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Good attitude vs. Bad attitude
Attitude is a behavioral attribute often confused by people as something that is a mandate possession for smartness. A perception that a strong attitude to reflect one’s smartness often deviates from the core principle of behaving the humane way. There are many events in daily life that offer choices to renovate one’s attitude. It is a common phenomenon that a high ego and bad attitude predominantly float on the same boat. Judging our actions with a motive to compare, compete and better oneself have been the usual habit of people in our surroundings. Offices, Institutions, Organizations, Communities etc. have budding aspirants with a lot of pressure and stress situations. The easiest and the weakest way to show one’s distress is through attitude. Situations influence the manipulation of attitudes to undesirable shades. You would encounter close colleagues and friends change their attitudes. Furtive actions with knives of hypocrisy tarnishing good relations and environment is nothing new in a competitive scenario.

How do we color ourselves with a shade of attitude that is good?

Expressing one’s personality in a humble way with a spirit of modesty is the true shade of a desirable exterior attitude. However, it is more important that such good attitudes are uprooted internally as well. It is best to abide the path of one’s heart but the thoughts should be pristine enough to trust oneself the heart’s way.

Helping people around us with a goal to inspire similar character among the crowd is always a winning path for a good attitude. Relaxing the inner-self and being retrospective about one’s own actions with a welcoming notion when criticized by others is the means to better oneself day by day. The hardest but most successful practice for a good attitude is to accept the mistakes and failures, apologize for infamous actions and move forward with the hope that wonderful times are yet to decorate our journey with success. Equip yourself with a practice that you would not fall prey to greed and hatred in this journey that also has fellow travelers seeking their own destinies.

High motivated ideas with a reverence for human values can be an enthusiastic approach to make us feel good about ourselves. Loving our character and believing in the destiny of achieving something that can endorse our vision to young aspirants can be the best shade of an attitude none would like to reject.

Successful leaders have always chosen the charismatic way of attracting and creating a mass change in the world through great attitudes. They have had inclinations for solutions that can favor the mankind, end the sufferings of the downtrodden and evolve the world under one common roof of love. Tough situations have persisted time and again.

All clouds are not fair and the beauty of the sky is incomplete without different shades. Life throws in similar kind of experience. Not all days are the best ones and no great life without ups and downs.

Learning to propel ourselves with a determination to convert the hurdles into uplifting ladder steps just as the gliding surfer dancing on the ocean waves is the true beauty of a strong attitude.

Do you know what shade is your attitude? Think over it.
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