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A day in the life of every writer as we push through ideas, drops of creativity, etc.
I've been languishing in my daily goals lately. The excuse I keep throwing out is because work has been keeping me pretty busy. However, when I really look at it, that first hour or so of the morning where I am sitting, mindlessly surfing, sipping coffee and looking at various community forums for dogs, jeeps, photography, etc. I could be so much more productive! But I am not.

So, today, July 1st, I am giving myself 30 minutes to write a blog post. What should I write about? My mind wanders aimlessly, thinking about several "writable ideas:

Idea #1 - Damp Paws

One of the two dogs that languishes at my feet, her paws damp from her morning "business" outside. It seems like there is something poetic about that, but I've already written about her paws. Still, never abandon an idea just because you've written something similar before. It doesn't matter, she woke up and started preening herself. Yuck!

Idea #2 - Wranglin' for Younger Days

Then I remember the jeep that is coming to me in short order from NY. My folks are retiring to SC and no longer have a need for it. No one else wanted it, so I jumped at the chance to "inherit" the jeep. Taking that soft top off, and the side doors off speaks to the freedom of youth. I can picture myself cruising with the dogs in the back, wind whipping past all of us while we enjoy the mountainous scenery of Colorado. Not only does that ride sound writable, but it speaks to getting back to my youth where I had less responsibility. Kind of fitting that it's a Jeep Wrangler. Maybe there's something there.

Idea #3 - Drip Drip Sip

I just took the last sip of coffee from my mug. I've been trying to reduce my caffeine intake lately so am resisting the urge to go back for my second cup, because that's all I get. I do find that waiting for the first cup rather intoxicating in and of itself though. The coffee maker drips every few seconds, and it only takes about ten minutes to brew up to the "6 cup" marking. Funny how that only makes two cups for me though. It seems the pattern in the dripping is almost musical. It finishes with a chime to let me know it's done brewing too - beep beep beep! Makes me wonder if there's a coffee symphony in there for me to write about.


Each idea tugs at me in different ways, and I curse myself for not being able to make up my mind. After all, I've only given myself 30 minutes to knock out 500 words today. Finally, it comes to me! What if I were to write a short paragraph on each? Would that be entertaining to a reader? Will it fill 500 words? Damn! Why can't I come up with a spur of the moment idea and just run with it - I always seem to stall myself and procrastinate until it's too late. Oh well! There goes another day of writing time lost...or is this a win?
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