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by Regina
Rated: E · Poetry · Other · #2088596
A reminder that the negative voice inside of you is never truthful. Love yourself :)
You will never be enough,
Below average at best.
You are so idiotic
I am surprised you passed a single test.
You can see other people
And you clearly see
That they are everything
Which you could never be.
Because you have me.
I am never going to leave
I will always be here.
I will always insult you,
I will always jeer.
You know me well enough
As your negativity and self-hate
You have tried to get rid of me,
But it is far to late.
I am here to stay
And have no remorse in saying
I love making you feel this way.
You are alone,
And there is nothing you can do,
To make anyone think about loving you.
The not so great you

Looking at this note I received from myself,
I can be calm and delighted
While I take it from the shelf.
You see, I did not keep this note
To remind me that I am what the letter tells me.
It reminds me that I now realize
The letter was an imaginative essay
Of what I never used to be.
Looking at this note,
I can grin,
Or even laugh,
As I throw it in the tote.
I used to read this as a self-reminder
That I am not what this letter speaks,
But now I know in my heart that I am more than enough
With every time my floor creaks.

In everyone's mind,
They have fabricated a letter of some sort.
And I am here to tell you
That you must never sell yourself short.
You must read this letter and not believe a word.
If you were to be a mighty Bison
You would surely lead the heard.
You were meant to be free.
You were meant to fly.
You are not meant to sit back
And believe that letter
Formed in one big lie.
Love yourself today,
And try tomorrow.
Love yourself forever
Because you cannot be someone
To simply borrow.
Believe me when I say
That you are the only one
Standing in your way.
Go out
And love today.

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