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Rated: E · Short Story · Business · #2089005
a desperate attempt to raise funds is unsuccessful
Demise Of A Magnate

Stepping abruptly into the path of the strolling gentleman Samuel anxiously announced, "feel the remarkable texture of this extraordinary knit, this most elegant sweater. "Forthwith the strolling gentleman increased his pace and shot a disdaining eye as Samuel continued his tenacious advance, "for you I present the most elegant and finest sweater," Samuel presenting the magnificent garment for examination continued. " please sir just feel the texture the exquisite crush, the elegant essence of such a truly splendid garment, offered in any color you can imagine and available no other place on earth, at any price, how can anyone say no? "Back!" "Back!", the gentleman cautioned, "or you may force me to contact the authorities."

Crestfallen; Samuel frowned in bitter disappointment as the gentleman continued his daily stroll, heels clicking faintly against the cobblestone sidewalk, mumbling some ineffable insult, as he turned the corner and quickly vanished from view,

Samuel stood for a moment glancing around, his face once again earnest with anticipation as another gentleman strode into view from around the corner. "Sir I present to you the finest sweaters of the most remarkable quality available, feel this sweater, the texture, the design, the construction, a most impressive garment. Oh so elegant !." The strolling gentleman stopped abruptly considering the offer with abundant ill regard. He pointed despairingly at the garment with his closed parasol. "Surely you don't suggest I make purchase of such a revolting garment?" Samuel puzzled by the comment replied with sincere innocence, "what do you disapprove of, tell me and I will make immediate corrections" Whereupon the gentleman rudely probed the garment with the pointed tip of his closed parasol, a sour disposition struck upon his face. "It is for you to discern what is acceptable and present it to me. "Good day!"

After watching the gentleman vanish around the corner Samuel was jolted by a pang of terror. His usual confident visage now reflected an irresolute confusion. What can it possibly be; I have been in this business many-many years and never experienced anything so severely alarming.
The old location would have absorbed this inventory with ease, Samuel rubbed his forehead with the palm of his powerful hand.

"Darn it to heck!" he agonized as he reentered his sweater shop. The lease payment is well over due as it has been for many months. I've had to neglect payment, but what else can I do.

Samuel entered his lavish office and quickly started pressing buttons on his electronic calculator. he loosed his shirt button and eased free his choking tie. "No way!!! The numbers just aren't encouraging," he confirmed. "How could this have happened to someone of such preeminence in the sweater business?" I'm becoming a nervous wreck.

Samuel strode to the office door and studied his inventory of sweaters which were displayed impressively upon gleaming chrome racks and within elaborate display cases. After considerable reflection Samuel conceded the problem is to difficult for me to define. The conventional lending institutions will no longer accommodate me. Most unfortunate or maybe disastrous would be a more accurate assessment . "Yes, disastrous." Samuel paced around his office frantically. Taking the sweater into his hands once again as he passed the formidable executive desk. "Disaster yes that is what I'm confronted with. "But I'm so close to solving this complex dilemma, so close!" Samuel once again felt the exquisite texture of his elegant sweater as he stopped his restless pacing for a moment. "This is without question the finest sweater I have ever had the opportunity to offer.

"There's just no use I will need assistance in solving this elusive and most perplexing problem. As much as I'm repulsed by the idea it now becomes apparent that it will be necessary for me to contact my factor; Marcus. Samuel sat down upon his padded swivel chair and with bitter reluctance dialed the familiar number. "Universal Factors Somewhat Limited, Marcus, may I assist you in any way?" The voice sympathetic and concerned. "This is Samuel, Marcus." "Samuel?" "Samuel?" "Samuel?" "I apologize, I just can't seem to place a Samuel at the moment? What the heck is this you know perfectly well who this is, I'm Samuel the Sweater Magnate." "Magnate?" Marcus questioned vaguely. " Samuel responded with contained fury "after so many years you still pretend to be unfamiliar with me. I'm a business man I don't have time for this ritual you seem to enjoy so much. I'm in need of your services once again Marcus!" After an expansive silence... "Well say something!" "Of course Samuel the sweater magnate, "Well how may I assist you mister magnate of sweaters!" Samuel's brow furrowed in anger, his face pulsing with a rubicund rush. "I warn you Marcus don't patronize me, I'll find another factor, so help me I will!" "If you feel you might be more comfortable with someone other than Universal, I see no reason for you to continue to use our services." Marcus replied his voice somewhat apologetic. "Okay Marcus you win! When can you come by and discuss the arrangements?" "Hold on a moment mister magnate of sweaters while I consult my schedule." After an interminable time Marcus returned to the telephone. Thus he confirmed that he did indeed have time for a very brief visit sometime that very day.

Suddenly a piercing pain struck mercilessly at Samuel's chest, a profuse sweat broke upon his flushed face. He struggled desperately to open a small vial of pills, having accomplished this most difficult task, he somehow resumed control of the telephone receiver that he had dropped when the attack struck. "Are you okay mister magnate!" Samuel successfully placing a small pill under his tongue attempted to complete his discussion with Marcus. "Of course I'm okay!" Samuel insisted. Weak and bewildered he pleaded for Markus to come over to his office as soon as possible.

Enervated by the foregoing crisis Samuel placed his head upon folded arms and rested at his plush executive desk. "What a thumping headache!"

Presently there appeared at the office entrance a man small of stature bearing frail and bleak countenance. "May I enter the inner sanctum Mister Magnate?" Samuel glanced up from his disturbed rest, his tired eyes narrowed, his energy waned,"yes," he motioned for Marcus to enter.
"Well it appears the business you are so expert in administrating has once again encountered difficulties." "Just don't start!" Samuel threatened, his demeanor dissipating.

"Marcus I need an infusion of funds immediately," Samuel confessed. "You need an infusion of funds immediately! I assume your position is perilous, is my assessment correct?" Marcus approached the plush executive desk, and began to fondle the elegant sweater, examining it carefully. "No! No! No! My situation is not at all perilous, what do you mean by such a dire assessment," Samuel bellowed as he rushed to his office door and with open arms exalted his substantial inventory. "how can my position be perilous with such an inventory and location!" Marcus took a precursory glance at his wristwatch, "if what you say is true Mister Magnate it would be more expeditious for me to attend to other matters. There are many who are in a perilous position. So therefore I shall administer their needs first then return at a later date and negotiate with you." Marcus began to make his way earnestly towards the front door. "After all there are others who suffer far more severely than you, by your own account your position is not perilous." "Wait!" "Wait!" " just a minute Marcus; you can't walk out on me like this. Suddenly Samuel collapsed in desperation upon the terrazzo floor grabbing Marcus by the ankles he began to wail uncontrollably. "Perilous, yes my position is truly perilous, he begged."

"So then my initial evaluation proves to be correct. Your position is indeed perilous, is it not Mister Magnate?" Marcus paused as Samuel became more anguished and rambling, becoming angered he attempted forcefully to extract his feet from the rather substantial grip of Samuel which was becoming tighter and tighter. "Mister Magnate! Mister Magnate!" Marcus thundered, kicking viscously, "control yourself!" Samuel shocked, gazed up into a face reflecting abundant satisfaction. Samuel felt his heart thump wildly in terror at the morbid reality. "Release me immediately Mister Magnate or I will be forced to employ unpleasant methods." Samuel quickly released his grip, rubbed his eyes, withdrew a handkerchief from his vest pocket and buffed the shoes of preeminence.

"I surmise from your present position, additional funds would be ill advised." Marcus proposed. "Have you any collateral if such ill advised funds could possibly become available?" "No I'm completely insolvent ." Samuel despaired. " Then there is only one practical course of action. You must prepare to market your goodwill and learn to live with your loss. "Samuel had returned to his plush executive desk and once again voiced his confusion. "The old location would have absorbed this inventory with no difficulty whatsoever. Any day now and I feel certain things will improve." Samuel insisted.

"This is not the old location Mister Magnate Of Sweaters, you have no collateral, and I could point out other areas where you are pitifully deficient." Marcus reflected for a moment and offered "maybe it will be possible for you to divest yourself of this establishment. But could this be possible, who would acquire such an establishment? I'm terribly sorry Mister Magnate but it's time for me to call on other accounts; as for myself I"m certainly not favorably disposed to purchase your faltering enterprise."

The phrase "purchase your faltering enterprise," resounded in Samuel's ears. Maybe Marcus could assume control of his faltering enterprise and it would be best for everyone! Marcus waived his arm in a grand gesture and began to pontificate, "positively out of the question, to find a suitable investor would be an insuperable task. If you expect me to acquire your enterprise on sheer speculation you are very much diluted." Samuel arose from his desk, a nuisance of hope borne upon his face, he spoke once again; "you must acquire my business on speculation, you must. You are my only hope!"
Marcus stood without comment for a considerable time (considering the proposal of course), his demeanor uncertain and pained. Marcus continued, "It is without question against my better judgment, is there any way I could succeed at such an endeavor?" Samuel now desperate begged; through tearful eyes, "you will be successful, most surely you will,"

Marcus at last relented; "sometimes it is necessary to take a calculated risk to realize any substantial gain," thus withdrawing a previously prepared binding contract along with ball point ink pin from his coat pocket, he continued, I shall probably suffer a substantial loss through this precarious transaction, nevertheless I present you with this too-too generous offer, I sincerely hope my act of kindness is not misunderstood , as I now proceed with considerable apprehension and trepidation.

Samuel gazed up at the document, an expression of supreme relief flooding his face. After further examination of the conditions of the contract Samuel became reticent for a brief moment as Marcus offered the writing pen with magnanimous gesture. "I'll suffer a terrible loss if I accept these conditions," Samuel bellowed with disbelief, are you sure these are the terms, maybe you have me confused with someone else." Marcus smiled pleasantly and questioned, "should I go through with this precarious transaction," as he abruptly withdrew the sterling instrument, just as Samuel had made a capitulating grasp.

Samuel's face collapsed in horror, the propitious moment had escaped!' "No! I do humbly apologize, the contract is perfectly acceptable, he shouted in agony. Marcus became grandly indignant, threatening, "I'll have to leave immediately if you choose to insult me again, to suggest that my offer is anything less than supremely generous is ridiculous it's absurd , but I am a compassionate man, so I offer you once again, The Contract." Galvanized by the prospect of withdrawal Samuel quickly accepted the contract and put his signature to it without further delay.

"Well this concludes our transaction Mister Magnate, let me say you are a very tough and capable negotiator, maybe someone too clever for me to understand, not a person I would care to deal with on a daily basis. Having said this let me now insist that you leave the premises immediately, as I have some business associates that will be arriving momentarily and we intend to use this very office to conduct our meeting. Thank you sir for your splendid cooperation."

Samuel's face distorted with rage as he rushed towards Marcus who had left the plush executive office and was now examining the inventory. But Samuel failed to reach the show room floor of which he had laid so many exhilarating plans, he collapsed just within the plush executive office." Marcus severely irritated by the inopportune demise of Samuel, protested bitterly "how inconsiderate," as he stepped over Samuel and made his way into the plush executive office. "This will surely delay our meeting but I guess that can't be helped," he concluded.

Approaching the impressive executive desk Marcus placed his dark brown attache case down, opened it quickly and withdrew some well crafted window signs which he had prepared some weeks prior to his visit. He immediately returned to the front of the store. The signs of Samuel were unceremoniously ripped away from the front display windows. Marcus chuckled triumphantly as as he read, "FINEST QUALITY SWEATERS," and scoffed, "what a pitiful attempt at advertising, whereupon he casually replaced Samuel's signs with "FINEST QUALITY SPENCERS!" Having done this he stepped back with expectant confidence.

Presently there appeared directly in front of the shop an intensely restive group of strolling gentlemen. One gentleman shouted loudly, "it relieves me greatly that the sweater shop is no longer in our neighborhood, as we are gentlemen and do not sweat!" "Hear!" "Here!" There was general agreement, "But, FINEST QUALITY SPENCERS, that is an entirely different matter!"
The enthusiastic crush of gentlemen shattered the thick glass doors and rattled the gleaming chrome racks.Racing into the shop they did agree, "FINEST QUALITY SPENCERS we all must surely have one!"
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