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How to work around a man's ego and self- esteem.
The first primary need of a man is respect; A man values respect, no matter how much you claim to love him, if you do not respect him then that love is nothing, your respecting him is interpreted as love to him. But then this kind of respect does not mean kneeling down before him or saying SIR! SIR! all the time, this respect is fulfilled when the woman reminds him of his capabilities and help him maintain his self esteem, to her he should be the richest, the most hard working, the most handsome. She should be proud of her man not out of duty but as an expression of sincere admiration for the man she has chosen to love. A man needs the woman to value his accomplishments no matter how small. Now if a woman meets this primary need of a man, the man will do anything just to love and please her, it will help the man even work harder. You must understand that a man telling a man that he tried will make only a little impact, but when a woman tells a man that he tried then that man’s ego is boosted.

The second primary need of a man is recreational companionship; Where the woman needs conversation the man needs recreational companionship. The man needs the woman to watch football or any other games with him sometimes. He wants the woman to share his sporting and recreational ideas, if he likes computers, he wants the woman to like it too. Now the woman may not really like it but if you can just show him that you like it a little, show him that you like the games he likes or the things he likes to do in his leisure time. If you don’t like his sporting activities or recreational activities, any girl that likes it may win his heart a little.

The third need of a man is sex; Where the woman needs affection, a man needs sex. He needs it because he is principally a driver, he is always ready, he likes the event of sex, while the woman is more interested in the environment, like romance, hugs, holds, touch and kisses. The man must learn to meet the needs of his wife by satisfying her romance appetite then she will offer him the best sex ever. Men should not think women react to sex the way they do, she reacts differently so take out time to show her enough affection first, through texts, calls, gifts, hugs, kisses and these are only primary needs.
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