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by Meghan
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2089373
The start of the zombie apocalypse that will change London forever.

Moun,groun,blood dripping upon the face and body of what was now the dead.Barry Cotton,who was a magazine shop owner,was the first to get the zombie treatment.Something fell from the sky,and infected Barry in seconds,and so he was the guy wondering around,staggering in his steps,grouning and mouning,the blood running down his shirt,he was yerning for blood thats all he desired.He was not the man everyone knew,he was a brain eating monster that would hunt you down if you stood in his way.He had walked the street for about 3 days now,and no one had done anything about it.Until the next day,the butcher Stanley Valson who infected and joined Barry.And thats when this was being started to be taken seriously.The goverment were looking into this,and so they kidnapped the two that had got the bad infection,which was Barry and Stanley.They had focused on the two,studying them,trying to figure out if they could stop the infection.But funnily enough,the goverment got way to close,and so half of the goverment in London had turned into zombies themselves,and infected the other half of the goverment,so now all of the goverment where man eating killers.Next day,the police were on it,they had tried to see if they could do something about this,but then without thinking,they got infected,now the police were zombies.So who was going to look after London now?
Shelly Boument was sitting in the living room Sunday afternoon,drinking a can of coke and smoking a cigarre,doing nothing but watching the tv and sitting on the couch.She didnt watch the news,nor read the papers,it was rare she'd ever go outside.So she didnt know about the zombie problem.She offen wonderd at night who the hell was banging on the windows and making stupid noises,as she couldnt be botherd to get out of bed and run for her life.Shelly was living without fear of what was really outside.She didnt release that everyone had locked their doors,windows,keeping their children safe from what was wondering outside.She didnt know that.She was thinking all was happy and normal,and she just got on with her life,if only she had turned on to the news.Her boyfriend Simon was just the same,he was a lazy person too,and he lived over the road.They didnt live with eachother,they only went out when they felt like it,so if you think about it,do they care about eachother if they hardly see eachother?Two grown ups,who have been dating for about a year,and they hardly have met,or considerd moving in with eachother.Well that was them.But back to this paticular afternoon,Shelly was watching the usual Jermey Kyle on the tv,when she heard loud tapping at the door.She tutted,putting her can of coke back on the table with a sigh.
''Alright alright im coming"Shelly called as there came anouther knock.
She staggerd across to the door and opend it,and to her surprise,she saw standing out of breath and completly terrfied was her brother Mark.
''God i came all this way to see if you were okay,are you alright?You havent been infected have you?"he gasped grabing her hands and touching her face.
''God sake get off me Mark"Shelly yelled pulling away from him as he enterd the house as Shelly slammed the door behind her."What are you doing here?I thought you were in Spain?"
''I came here cause i discoverd London was under attack!"Mark snapped hurrying into the living room."Now are you alright?You havent been touched?Bitten?"
''Mark calm down,what attack?"
''Havent you seen outside?Havent you read the damn newspapers,the news on tv?"
''You stupid woman,there's zombies outside!"
At first Shelly didnt know how to react,but to Mark's complete shock,he saw her smirk,and then her smirk turned into a giggle,and then she began to laugh.And Mark shook his head in disgust.
''You find this funny?"
''Mark,you watch too many horror films,there's nothing out there,its all in your imagination..."giggled Shelly as she moved to the window to open the curtains."See,nothing out there"
Mark's eyes widned as he saw a zombie staggering along the road in their direction.She pushed Shelly out the way and closed the curtains.He grabbed the remote to the tv.
''Look look"he shouted pushing Shelly to the tv."Look!"
Shelly glared at the tv,and she saw a news repoter,Pam Charleson in London in the park,in the back ground with staggering zombies coming in the distance,and Shelly's eyes widned when she heard Pam say Zombie Invasion.And thats when she knew Mark was right.She looked back at him with scared eyes.
''Its...its true!Oh god Simon!"cried Shelly as she ran for the door.
''No no,you cant go out there"Mark yelled pulling her back.
''But?He's...hes my boyfriend,i got to get him back here to saftey!"
''Helle be alright!"
''Does he know about the zombie attack?"
''I just got here Shelly"
''Oh god"
''If it makes you feel better,ille bring him back here,i would rather risk my life for you then you going out there by yourself"Mark smilled."Let me go and get him if it makes you happy"
''Alright ille go and get him,just promise me youlle stay put"
''I will"
It was the first time that Shelly had felt the emotion of caring,which ment she was caring for the saftey of her boyfriend and brother.She now beleived in the zombie invasion.Now she had seen evidence,she beleived her brother and what he had said.And it was nice he was so protective to come all the way from Spain to be with her.Shelly sat back down on the couch,with the news still left on,she watched as Pam Charleson began to walk away from the zombies who were now getting close to the camera,she had never seen anything like this before.She had never seen a human with wired eyes and blood all over them.This was mysterious,it was like she really was in a horror film.

Mark was running across the road,dodging and making sure the zombies had not seen him,and he hurried across to Simon's house.The door was unlocked as he rushed in,letting out a sigh of relife as he slammed the door and started to call for Simon.
''SIMON! Its Mark!Shelly's brother!You there Simon?"Mark yelled.
Mark only preyed he was,because if he was out there,and he'd got caught by one of the zombies,he wasent sure how he was going to tell poor Shelly that her boyfriend was now a brain eater.He started to hear what sounded like a video game being played in a room,and he started to move to the first room he saw.And boy was a tip it was.Beer cans on the floor,cigares everywhere,cloths thrown everywhere.And here was Simon in the corner on his video game,and funnily enough,it was a zombie game,to Mark's surprise.Simon was too fixed into his game to have even heard Mark's come in.
''Si?"Mark replied,standing near the tv,waving his hand infront of the focused man."Simon?"
He looked down at the plug of the tv,and then he pulled it out.
''Hey!Hey,i was on the final level!"Simon snapped.
''No time for that your coming with me"Mark replied looking deep into Simon's blue eyes.
''Why?Im happy here"
''No,your girlfriend is worried,she wants you round her place right now!"
''Aww,aww my Shelly,how is she?Bless her,yeah ille come over,let me get my coat"
See thats the thing,that if you said oh Shelly wants to see you,Simon would go and see her,he would wait for you to say,and Shelly would do the same,they didnt bother to think ille go and visit my lover for a few hours.At least Mark had finally got Simon's attension at long last.He was surprised to see the dramatic change into Shelly and Simon,how they suddenly could be botherd to see eachother after god knows hows long.

"Oh Simon!"Shelly sighed in relife as she brought Simon into a hug as he came through the door.
Simon was starting to wake up as she began to hug him.He was almost shocked.
"So whats going on?"asked Simon,scratching his hair.
"Whats going on?Where have you been all this time?"snapped Mark.
''Uh?At home!"
''Yeah,have you seen whats been going on outside?"
''Its a zombie invasion Simon"Shelly told him sighing.
At first Simon took this as a joke,the same way Shelly did before.He began to chuckle,shaking his head.
''Ha,they dont exist,their made for movies,horror movies,and for video games,never have they existed in real life"
''Oh yeah,then whats that outside?"Mark yelled showing Simon what was walking outside of the window.
"Oh my god"
''Now do you beleive us?"
Simon was starting to back away from the window,falling back onto the couch.His jaw opend he looked up at Shelly was concern.
''This cant be true!"he gasped.
''Belive it baby,its all real"
"So what do we do now,we cant go out there, welle become one of them,do you really want that to happen to you both?huh?"Mark replied,beging to pace around the living.
"We could just...hide?"Shelly suggested,giving it some thought.
Simon nodded to this,thinking it was a good idea is well.And in the end Mark agreed.
''Its the only thing that we can do for the moment,until someone out there very much alive can deal with the problem,weve lost the police and the goverment,for all we know,we could be the only 3 surviours of London,unless someone out there is on our side"Mark explained."From now,we stay here,lock all the doors and the windows,make sure that the doors are ceiled properly and the windows,just make sure that there is no other way for a zombie to get to us,and hopefully,this will all be over soon,thats all we can prey for,someone out there with a damn gun killing them all"

So,3 days had passed since Shelly,Simon and Mark were hidden away in their house,hearing the dreaded noises outside their window.It was terrible to hear the mouning and grouing of the dead,it scared Shelly the most,but it didnt seeme to bother the boys,Simon espically because he was used to it from his video game,but seeing it in real life was quite worrying.They all preyed that this would end quickly,and they hoped they werent the last 3 alive,and that help was not going to come.But trying to ignore what was going on outside,all the zombies banging at their doors and windows,and then moving away,they contiued their every day life,Shelly and Simon watching the tv,and Mark making use of things by doing the ironing that Shelly couldnt be botherd to do.The only thing Shelly and Simon did was head to the kitchen and grab a can of beer and a cigare and head back to the tv.Just as Shelly and Simon ignored everything outside,Mark was struggling with trying to ignore the zombies outside.He sure wished that he could have a gun and do all the work himself,before the hole of London had become monsters,but there was nothing he could do,but he wished a miracle could turn up hopefully.There was anouther set of zombies coming at the window,a siloutte of them were banging from the window, they could see the dark shadows from the curtains as the sun came through them and the hands of the zombies banging at the window,mouning and grouning.
"We got to do something..."Mark replied."I dont know how long i can put up with this,if only i had a wepon of some such"
''Weve forgotten they were there"Shelly smilled.
''Thats because your life has always been behind a tv screen,you have never concentrated on whats going on around you.Do you have anything that i could use to kill those things?"
Shelly looked up at him,her eyes widned.
''Mark,their people,their us!"she gasped.
"Not anymore,their monsters,you cant turn them back into their human selves,its too late,they have to die before the hole world becomes infected,now do you have anything sharp in the fridge,like a knife of something?A rolling pin could be useful to to wack them across the head?"
"There's knives in the top draw,rolling pin on the second"Shelly told him,looking back at the tv.
Mark hurried off to the kitchen,taking the longest sharpest knife he could find,and took out the rolling pin afterwards.He headed back into the living room,and stood a few meters away from the door,taking deep breaths.He then looked down at Shelly and Simon,who were watching the tv,so fasinated by it that they didnt even care what was going on,that they had forgotten what was going on outside.He was surprised at them both,he thought he had made them change to make them take full responsiblity and look after eachother,and do more things,but no,he'd lost them again,he was the only one worrying that his life and their's were in danger from monsters outside.
"Well...arent you going to help me?"Mark asked shocked.
''Uh yeah in a minute"Shelly told him.
''How about now?"Mark yelled turning the tv off.
''Hey!"Shelly snapped.
''No Hey,get out there and kill them,do you want to live in a world of monsters?People are getting infected.People are very much dieing out there,London is dying,and all you can do is sit there and watch tv,you disgust me Shelly,i thought you were better then this!"
Shelly looked like a child who couldnt be botherd to do anything,and neither could Simon,who Mark thought would stand up and go out fighting with him,but no he didnt seeme botherd neither.
''Are you coming to fight or not?"
''Uh yeah sure"
''No Simon..."Shelly replied,pushing Simon back down on the sofa."Its too dangerous,i dont want you going out there,your too precious"
''And im not?"Mark added putting his hands on his hips.
"Oh come on Shelly,ive been fighting zombies on that game for 2 years now,im a fully trained professional at this"
Shelly gasped as Simon got up looking determind.He took the rolling pin off Mark and they both stood nervously by the door,with Shelly now looking at them worrdily.
''You have got to be joking?"she hissed.
''We could be the last alive Shelly,weve got to get help,weve got to do something,just stay in the house alright!"
Shelly couldnt answer,her jaw fully droped as she watched Mark and Simon turn to the door,taking deep breaths,and then Mark grabed the door knob,pushed the door back and they both screamed as they ran out into the street,shutting the door behind them.
''SIMON!"Cried Shelly.
But it was too late,they were gone.

"Woah!"Simon gasped as he saw a few zombies with their back to him wandering off down the road."Their everywhere!"
''Yep their here alright!"Mark replied,looking down the right of the road."Weve got to look for surviours and get them to saftey!"
"But Shelly?"
''Shelle be fine,shelle be safe in the house,i told her to lock up everything,the windows,the doors,shelle be safe Simon,now lets go whilst weve got the chance"
Simon followed Mark down the right of the road,making sure they hadent been seen by the zombies,who would then end up chasing after them,which they didnt want.Simon was getting worried now,this was nothing like the game,where the zombies were trapped behind a tv screen,they were real,right infront of him,and he was scared,he had to admit it.But he couldnt beleive how calm and brave Mark was as he investiagted around the street.There was no sign of the alive just yet,there was some already lying dead on the floor,their bodies coverd in blood,wripped apart,it made Mark and Simon feel sick.
''Anything?"asked Simon.
''This cant be?Were the only ones here!"
''You mean...?"
''Were the last of London!"
"Oh god!"
''Just stay calm Simon welle get through this!"
"You think,how many are there?"cried Simon.
''Thousands,but welle be fine,i promise,be a man for christ sake!"
Simon took in the most deepest breath he had ever taken in before.And kept on following Mark through the mist.

Shelly was pacing in the living room,the mouns and grouns making her shake anxiously.Worried about Simon and Mark,she was concerned about their saftey and about the fact that if they didnt get help soon,one of those zombies was going to kill her if they broke in.Shelly kept looking back at the tv with the news,seeing all those zombies in the park had made her shiver.
''Come on boys!"cried Shelly,looking at the door."Come back safe"
Suddenly the phone rang,and without warning she grabed it and held it to her ear.
''Sorry who's this?"
''Look if this is some kind of a joke,it isent funny,weve got enough problems with this stupid invasion of zombies,we dont want stupid people like you making fun of the matter,you dont release a zombie will come and tear you apart!"
She quickly put the phone back down.The voice she was hearing sounded familar,but it was hard to tell the way it mouned and groaned and screamed in her ear,but as far as she was concerned,she rememberd,that the same noise as a zombie.She had just been speaking to a zombie.She began to pace again,and then the phone rang suddenly.She grabed it again.
"What did i tell you!"
She put the phone back down again,and then it rung once more to her anger.She quickly grabed it once more and snapped.
''Look i warned you if you rang up again..."
Shelly paused.
''Who is this?"a man's voice asked.
''Oh um my names Shelly,who are you?"
"My names Sergent Phillips,im a policeman!"
"A?Your a?Oh my god,thank god!"
''The last of police men im afride,all of them have turned into,these monster things,im the last one!"
''And are you alright?You havent been attacked?"
''No im fine,im just trying to contact every person around to see who is alive and collect them and take them to saftey,im taking a lorry around to collect surviours,do you know anyone who is alive?"
''Only me,my boyfriend and my brother as far as im concerned,but theyve gone out there looking for surviours,theve been gone for a good 35 minutes now,and im getting worried!"
''What do they look like?"
''Um ones got blonde hair and blue eyes,wearing a white shirt and black trousers,and the other has black hair and green eyes,he's wearing a brown leather jacket and jeans.You cant miss them,their called Simon and Mark!"
''Dont worry miss,ille go after them,and where do you live,ille come for you?"
"Um at 77 Barry Street!"
''Alright,stay calm and ille be there soon with your boyfriend and brother!"
''Alright,thankyou Sergent Phillips,thankyou so much!"
And with that she put the phone down,and sat down on the couch,preying they'd come soon.

Mark was searching the corners,avioding staggering zombies coming round the corner on the road as he searched around areas that had no zombies around.Simon was close behind with his rolling pin,his hands shivering and his eyes wide with fear.
''How you doin Simon?"
''Seen anyone alive yet?"
''Are you even looking Simon?"
''Yeah kind of!"
"Pull yourself toghther man!"
''Im trying Mark,your forgetting this is the worst day of our lives!"
''It is for everyone Simon,for all we know we might not be the only ones,there could be more surviours!"
Simon sighed as he suddenly came to a steady hault,something had caught his attension.
''Psst,hey Mark..."Simon wisperd."Ive seen something!"
''Those guys on the stairs,come on lets get them!"
''But what if their zombies?"
''No their fine come on!"
Mark hurried after Simon to a man and a woman huddled on the stairs,holding eachother nervously.
''Hey you ok?"asked Simon.
''What the hell is going on?"yelled the man.
''Your in a zombie invasion buddy!"smilled Mark.
''A what?"the man snapped angreily.
''Look weve got to get to a safe place,but we need to find more surviours,your not the only ones ok,is there anyone else here?"
''No just us!"wimperd the woman.
"Alright come with us,youlle be fine!"Simon smilled as he and Mark helped them up."Just stay with us,dont wonder off!"
The woman and the man,petrified followed Simon and Mark away from the stairs and out onto the road nervously looking around.
''So what now?"asked the man.
''We look for more of us!"Mark answerd.
''With this lot around!"the man cried.
''If we keep quite and stay out of their way,its a good chance welle be alright,now shhh will ya!"Mark hissed making the man fall silent.
"The names Pete,this is my wife Judy!"
''Im Mark,this is my sister's boyfriend Simon!"
''How do you do!"Simon smilled.
"Where's you sister?"asked Judy.
''She's back in her house,once weve collected all the surviours,ille go back for her and then welle all be toghther,i just didnt want her in any danger!"Mark explained."But there has to be help somewhere,all of the police cant be all gone!"
A van came rushing around the corner,beeping at them 3 times as it came to hault infront of them,nearly knocking them over,it was big white van with plenty of room to fit loads of people in the back.
''GET IN!"yelled Sergent Phillips.
''WHO ARE YOU?"shouted Mark.
''Ille explain later,just get in!"

"Your sister,Shelly,she was the first one i had contact with,no other homes were ringing,only her,and she told me to find you and her boyfriend here,and get them on the van,ive promised ille go back for her,are you all ok?You havent been bitten or anything?"Sergent Phillips replied looking back at the group of them at the back.
Mark nodded.
''Were all ok!"he said.
"Where did your sister say she was?"
''77 Barry Street,just to the left there!"Mark replied.
Sergent Phillips turned the van down to the left of the road and came to a hault as Mark jumped out of the back of the van and ran for the house.
''Shelly!Shelly!Its me open the door!"Mark yelled banging on the door.
He heard the locks,the millions of locks she had on the door release as she pulled the door open in a flash.
''Where have you been?Ive been so worried!"
''Well your friend Sergent Phillips found us!"Mark explained as he hurried her out of the house.
''And Simon?Is he alright?My baby is he alright?"
''Yes woman hes alright just get in the van!"Mark shouted pushing into the van,looking back to make sure no zombies were following.
"Oh afternoon!"smilled Shelly as she saw Pete and Judy copped up in the corner huddling eachother."I would have done my hair if i knew we had company,oh Simon baby im so glad your okay,come here"
They threw themselves at eachother and began to kiss,making Mark pretend to vomit making Judy laugh.
"So...!"Pete replied,now starting to speak."Where are we going?"
"I know a place,out in the country side,away from London,but there are still zombies roaming around,but its safe,no zombie has come near the area just yet"Sergent Phillips explained.
Shelly and Simon released themselves from eachother and put their arm around eachother looking at Pete and Judy.
''Im Shelly by the way!"Shelly grinned proudly.
"Oh im Judy,this my husband Pete!"
''Oh your husband,how long have you been married?"
''About 15 years!"
''Aww isent that sweet Simon?"laughed Shelly.
Simon only smilled.
"How long have we been going out for Simon?"
''About 2 years!"
''And when will you propose to me handsome?"
Simon put his fingure to his nose and started tapping it,and it was like Shelly had gone into some exited fit.
"Well,at least were safe for now,at least we have a policeman,and soon welle find a way to bring down these things!"Mark replied,letting go of the attension of marriage.
And so was their long journey out of London to the country side,they felt a big of weight lift from their shoulders as they saw the country,completly clear of zombies,because everywhere they looked in London,there was just zombies coming everywhere out of the blue.And the only place they could rely on now,was the place Sergent Phillips was taking them to.

The 935 base up in the hills was like a large prison,all abandoned and lonely on a hill,but it was said by Sergent Phillips that it was his little hide out,and now his home.He had nowhere else to go himself than this safe place he called home,but for now it was all of their homes,because now they had no where else to go.They all got out of the van,sighing with relife that they were away from the zombies.They followed Sergent Phillips out of the van and into the large base,into a very large room,which was grey,and had a tv and a few chairs and a fridge but that was all.There was other rooms up from the room,like small blocks piled onto of eachother,but you had to go outside to go to diffrent rooms.This room they had found was the safest of all rooms.
''We will stay here for a few days till we can come up with a plan..."Sergent Phillips explained."Well folks,my home is your home,make yourself comfatable,get a drink,get something to eat,and just chill,but the tv on if you want,just relazx now,your all safe!"
''Thankyou Sergent!"smilled Mark,sitting down.
''Now i gotta go,there's more surviours out there,ille bring them back here with the rest of you,just promise me you wont leave this room,its all locked up anyway but just incase one of those monsters had found us,just make sure you dont leave the room.If anything happens to me,well...i dunno,but i will try and survive and save you guys,and London,if there are no more policemen that i dont know about,then im afride im the only help youve got.But lets stay positve,lets stay alive,and ille see you soon guys,ille be back with more of us!"
They thanked Sergent Phillips as he left the room,and Simon began to turn the tv on,to just clear everyones mind about the invasion.
"So this is it...!"Pete replied."Home!"
''The only thing weve got now!"Shelly sighed."All our homes will be invaded by those things out there,weve lost it all!"
''But we havent lost eachother!"Mark replied."Thats the best thing,were all here and there will be more of us soon,and all we need is eachother,and thats what im happy about,that were all here,and i havent lost my sister and my brother in law!"
Simon laughed as he went to sit down next to Shelly.
''Do you think Sergent Phillips will be ok?"asked Judy.
''Helle be fine,hes a tough guy,hey Simon,turn to the news channel!"Mark replied pointing to the tv.
Simon turned over to the news channel,and saw that the biggest news was London,because soon to everyones horror,there was more zombies,more deaths,more blood and the biggest invasion had been set.Their eyes lit up at the tv screen as they saw the zombies staggering around in the mist,and they caught a quick glimse of Sergent Phillips in his van,picking up some more surviours and driving off again.The zombies were eating at the body happily,not releasing they were being filmed,but from how the reporter spoke.This was going to be the biggest invasion,that had ever been seen by man.
''Well..."Mark replied."Here we go!"



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