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David Bowie was a musician. devling into entertainment, mirroring changes in our time.

This is a rough draft. the purpose of this article may change. I have two sets of info I want to integrate. If you comment on this item, please realize this is draft form.

David Bowie

I write because I enjoy gathering facts about a current media topic, or perhaps something that has stirred the passion in my soul. If I am able to embody passion and curiosity, undistracted, like a young child at play, I am content to read, note, and write.

I research around what I already know about my topic, verifying any memory fog issues along the way. I may split off on a tangent topic that is of interest--just to me, or maybe others too. One must remember that a writer writes for his audience. You want to write what they want to read.

I might add an invisible paragraph with information that I may or may not include in my final draft. There are lots of ways to organize an article, or an essay. However, I personally just start where the spirit moves me, and I go with it. I'll interject some writer's notes in color as this article builds and grows.

My present passion is David Bowie. I followed his career as a fan from the beginning
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