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This writing is based on a dream.
In my dream, I was hanging from a rope --- fully dressed as if going somewhere special. Underneath me was churning water, mountains/jagged rocky cliffs were on every side. Planks of wood were strewn about, some floating.

With a mission to stay dry, I needed to cross the water to get from point A to point B.

Among me, there were others doing the same thing --- with greater and lesser degrees of ability. Though I was one of the less able---at least in my mind---I could feel a set of strong, sure invisible hands directly beneath mine, giving me guidance, comfort courage and support as I took the rope, using its pendulum momentum to make my way over the water.

Gently nudging the wood to bridge the gaps, I helped others with enduring assurance on those strong hands beneath mine.

Even as I awoke, the comfort and courage remained in the memory of the tangible support of those hands.
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