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by Igor
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The doors opened, and I walked out of the subway car and followed the crowd to the exit.
The doors opened and I walked out of the subway car to follow the crowd to the exit. Upon reaching the escalator, I thought, it was better to wait for her down there. I had arrived a little earlier, and she was probably somewhere in the dungeon, sandwiched between an infinite mass of bodies and rushing to me. I rang her, but her cell phone wasn’t in on coverage. So indeed she was still riding.

I stepped aside, watching the crowd, which arrived every minute. The trains, one after another, from both sides spit gray masses of people in a dim hall of the station. There were thousands and thousands of monochrome, monotonous, sleepy silhouettes, despite the frantic pace of traffic and the horrible noise of the train’s wheels. Seldom something colored flashed – a red cap, bright green shoes, a yellow jacket. It was a dull morning landscape of the stone underground kingdom.

Throughout this commotion I felt dizzy. I found a bench and sat down. At that moment I could not watch them from the height of my gigantic stature and there was a chance to miss her in the crowd. Another train came, forcing a stream of people towards their happy life, called work. I was tired and hardly looked at them.

Suddenly, just for a second a familiar shadow flashed in the aperture of the crowd. It almost slipped on the opposite wall. It seemed to me that I didn’t see her, but I felt her subconsciously. I even thought that she ran along cheek, rather than somewhere on the other side of the hall.

I jumped up, peered into the flowing stream, but I saw nobody familiar there. However, I decided to go to the exit, where, on my opinion, she went. Usually I am trapped in the crowd, because I'm always afraid of stepping on someone, pushing him or her accidentally. I do not want to spoil the nerves, stepping on the small bug and smell his strong stink. But at this case people allowed me to pass across them, as if they realized that I needed to hurry to catch up to her. I had no fear, I was confident and impudent, and people felt my mental impulse. "So it is in life, - I thought, - if you are not afraid of anyone, you will achieve everything what you want, because the others will be afraid of you."

Fortunately I noticed her! I was not mistaken, it was not a mirage. She was in a familiar long dress, floating in a stream and bowing down her head. She slouched too, as I usually do. I caught up with her and walked beside her, towering like a huge rock. She did not notice me and was plunged into her unfinished dreams. I allowed her to go forward on the escalator and I stood behind her. I thought that she would not wake up and notice me until we arrive at the place. I decided to wake her up. I patted her on the shoulder. She turned around. Her face lit up by a smile:
- Oh hi!
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