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by Igor
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The sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, ending a hot July’s day.
The sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, ending a hot July’s day. The evening brought a breeze, giving a feeling of coolness. Swarms of white moths circled over the shrubs of withering jasmine. Hedgehogs rustled somewhere in the grass. Birches soughed aflutter by leaves. Through their face a nearly full moon showed its face through them and moved slowly across the sky.

Birds twittered in their restless roundelay. Gloomy shadows slowly filled the surrounding area. Expanding and widening, they turned the evening into the night. The moon slowly began to fade away, giving way to the stars’ lights. Somewhere a street lamp lit, weakly illuminating the path to my house, making it gleam silver.

Night came, and with it silence. However, if you listened closely, you could feel that life went on, slowly and inexorably. In the grass grasshopper chirped softly and the branches of cherry trees swayed almost silently, casting shadows on a small lawn.

All the neighbors next to my country house were absent in the middle of the week. I was absolutely alone, left to myself. I went down the steps on the path, which had been converted into a moon path by night. I felt the heady aroma of honey phloxes. In the dim light they looked more beautiful and mysterious. I wanted to strip myself naked. I took off all my clothes and shoes. I feel the warmth of ceramic tile, which was not yet cool after a scorching day. Chills ran down my spine and the blood in the veins and arteries turned into milk, relaxing tired muscles.

I stepped on the grass, feeling its soft velvet. I raised my head and saw the sky full of stars. The blazing mane of the Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon. I threw my hands up and suddenly realized that the stars were familiar to me, that I had been there and that I knew more than I suggested.

Bliss enveloped my entire body. At that moment it seemed to me that even the sacred energy of sex couldn’t be compared with that feeling. I was like a forest beast, merged together with the nature. After all, it is also naked. There was no fear of insecurity, but rather on the contrary, I was protected like never before. I wished that moment of my life would never end.
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