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A true story about an owl's healing song.
"Owl Medicine"

An owl spoke.

Its sound seemed surreal in the midnight's summer mist.

The intended message, undecipherable, left me with trepidation;

of what, I was not sure.

An enigma,

or perhaps only a restless night with disturbing dreams?

Again the owl spoke.

Then thrice as I moved slightly with an ear toward nearby trees.

Three calls in one night;

an old Cherokee legend of an owl's ominous omen?

Was its purpose to warn me?

Yet, euphoria enveloped my body, mind, and soul;

like the cool thin veil of fog that draped the canopied tree tops,

and blanketed the warm ground beyond my bedroom window.

White feathered music continued softly through the framed screen

with spiritual enlightenment; peaceful sleep ensued.

Owl's spirit gifted its healing medicine.

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