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by mel
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Chapter 2 Overdose Love
8:02 Am Morning

(Elise waking up gets up and goes to the bathroom)

"Wow! What! there...blue!"screamed Elise so loud looking in the mirror at her new blue eyes.

Elise changes quickly run down the stairs like a maniac.

"David! are you playing a joke on me? what are these!"said Elise loudly and mad.

"No....Miss, I did not do this,"said David cowardly scared.

"Look here genius girl you were just in a car crash and you just had surgery for your eyes to be fixed remember?"said Hulk popping out of the kitchen.

"Am sorry and you are?"asked Elise irritated.

"I am sorry I didn't introduce myself right my real name is U-Jin Moon the famous Korean chef who is gonna give you cooking lessons and the person you called Hulk not so long ago or did the surgery just erased your memory too,"replied U-jin all up in her face.

"Wait a minute you are the old man chef?"asked Elise shocked of the confusion and misunderstanding.

"Hey I thought you were a genius girl you seem very average to me,"said U-jin teasing.

"Oh really then why don't we take an IQ challenge later and whoever wins has to do whatever the other one says,"said Elise smirking like a jerk.

"Deal!"said U-jin.

"Hey guys can we stop all this hatred it's making the room dark,"said David scared.

"No! screamed both Elise and U-jin at the same time.

(The front door opens)

"Guys please we just went through something horrible and we are alive we should be thankful,"said Ross.

"And we should also take Miss Elise to the doctors to check out why she has blue eyes,"said Ross.

"Why Mis's smarty pants didn't have blue eyes before?"asked U-jin irritated.

"No, she did not I am scared I might lose her oh god her dad's gonna kill me if something happens to her,"said David bowing on the floor and crawling for mercy.

"Please David stop I am fine see I can see I am sure it's nothing,"said Elise.

"But we do still have to take you for a check up,"said Ross.

"Okay,"said Elise accepting.

(Great what will become of me, my first love is my enemy, who knew my perfect man would be the old man chef thought Elise)

"Oh and smart pants you have to stop calling me old I am twenty-nine okay and also I am not Hulk it's just Mr. U-jin or chef U-jin got it,"said U-jin mad at seeing sloppiness.

"Okay, whatever Mr.perfectnoist,"said Elise.

(Please someone help me thought Elise)

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