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by Donna
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Three little mice want to open a little bistro
The Three Spiced Mice is a little bistro just south of Bronx, New York. One day the oldest sister, Sage was talking to her younger siblings, Basil and Thyme. "Basil, Thyme what do you think about opening a little bistro with our favorite dishes?" The two laughed at Sage. They looked at each other and laughed even harder. Sage got upset at the two and yelled at them, so she threw a plate down on the floor and it shattered into million pieces.
The two stopped laughing, Basil and Thyme sat straight up in their chairs, batting their little beati eyes at their older sister.
"Now that I have your full undivided attention. Since you think everything is so funny, you can clean up the broken plate and finish cleaning the kitchen." Sage throws the dish towel on the kitchen table, then turns on her heel and stomps out like Rachel Barry form "Glee." As she walked out you could see her pink little tail swish back and forth, telling her brothers how mad she was for them laughing at her. An hour later Basil and Thyme come into the office where Sage is, to tell her how sorry they were for laughing at her idea, and asked how they could help.
Sage asked her brothers to pull up a chair and lets start planning. All three are excellent cooks, they learned from the best. Mom ma Rosemary and Poppa Tarragon. They are the best and work hard as well. Poppa works as a Chef, north of the Bronx called, "BarBeQue Stars." Mom ma helped Poppa out whenever he was short a few mice. Mom ma's mainly a baker and works at the little corner bakery called, "Sugar's Best." Ms. Sugar had some outstanding cakes, pet-ti furs, cookies and so much more. When Ms.Sugar was getting more orders than she could handle she needed more help. She heard about Mom ma and hired her on the Johnny she did.
So the three mice grew up learning nothing but cooking and baking. Sage with pen and note pad at hand with her two brother's beside her started putting their little bistro together. Thyme says,
"Sage, since you're so much better at math than us why don't you be the manager of our little bistro?" Sage nodded her head, looked at Basil to get his approval, with Basil giving one nod and a squeak, Sage wrote this down that she was to take the management possion. Basil and Thyme loved to prep for the meals. Once their menu was planned and who was doing what, now they needed to come up with a name for their little bistro. The mice sat for an hour thinking what to name their little bistro. Mom ma pops her head in the office and asked what they were doing. Sage told Mom ma and showed her their plans.
"Well such big plans needs a healthy snack." Mom ma turns and goes to the kitchen. While getting a plate down form the cub-bard, Mom ma told Poppa what they were doing. Mom ma and Poppa walk back to the office. Mom ma sits a plate of cubed cheese down on the desk.
"I hear you're having some difficult time coming up with a name." The tree mice nodded with their little cheeks full of cubed cheese, Poppa says, "Well since there are three of you why not call your little bistro "Three Spiced Mice." The mice jumped up and down with full of joy and laughter. And that's how this little bistro came about of the "Three Spiced Mice."

By Donna Dickenson
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