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Rated: E · Prose · Comedy · #2088992
live as it happens, writer becomes prisoner of war by one of his fictitious characters!
The Field General Returns

A precursory rocking of the large ingratiating double bed by a highly polished leather knee boot.

T. Author stirred from his slumber by the obtrusive night stick as it rudely raps the bottom of his exposed feet.

"What is this..!!??" "Shut up T. Author; I shall be the one asking the questions," a sardonic and menacing voice demands.

T. Author blinking his eyes in incredulous terror and lashing his tightly held fist into the stygian darkness with desperate abandon, manages but a feeble glancing blow to the burly and imposing Field General.

The Field General laughing with profuse mocking refrain holds forth a long chrome plated flash light; T. Author's face collapses in the harrowing illumination, his eyes anxiously seeking the identity behind the imponderable attack. The mystifying and trenchant visage being revealed in frightening vagueness serves only to augment T. Author's increasing dread. "What do you want," T. Author pleads desperately sitting up so rigidly in his ingratiating double bed.

Light closes in abruptly; the quick open palm finds its mark with explosive force, T. Author's face recoils from the vigorous blow... a fearful grimace displaying itself in magnificent grandeur.

"I shall ask the questions, you shall obey my commands." "Concentrate T. Author concentrate!!.." The Field General affects a sympatric and caring attitude, then once again laughs with maniacal delight.

T. Author feels impelled to reply but after careful consideration dismisses the impulse in favor of calculating silence. So he sits upon his ingratiating double bed accompanied by this grand dilemma.

The Field General stands in stark silence for an interminable time, the light remaining steadfast upon T. Author as he closes his burning eyes forcefully to avoid the torturous assault.

Presently the Field General addresses some compatriots which remain concealed in the uncertain darkness... "There that is much better; T. Author may not be as difficult we had first imagined,"the Field General concludes.

"Now Major Disaster I am ready for the incontrovertible evidence,' the Field General announces with great satisfaction as an indefinable object changes hands in the darkened room. "Excellent," the F.G. confirms," as he holds forth in his free hand an obscure and mysterious object.

"No T. Author there is no doubt as to the origins of this hideous and debasing composition," the F.G. accuses vigorously. The bemused T. Author gropes for an answer, his brain racing in bewildered urgency.

Slapping the book rhythmically upon T. Author's chest the Field General rails, "you don't know who I am do you? It would appear from the look on your face you haven't the vaguest idea," he queries with true astonishment.

Illumination!!! T. Author concluding in amazement, this man is merely a non-reality which I crafted many years ago. The reviews were most unfavorable...; but such unbridled hostility, I never dreamed of this!

T. Author replying dumbfounded, "Yes I recognize the narrative you represent, but it is simply not possible for you to animate yourself in such a manner as this for you are merely an imaginary entity.

The F. G. confirms, "just as we had expected, no remorse, no regret, no ambivalence at having thrust us into the brutal conflict in which there was such unspeakable hardship and suffering before the dismal, inglorious and disastrous end." "The bitter knifing cold, the endless deprivations, the constant struggle, the untenable cause which we embraced with such hysterical fervor. We must endure forever!"

T. Author stammers, "but I never realized." "Silence!" the Field General insists,"justice shall prevail."

The manacles are enthusiastically clamped in place, T. Author being prodded with the malicious night stick and shoved with vengeful hands soon finds himself amongst a tattered, desolate, and exhausted military unit. Thus he stands in vacant gaze.

The Field General broaches the electric silence, "we have all suffered desperately and experienced untoward deprivations and hardships to accomplish this most essential objective." "The infamous T. Author has been positively identified and now stands before us this very moment!"

Spontaneously kindled, is gleeful, exhilarating anticipation as
T Author is now without doubt revealed with full intensity as the precise focus of attention.

The attitude of a vanquished military unit quickly evaporates, a great cheer of accomplishment echoes forth from the once wasted contingent as they rally with festive confidence and enthusiasm .

The Field General observing their response with abundant approbation, abruptly calls his resurgent troops to attention.

"I sure don't like this," T. Author laments extravagantly as they all march urgently into the fleeting summer night; the wistful chinking of manacles gently muffled by boots striking the roadway in perfect unison.
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