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by Meghan
Rated: E · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2089375
The gang are in trouble, and the zombies are coming!

The van swoomed around the next corner in the street at full speed knocking zombies over and over again.Sergent Phillis was wasting no time at all finding surviours.He had been in london for an hour,roaming the streets,in his van,knocking zombies that got in his way.They were the main target to kill.It was an unfortunate day for the people on London,well the surviours,because on this day,the 31st October,Halloween,was the day the zombies had come out to play.This was the zombie invasion,and it was no prank,it was no joke,it was real.And everyone was in serious trouble.Nearly half of London was now zombies,and Sergent Phillips was the last hope of saving the surviours that were hiding.He just hoped and prayed that he was not too late.The mist was beginging to rise in the streets,and loads of dead bodies were lying around on the road,their guts,heart,liver,everything had been taken out of their bodies,and they all looked like rubber dummies without any insides.Their heads had been ripped off,it was like wolves had had a big feast,but it was zombies that were the wolves,out to eat,out to kill.
Sergent Phillips himself could not beleive he was the last of the police officers who was alive and not a zombie.He rememberd he was hapily sipping a cup of tea,talking to his other friends who were the police,and all of a sudden,3 horrible looking men,with blood all over them had charged into the office,and Sergent Phillips rememberd seeing his freinds being ripped apart,and he eventually jumped out of the window,and ran to saftey,where he found the base in the country side,and made it his rescue mission to save the surviours,he had been around each street 3 times,and he was loosing hope.This had been a long day,it was 1pm already,the morning had gone so fast.He was loosing his hope of finding the last of the living.Until he saw a little girl huddled in the corner near her front door to a house,she was in the corner shivering,her black hair covering the right of her eye as she looked around scared and lost,hoping the zombies wont see her.Sergent Phillips stoped the van in seconds and jumped out of it,running for the child.
"Come on,come on sweetie,come with me,im going to take you to the safe house,wheres your mummy and daddy?"
The little girl pointed to the left,and saw a man and a woman had been transformed already into zombies and heading down the road.
''Alright,its alright,just come with me,come on!"
The little girl,still worried about her parents followed Sergent Phillips out to the van,he took her at the back of the van,helped her in there,and headed back for the front of the van,and drove off.He had to get this little girl back to the base with the others so she wouldnt get too scared of roaming around,and in case anything happened to Sergent Phillips,she'd be helpless and alone,it was best she was with the others in case anything happend to him.He kept looking back and forth at the child,and saw how pale and helpless she was.She huddled herself in the corner and looked at the floor with cold eyes.
''Whats your name sweetheart?"he asked,still concentrating on the road.
She didnt answer.
''My names Sergent Phillips..."he said."You have nothing to worry about,im a policeman!"
''Whats wrong with my mummy and daddy?"she suddenly blurted out.
Sergent Phillips sighed sadly,the poor girl didnt know what was really happening at all.
''Sweetie,there's...i dunno how to explain to you,but ille do it the best way i can.Have you ever heard of a zombie?"
She shook her head.
''Well a zombie is something that...well when a person dies,when their bitten by a zombie,they come back to life,only their a bit diffrent,they want to eat you,and well i wont go into too much detial,but at the moment,this is a real zombie invasion,and im really sorry honey,but your mummy and daddy,their both zombies!"
"Is it a illness?"
''Well its a virus,it effects your hole body!"
''Will they get better?"
Sergent Phillips tried to hold back his tears.He had no idea how to tell the poor child that her mother and father were never going to be their normal selves,and would have to be killed.But he took an easy breath,and did the most silliest thing that he was going to regret.
''They will darling,they will get better!"he lied.

"Ah your back!"Mark smilled as he went to greet Sergent Phillips,only to see holding his hand was a little girl looking incredibly scared.
"Could you look after the girl while i go back on the search?"Sergent Phillips replied letting go of the girl's hand.
''Yeah sure!"Mark answerd as he watched Sergent Phillips leave the room so suddenly.
Everyone looked at the little girl,who shy,pale and tired looking she was,which was mostly what Shelly saw to her concern.Mark who was finding this moment arkward beconed the young girl to take his seat and relax.He tried to make the best effort for the girl,and reasured her the people around her were no danger,and that they were all friendly.He introduced everyone to her,Shelly,Simon,Pete and Judy and himself.And soon he saw how relaxed the little girl was becoming now,until he started asking questions to her,hoping shelle respond.
''So whats your name?"he asked.
''Va...Vanessa!"she answerd slowely,within her voice a scared,lost tone.
''Ah beauitful name,and how old are you?"
Mark smilled,at least he was getting somewhere.He made sure that she was feeling relaxed and seeming to get to like everyone.But it was going to take time,after all she was around strangers she had never met.
"And where are your parents?"
"The man in the van told me they had a virus,they were walking...uh down the street really wiredly,and i told him will they be cured,and he said they will"
Mark eyes widned,as did the others.What did she just say?That Sergent Phillips,a policeman,had just lied to a 9 year old girl.But the descrpition Vanessa made about her parents and how the looked and how they sounded and walked,Mark knew they were zombies,and there was no cure.
''Hes li..."Shelly began before Mark hushed her.
''Darling,did Sergent Phillips explain,about,whats going on?Why your here?"Mark asked trying to foget about the hole parents being monsters.
''He told me it was some kind of zombie invasion?"
''And do you know what that means?"
''Not exactly,i heard they,bite?"
''Look its probley best that,you just stay with us,and we wait till this is all over,this is not the place for children like you,its dangerous around London now,and its the worst place you'd want to be now you know whats going on!"Mark explained.
''But why do they look so wired and walk wired?"
Mark was about the to explain,till Pete caught his attension.
''Nows not the best time Mark!"Pete wisperd.
Mark understood and looked back at Vanessa,he thought of one thing that would make her forget her question.
"Would you like a drink?"
''Yes please,can i have a glass of water?"
''Of course you can!"
But watched very closely,Shelly could see that this little girl was not right.There was something very odd about her.She wonderd if anyone else had seen this,but she had discoverd about the way Vanessa looked.She was pale,way too pale,her eyes looked tired,and for a second,Shelly was thinking virus,and then,her mind was at rest for just a second,shocking her to think,that this little girl before her,was going prehaps through the stages of zombie,that was why she looked so ill.She didnt want to say too much while Vanessa was in the room,but just waited for the time being when the moment was right to explain to the others that Sergent Phillips had brought back a zombie.

It was now 3pm.
''Oh Happy Halloween guys!"laughed Shelly like she was drunk.
''Youve only just released?"gasped Mark.
''Yes i always forget things!"
Mark rolled his eyes and turned back to Vanessa,who was now looking like she was going to be sick.Her eyes were on the ground,her head tilted slightly to the left.
''Do you go trick or treating Vanessa?"asked Mark.
She slowely gazed up at him,her eyes not even looking into Mark's.
''No!"she answerd quitely.
Mark thought nothing of the way Vanessa was acting,but contiued to roll his eyes at his sister being anyoying.She was trying to bring entertainment to the group as they all looked gloomy and lost.
"God im hungry,have we got any candy speaking of trick or treating?"Shelly asked.
''I think i saw some candy bars in that top cuboard!"Pete answerd.
Shelly was off,into the kitchen,grabing the doors of the cuboard and looking around at the candy,picking up a few she liked the look of.But as she did this,she kept looking back at Vanessa,who now looked like she was falling asleep.
"Um...Mark?"she replied."Mark,uh the girl,she's uh?"
Mark turned round and saw the little girl was sliding down the chair with her eyes closed.
''Woah is she alright?"Simon gasped standing up.
Mark quickly bent down to her,checking her pulse,and as he moved her hair back however,he saw a lot of blood oozing from his neck,and he suddenly backed away with a gasp.He shook his head as everyone stood behind him.
''What is it?"Judy asked.
''She's been biteen..."Mark answerd in a shaky voice."Theyve got her,oh my god,she's becoming one of them.Its the signs she's starting to change!"
''You mean?"
''She's becoming a zombie!"
Sergent Phillips flew through the door,trying to catch his breath as he came to his bearings,but his heart began to skip a beat when he saw Vanessa lying on the floor with everyone a meter away from her.
''What the hell happend?"he yelled running towards her.
''DONT GO NEAR HER!"Mark shouted.
''But why?What happend?Why is she out cold?"
''Sergent she's one of them,thats the sign of the zombie,what should we do?"cried Shelly as she cuddled next to Simon.
With that,they saw Vanessa's eyes open,as if she had been in some kind of trance,and she woke perfectly happy and normal as she looked at everyone looking down at her in shock.
''What did i miss?I must have dozed off?"she smilled weakly.

Sergent Phillips gatherd everyone around the living room.Everyone was sitting down,Shelly making sure she was away from Vanessa,and making sure Simon was away too,had all prepeared for Seregent Phillips's news,and it was inportant.As for Vanessa,she had been cleaned up on her neck,and they just hoped it was not a bite wound,but they would soon find out,thats what worried them,but they didnt know what to do,but this time Sergent Philips had a plan.
''Now listen.I found no one in London,their all zombies now,its just us,and so we are the last to save London from the invasion.I suggest,we plan what we will do to bring the zombies down,and we will need to figure out,what to do with poor Vanessa over there,that is my main concern!"
''I say we lock her in a room!"Shelly replied suddenly.
''Shelly!"gasped Mark.
''What?She's one of them!"Shelly snapped.
''But we dont know that.She just could have hurt herself.We dont know if its a bite!"Sergent Phillips added.
''Then why does she look so ill and so dead looking!"Shelly shouted.
''Alright thats enough now,how dare you speak about a little girl that way!"Mark hissed.
''Well..."Shelly said smarting herself up."When she starts turning into a zombie,dont think ille say i told you so.You wait,shelle be one of them in no time,and shelle kill us and welle be one of them,she needs to be sorted and away from us before we all become brain eating monsters!"
Mark shook his head in disgust,but he looked back at Sergent Phillips with a bit more anger in his eyes.He had to say this,it had been bugging him all the time Vanessa had arrived.
''Sergent...!"he began.
''Do you mind telling me?Why did you lie to this littl girl?"
Sergent Phillip fell silent,even Vanessa had looked up from the floor at him,trying to wonder what they were on about.
''You told her her parents would recover,you said there was a cure!"
''Well it wasent like that,she just asked will they be alright again,and i said yes!"
''Why are you saying he lied to me?"asked Vanessa sitting up.
Mark coughed,he had to say something,he had to tell the truth if Sergent Phillips wouldnt.
''Vanessa,your mummy and daddy are dead,long gone dead,and the zombie virus,it can never been cured,they will die just like the others when we take them down,im so sorry Vanessa,but youve been lied,im sorry,its the best way i could describe to you what your now dealing with!"
Vanessa looked back at Sergent Phillips with shock.
''You lied to me?"
''Im sorry i just,it hurt me to see you so sad and lost!"Sergent Phillips said trying to find the words.
Vanessa leaped out of her chair,running for the door.
''VANESSA!ITS NOT SAFE!VANESSA!"Mark yelled running after her.
He ran after her,but when he ran through the door,he released she had vanished in seconds.He looked around,she was nowhere,nowhere running off into the distance,like she had just vanished in thin air,she was nowhere to be seen.
"Where is she?"cried Sergent Phillips coming to join him.
''Shes gone,shes gone like shes just vansished into thin air,we got to find her before the zombies do!"
"Ha i think shes better off with the zombies!"called Shelly.
Mark clenched his fits and rushed back into the room,his face up close to Shelly's,like he was going to rip her apart himself.
"Now listen here you,ive had enough,she is not a zombie,she's a scared little girl who needs our help,she had no mother and father now,we will only be the family she's got right now,we got to find her and soon before they come after her!"
Shelly fell silent as Simon butted in.
''Look,welle all look for her,welle all split up and search for her,hows that sound?"
Mark took deep breaths,trying to control his anger,he nodded at Simon and then looked back at Sergent Phillips.
''Where do we start?"

Simon and Shelly were around the grounds near the base,Mark and Sergent Phillips took the van again to search around London for Vanessa,and Pete and Judy were around the forest area,a small forest area.They all had been given walkie talkies in case they had found her and needed help.It had been a long search into 5pm,and they had seen known sign of Vanessa at all.And it made them panic expect for Shelly,who had no care and thought Vanessa was best with the zombies,as she belevied Vanessa was one of them.Pete took his walkie talkie out of his poket.
''Shes nowhere!"he said into it.
''Yeah nothing here!"Simon answerd into his.
''Nothing yet!"Mark replied.
"What should we do now?"asked Pete to Sergent Phillips.
''Head back into the room,ille stay on the streets to look for her,you guys head back,ille be there soon!"
They did as they were told,until it was Simon was had spotted something sitting near a tree,just sitting there.And he regonised it looked like Vanessa.
''Hey,hey Shelly!"he wisperd.
Shelly stopped walking up the slope.
"Its her,she's sitting by the tree!"
''Yeah so!"
''Shelly were suposed to find her,not just leave her there!"
''Well i think we should take her back to London where she belongs with that lot away from us,lets get a gun whilst we got the chance, before she starts eating us!"
''Im doing this for you and me,i cant loose you Simon!"
''And neither can i Shelly,but we cant kill a 9 year old girl,im going to tell Sergent Phillips that weve found her!"
Shelly placed her hands on her hips watching as Simon grabed his walkie talkie again.
''Sergent,weve found her,we need back up though,just in case!"
''Were on the way!"Sergent Phillips answerd.
''See..."said Simon turning to Shelly."Easy,now we wait for the others!"
''No Simon,we need to destroy her!"
''Were not killing her Shelly!"
Simon turned back to Vanessa sitting with her back to them.
"Vanessa?Are you ok?"he asked as he began to creep towards her.
''Simon!Simon!"Shelly hissed,not to dare go near Vanessa.
"Vanessa? Hey its Simon,your ok now!"
He went an inch closer and then Vanessa quickly got up,growling,her eyes diffrent like she was blind,blood dripping down her mouth,she was pale and grouning and mouning.She staggerd up to her feet,looking at Simon was hunger.Shelly's heart was beating that her breathing was out of control as her jaw droped.
''I told you so!"

Sergent Phillips drove all the way up to the base,and jumped out of the car with Mark close behind.They had both skidded to a hault when they saw the zombie Vanessa banging at the doors infront of them.
''Oh my god!"Mark gasped."What do we do?What do we do?"
Mark could almost hear Shelly yelling help us through the door as Vanessa kept grouning and screaming as she kept banging the door.Mark kept looking at Sergent Phillips as he stood their motionless.
''SERGENT!"he hissed.
''Theres only one thing we can do..."Sergent Phillips shook his head."I dont want to do this.But we have no choice,get the gun out of the van Mark!"
Mark started to back away.
''I wont do it!"he said."I wont kill an innocent girl!"
"For gods sake man,shes a dead girl anyway,shes one of them,do you want your sister to be the same,get the damn gun!"
Mark felt tears running down his cold cheeks as he looked at Vanessa who was still banging at the door.Her sisters voice beging for help.He looked at the gun sitting near the steering wheel in the van,and reached for it with his trembling hands.He took it out slowely,but it was out of his hands as Sergent Phillips snatched the gun out of his hands and began to aim it at Vanessa.
''Sergent please!"Mark cried.
''Its got to be done Mark,its got to be done for the sake of us all!"
Mark watched as Vanessa collapsed to the ground in a heap on the floor.Mark coverd his mouth with his hands,speechless,shocked,scared.He couldnt beleive it,he had never in his life seen a young girl get shot.Sergent Phillips headed to the body to inspect that the zombie had been fully destroyed,as she was shot in the head,she was definatly dead.He then opend the door to see Shelly in the corner shivering and withering,Simon was at her side with his arm around her shoulder,and Pete and Judy were huddled in the corner.
''Is everyone alright?Are you all ok?"
"Is it dead?!"yelled Shelly.
''She's dead,its alright!"
Simon looked on as he saw Mark looking down at Vanessa's dead body.He went to join him as they both looked down.Mark was in so much shock that he was wiping the tears from his eyes,wishing what he was seeing was not true.
''Im sorry mate..."sighed Simon.
''She had a lot to live for,she was only 9,those zombies are going to pay!"Mark wimperd.
"It had to be done,she would have made us all zombies,and the world would have been taken over,it was for the best,but your right,she did have a lot to live for!"Pete replied as he came to join them."Its hard to see a young girl die,and its hard to forget that that zombie diese had ruined her life forever,we have no choice but to kill them!"
"Yeah!"Mark sighed wiping his eyes again as he looked up at Seregent Phillips."We need to take these idiots down Sergent,before more precious lives are lost!"

"Heres the plan,we grab our wepons,split into two,and walk the streets of London,and shoot down the zombies!"Sergent Phillips began.
"But how many are there?"asked Pete.
''It looks to be a hundred or more,but with more wepons and more people,we can bring them down in know time!"explained Sergent Phillips.
''And if we dont?"asked Mark.
''Then we died fighting,hopefully someone will find out about London's troubles and head down to our country and stop the invasion if we cant,thats all i can think of,or we have died fighting!"
"It all sounds so much,i have to be dreaming!"Shelly sighed.
''Its real Shelly,its real!"
"Its hard to beleive were the last of the humans..."Judy said."Were the last surviours,were making history!"
''Looks that way!"smilled Pete.
"So we know the plan,we know what to do,we got walkie talkies if you need them,lets introuduce to the wepons,and welle be on our way!"
There was many things Shelly was afride of,and one was using a really large gun.She had never used one,nor fired one,and it scared her how dangerous they were,but they were inportant to kill the zombies,so she had to give them a good point.Judy was just the same,but the boys had more expierance with this,and wasent afride to pick up the biggest gun in the pile.Well Simon got the biggest gun,and he seemed to be the most expieranced on them all.Thanks to his zombie video game,he knew what to do.They had many long lessons with Sergent Phillips,they had dummy pratice,and how to actually fire a gun for the girls who didnt have a clue.And once they had finished,which then turned to 7pm,that was the time that they were ready for action.They were all in the room,preparing and loading their guns toghther,and Shelly could not stop trembling.
''You ok baby?"asked Simon.
''Yeah im just...im just scared!"
''We all are,youlle be alright,im here!"
''Im worried about you Simon!"
''Well...i dont want to loose you,i love you too much.Im scared about your life and mine,what if we die today?"
''Then i would have died fighting for the woman i love!"Simon smilled,his blue eyes twinkling that it made them throw their arms around eachother into a kiss.
''Oh get a room guys!"sighed Mark.
''This could be our last moment"Shelly cried not letting go of Simon."We should all have a moment before we go out there,and i want to spend it with my boyfriend!"
''Yeah she's right,this could be our last moment honey!"Pete laughed as he looked at Judy and drawed her into a hug.
''Guys were not going to die,we got the best gunmen,thats us boys,but welle be fine,this wont be our last day!"Mark called.
Shelly gulped,glaring back at Mark.She let herself go from Simon and walked over to him,her head hung low.
''I know i havent been the best sister in the world,i know im lazy and stupid,and i say the wrong things at the wrong time.But i want you to know,even though weve argued and bickerd at eachother,that i love you,and i love you so much,and all the times weve fallen out,you know ive always still loved you,and always will,and if it is our last day today,our last hour,our last minute,i want you to know im sorry,and i love you!"
Mark felt something wired brew inside of him,he felt warm inside as he looked up at Shelly,and saw how serious she was with every word.He got up to his feet,and he too drawed her into a hug.
''I love you too Shelly,i love you too!"
That moment was the moment that was never going to be forgotten.If this was the end.If this was the end of their lives,they wanted to spend the last minutes with eachother,before they went out there,two by two,to fight off the zombies.Shelly was glad to go fighting with her boyfriend,it was that she wasent going to see Mark or the others when they had split up,but she had in her mind,that all was going to be ok.She was not going to loose her loved ones,and she wanted to make history for being the brave woman who set out onto the London streets with her boyfriend,and fought the zombies with her life.She wanted to be rememberd for that,and nothing more.If this was her last day,she wanted to go off with a bang,but for now,they all concerntrated in saving London,and bringing London back to its safe self.For all of them,they just had to remember,to stay alive,and survive.


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