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by Meghan
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2089084
A girl becomes trapped in a place which has a lot of bad history!
Devil's Walk had been shut down since the many deaths of people that went to enjoy the ride! It was a great big scary mansion walk through where people would walk around getting frigtend by people dressed up in scary costumes! However, when these deaths started occuring, it was the same day when the owner Mr Robinson had died! He was a stubborn angry man, who took his anger out on people for no reason, something was wrong! But when he died unexpectedly! Everyone believes he was to do with the deaths, but no one would dare enter the now shut down mansion and risk anouther attack!
Velma however had no fear of what was real and what was not! She wanted to investigate the mansion by herself! She was warned and told not to go in there if she valued her life, but she just went in there and didnt care less. There was always an explanation behind all of this in the end.
Devil's Walk was huge inside then it was on the outside once Velma had entered the house at her own will. She shone her torchlight in front of her and prepared herself for whatever dangers lied ahead. The area she was in was near the old creaky looking staircase. Some old portraits hanging from the wall, some old ancient props on the tables! These were not real antiques but props for the walkthrough ride!
She eventually came across some blood stains on the floor, which led to a dead woman. How did she get there? The ride had been shut for a while now? Velma knelt near the body, she released the woman had been strangled and her head was bleeding! Still how did the woman get there? There could be many explanations, but Velma moved on! These blood stains kept leading towards an old dark room, that seemed empty with a few chairs darted around. It made velma shiver a little. The place was incredibly cold and dark. Way too dark. Luckily her trusty torch guided the way.
There was however a portrait of a very scary clown. He was grinning and eyes were actually moving. Velma froze. She was in trouble, someone was here with her.
An evil chuckle rose and velma quickly hid under a table near by. She could hear footsteps and then a clown appeared! The same clown from the picture. He was carrying a knife and was stroling around with it laughing away.
"Tickety tock, Tickety tock what time is it? Its killer time slick ah ha ha ha!"
Velma was scared for the first time in her time! She hoped the clown would not find her and she hoped help would come sooner then she thought.a he kept watching the clown, who now left the room. She sighed with relife and quickly got out of the table. She tried to find a door, she tried to escape but...
Sergeant Peterson was patrolling the fair that night, especially looking at the devil's walk grounds! He hated that ride it gave him the creeps, but he had to keep watch. Suddenly the light the back room of the mansion suddenly lit up! Sergent peterson raised his gun, he saw a shadow of velma screaming at the window, banging on it to help, the clown had got her threw her away from the window, raised his knife and finished the job!
"Noooooooooooo!" Screamed sergent peterson now running for the mansion.
The place had come alive! The mansion was moving! He ran in not thinking about the horrors inside and made a run for the clown. He saw the clown hovering over velmas dead body, and then the clown leaped for his picture, and vanished. The place had now caught fire, there was nothing he could do! This was so unexpected that he made an heroic leap out of the mansion, and it exploded!
Why did this happen?
Well velma saved the day on that one, she released how dnagerous this place was, her plan was to burn it, before she died she set of her lighter, and that's how the house burnt down!
So this had nothing to do with the owner! But a strange clown. It all became clear and the mansion was gone forever! Everyone was safe so they thought!
"Ah ha ha ha ha"
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