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This day would change everything . Forcing maya to face her fear of loss and her secret .
Maya had been dreading the transition from middle school to high school.Dreading the uncertainty of what might happen to the bond she had forged with Riley matthews. For Maya, Riley had been her safe place. the peaceful place where she always found solace and renewed strength when she needed it .

With her kind heart and gentle nature riley kept mayas demons at bay .The demons her father left behind in the wake of his departure.

Maya and riley had argued that day something that they had never done. For that reason maya couldn't help but blame herself. Her mind replayed the moments leading to up to the fateful events that could now cost riley her life.

They were both walking home and while maya walked in stoic silence riley in her usual concerned manner kept pushing and goading maya to open up and tell her what was wrong but each time she did so maya would just fix her eyes forward and exclaim,

"nothing's wrong riley ,just let it go already!"

Meanwhile; Zay ,Lucas, and Farkle were not far behind them preoccupied with their own retelling of the day's events.

After moments of persistent pestering Maya got visibly flustered and blurted out in annoyed anger .

" you don't know when to quit, do you riles?" to which riley retorts proudly." no peaches, because you never let me "

In that instant maya felt her stoic bravado begin to slip and she quickly attempted to recover by stopping dead in her tracks. turning to Riley with a stern glare she blurted,

" riley don't you understand ,just leave me alone.. i need to be alone"

Maya could see the hurt in riley's eyes at the sternness of her words but she couldn't risk having to explain herself to riley.

Maya began to walk away as riley stood there with tears welling up in her eyes.

Riley knew her friend all too well not to know something was wrong but she fought her urge to go after her and just slowly resumed walking.

Maya had gotten so caught up in her thoughts she failed to see the car steadily heading her way as she crossed the street .

Riley saw the light was green and ran as fast as her feet could take her calling out to maya but to no avail.

A split second later the boys saw what was about to happen and began running . They called out to both of them but by then they were too late. All they could do was stare in stunned disbelief as Riley ran with tears streaming down her face screaming at the top of her lungs to get Mayas attention.

Maya finally turns to acknowledge Riley and finally realizes her fatal mistake as the sound of the car horn gets ever louder.

Maya extends her hand signaling Riley to stop but Riley only runs faster.

As the driver steps on the brakes as hard as he can, he realizes there's no way he'll be able to stop in time so he closes his eyes and braces himself hoping only that by holding the brakes down hard that the impact will be less.

In that moment the gap between Maya & Riley is bridged and Maya falls to the ground from the strength of Riley's lunge to push her out of harms way.

The only sound heard is the loud thud of Riley being struck and her limp body rolling lifelessly to a stop into the middle of the street.

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