first one on, and the date 1996 came on the screen.
'No way this car is older than the date displayed on the screen and he switched on another to alter the screen. Swoosh the car was taking them somewhere
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