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A great time of year to grill up some delicious BBQ.
Barbecue Time

After a hard days work, I finally sat down beside my old friend the barbecue.
There on the grill was big chunks of ribs and sausages that I smothered like glue.

For quite a while I tried to hold back, my mouth wouldn't stop watering.
I could not help but rip off small pieces that my fork had been coddling.

As i am cooking, the smells are wafting towards my neibours.
I just caught him peeking over the fence, and smelling the flavors .

Oh no I hope it's not burned, I better check it out to see.
Very shortly it is going to go down my throat and bring my stomach to glee..

Well my food is done, looks like it's time for me to have a seat.
I hope you liked my short poem, about the barbecue and meat.
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