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by Meghan
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The zombies are winning, and no one is safe! Who will come out alive?

Clutching the wepons that was their last hope of survival,today was Halloween,where the zombies were now taking over.All of London were now infected,some were dead,and some were starting to change into zombies.No one could run,and no one could hide,the zombies were everywhere.This was the zombie apocalpyse and no one was safe.The last of the police was now Sergent Phillips,the man the surviours had left.And Sergent Phillips was willing to give it his all in saving London,with a help from a few surviours.Shelly and Simon had never imagioned that this day would come,that they would become heroes and slay the zombies,their love with strong,and they would fight for eachother,this was to be their biggest day,and they hoped they will survive.And Pete and Judy,anouther couple,and never in a million years had thought they'd be fighting in an zombie apocalypse.This was the big day for everyone,and prays that they would stay standing when the zombies were dead.Shelly was the scared one of the group,she was terfied for the saftey of her boyfriend and herself and even her brother.They all had split up into twos,Simon and Shelly,Sergent Phillips and Mark and Pete and Judy,and they were all away from eachother,so this could be the last day that Shelly would ever see Mark incase they were to be killed.At least she had Simon with her.It was clear in London,with all the zombies just moving slowely around on the road and near the pubs and houses,it was all quite at the moment,as know one was making an noise for them to react to, but soon it was going to become a war zone when the guns start to fire.

"Oh no..."Shelly gasped coming to hault,pulling Simon back behind her.
''Their over there!"
Simon followed her gaze as he saw a bunch of zombies with their backs to them thougher down the road.
''They dont know were behind them though do they?"asked Shelly.
''If were extra quite they wont know!"
"Hang on!"
''What now Shelly?"
"Theres someone down there,their not a zombie,look,a man,look!"Shelly pointed out loudly.
''Shelly shhh!"Simon wisperd.
"Do you see him?"
''Yeah i see him,hes hiding in that car,but we have to pass the zombies,there's no other way of getting round to him!"Simon explained.
Shelly gave it some thought,this was the first time she thought straight.They something triggerd in her brain.
''We...we could pretend to be them!"
''What zombies?"Simon asked.
''Theylle think were one of them,their too stupid,it was fool them!"
''You think?We look nothing like them,there's no blood on us,theylle know were alive!"
''Here,i got extra red lipstick,put this all over your face and your shirt!"Shelly answerd as she took out her red lipstick."Its the only way,you just have to act like a zombie for the time being!"
''Fair enough!"
They put the red lipstick all over their face and some on their cloths,and once they had figured out to act like a really good zombie,they made their way down to the gang on zombies who were roaming around.This was the first time Shelly felt confident that this plan would work,she just hoped the zombies wouldnt turn on them.Meanwhile Mark was wondering the streets alone,a gun held in his hand,a firm grip on it,his eyes were fierce and angry,he was still thinking about Vanessa,the young girl had a lot to live for,and if that zombie infection had not got her,she would have still been alive and would have lived a perfect normal life just like the rest of the alive people.Mark could see a few zombies moving around,and they had seen him already,and they were starting to get anrgy.He was not afride that in a few seconds they would come running after him,he'd take them down one by one.There was 7 of them,some male and some female,and they were all very very very hungry.
''COME ON!...BRING IT ON!"snapped Mark."COME ON, EAT ME!"he yelled jumping around waving his hands up in the air so the zombies would see him.
He heard them growl and then they came,they came straight for him,staggering up the road towards to him.Mark was holding his gun at aim towards the zombies as they came straight for him.

Shelly tried to hold her breath as she passed the bloodied zombies that were close to her.They stunk of blood,she had got passed a few of the zombies until at last she was out of the crowd of them and towards the alive man who was in the car.Once Simon had made it also,they both grabed their guns and raised them in the direction of the zombies.They let off a few of their bullets and shot the gang down with a roar from the zombies as they went down into a heap on the floor.Shelly pulled open the car door where she saw the man shivering angrily in the car.
''Are you alright?"asked Shelly.
''Yeah i think so!"the man trembled."Who are you guys?"
''Surviours,your one of us now!"Shelly explained.
''Your not both bitten?"he asked.
''No were ok,we thought we were the last of London,were trying to take down these brain eating idiots while weve got a chance!"Simon added.
Shelly had noticed a woman who was slouched on the chair beside him,who was looking pale and very much dead.
''Uh...?"Shelly replied,trying to tell the man about the woman beside him.
''Oh,this is my wife,i think she's been hurt,by one of them!"
''Then you need to get out of the car sir!"Shelly gasped.
''Why?Im not leaving her!"snapped the man.
"You dont release what she is!"Simon added.
''Oh go on then smartie what is she then?"the man yelled angreily.
The woman's eyes began to open,and Shelly and Simon's eyes began to widen as those eyes were zombie eyes,and her mouth was starting to open,with blood starting to pour of it.
''Sir you seriously need to get out of the car!"Shelly cried backing away.
''Look she's my wife and she needs help,im not leaving her i..."the man began before he fell silent as he went to look at his zombie wife,who before he could even cry for help was bitten on the neck in seconds.Shelly screamed as she and Simon backed away from the car and watched the man fall out of the car to his death.
''We got to run!"Simon wisperd as they both sprinted away from the car as the woman zombie began to crawl out of the car after them.
"RUN!"cried Shelly.

Pete held Judy's trembling hand as he lead her through to Big Ben,there was zombies somehow staggering around on the roof near Big Ben,how they had got up there Pete had no idea.Pete couldnt beleive how well he was handling this invasion,but Judy was not taking it to well,she was too scared to go anywhere knowing danger was around.Pete had already shot down a few zombies,but he knew were on the way.
''God their everywhere!"wisperd Judy.
''Not for much longer!"
''How do you know?There could be millions of them,we cant take all down!"
"Oh yes we can,weve got the others around the street,were not alone!"Pete smiled kissing her hand.
"I hope your right,i hope we do come out of here alive!"
Judy looked down at Pete's hand holding hers,and saw somehting that suddenly made her let go of him.
''What?"he gasped spinning around.
''Wh...whats that on your hand?"
Pete looked down at his left hand and his eyes widned suddenly.He had been bitten.
''Where has that come from?"cried Judy.
''I wasent going to tell you,i didnt want you to worry!"
"They got you,theyve got you!"
"STAY AWAY FROM ME!"Judy snapped backing away from him."Why didnt you tell me?Thats when you went to the shop wasent it,they bit you!"
''Judy please!"
''Stay away,why didnt you tell me?"
Pete could see tears starting to form in Judy's eyes as she backed away even more.She was shaking her head angerily as he looked at him,seeing how diffrent Pete was now looking.He was becoming a zombie,she could see it,she wasent stupid to see the changes in him,how he looked so pale and so ill.
''How could you do this to me?"Judy wimperd."We could have dealt with this!"
"Just leave me alone,your not my husband,your a monster!"
And with that she ran away.
Judy did not stop running,Pete's voice still yelling to her as she kept running through the mist,until his voice was no more,and she had that one feeling that she never ever wanted to see him again,he was not the husband she knew and loved,he was turning into a zombie,he was a monster now.She was heartbroken,and very very scared.

Frankie and his sister Lucia was two very wealthy people of London,since they had discoverd the zombie case.And they were more prepared than anything.Sergent Phillips thought he was the greatist gun man known,but he wasent.Frankie and Lucia were like zombie hunters,they knew their guns,they knew their wepons,and they knew how to kill.No one had known about them,until now.Frankie and Lucia had to be the best thing that had ever happend to London right now,cause everyone seriously needed them,those that were alive.Sergent Daneils was alone himself,he was standing near Bucklingham Palace,very much guarding it with his life,till he saw a Jaguar spinning around the corner at full speed,knocking a few zombies as this had happend.
''What the...?"he gasped.
The car came to an almighty hault as Frankie took the breaks and skidded towards Sergent Phillips nearly running him over.
''You alright mate?"called Frankie.
''Yeah...i uh...yeah,and you guys?"
''Oh were fine mate,need a lift?"
''No im fine,im killing off the zombies,Sergent Phillips at your service!"
Frankie began to chuckle.
''Ha killing off zombies,Sergent?Ha dont you know who we are,were far more better than Sergents?"
''Ive never seen you in my life!"
''Zombie hunters..."Lucia called."Were top of the hunter lists,were the top people from London,weve killed millions of these!"
"Hang on a minute,how have we never heard of you before?The police would have known?!"
''Ah well were everywhere,we were up in Austrailla,and then we came back here after we heard about this,weve been away for a while,but uh,these ugly mugs wont be staggering around like they own the place for much longer,welle kill them all in know time!"
''And what wepons do you have?"smirked Sergent Phillips.
''Tommy gun,big guns,bow and arrows,small guns,you can say weve got the hole lot,want any?"
''Na ive got my own thanks!"
"What that thing?"laughed Frankie."You need something bit more bigger than that,come on take the Tommy Gun!"
"I said im fine!"hissed Sergent Phillips.
''Alright alright,just saving you from that lot,youlle come running after me when you think its not enough to kill this lot,well good luck Sergent,were off!"
Sergent Phillip sighed as he watched the car drive off.He had never felt so jealous,he was in a lot of competion with this lot.He had never seen them around,but he was intrested to see how they worked when they were under attack.

"Sergent,do you copy?"asked Mark as he took his walkie talkie.
''Yeah im here!"
''We need a better plan,their everywhere,we need to get to a safe place and discuss this,where's the best place here?"
''The bank just down the road looked empty!"Simon also added."We passed it seconds ago!"
''Alright,lets all meet up there,the one near that red and black car Simon?"
''Welle meet there!"
With that they had all started heading back to the bank that had been spotted for being empty and quite,and it seemed the best place to discuss some new tatics,because these zombies were becoming a pain.There was so many that they needed more than just guns to kill them.Once all of them,Simon,Shelly,Mark and Sergent Phillips had headed back for the bank,they became concerned because two people were missing,Pete and Judy.Everyone had gatherd in the center of the bank,locking the doors and windows.
''Hey where's Pete and Judy?"asked Mark.
''I havent seen them!"Sergent Phillips replied."Ille try and find them on the walkie talkie.Pete?Pete this is Sergent Phillips,over?!"
There was no answer.
"Pete,this is Sergent Phillips,over!"
''That doesnt sound right?"Shelly gasped.
''You dont think theyve been...?"Mark added.
Sergent Phillips shook his head worrdily.
''Its possible!"he sighed."I think the zombies have got them,their gone!"
There was silence as everyone looked on lost for words.
"So now what?"asked Shelly.
''We need a better tatic,guns arent working now!"Mark explained."We need bombs,we need lots of things,but how will we get all of that?"
The back door flung open making everyone jump as Frankie and Lucia suddenly jumped in.
''God sake!"shouted Sergent Phillips holding his chest as they had made him jump.
''Ah thought you lot might be hiding in here,come on,get out there!"Frankie yelled as he was loading more bullets.
''Who the hell are you?"cried Mark.
''Zombie hunters,born and ready,good god,your wepons are useless,look at them,dear me!"
"We need bombs,something bigger!"Simon added.
''Ah then youve come to the right people..."laughed Lucia."That suitcase there,weve got the lot,we own bombs,dinamite,you name it,weve got it!"
As they others went to see the suitcase,Sergent Phillips just stood in digust.He had been the leader for hours now,and now some hunters had taken over his plans,for all he knew these hunters might not be professionals,they could get them killed.
''God check that out!"laughed Simon.
''You got to hand it to them,theyve got the lot!"Mark added.
''Ille be fine with a gun i think!"smilled Shelly.
"Are you really the best people to kill these zombies?"asked Sergent Phillips,making everyone fall silent.
Frankie however straightend himself up,he felt challenged by the Sergent,and he knew how tough the Sergent was,but it would be intresting if Frankie had challenged him a bit more.Frankie thought he was better than the Sergent,but they had to work toghther,and not scoble on who was better.
''Alright you two,just calm down,so whats the plan?What happens with all this?Ha where do we even start?"Mark asked as Frankie moved away from the Sergent.
''Its simple,plant dinamite anywhere near zombie territory,fire bombs in the air and watch them drop,i reccomend the dinatmite but thats just me,we keep in hiding places and just throw them around zombie territory,but i suggest we plan where we will hide out.The hole of London is coverd with zombies,so we have to be split up,and im sorry love birds but you two will have to be split up!"replied Frankie pointing to Shelly and Simon.
''What?"cried Shelly,as he squeezed Simon's hand.
''Im sorry,the more people we have around,and not in twos,we need to all individually be working at diffrent places,my only advice is stay out of zombie view,theylle be after you the moment they hear you and see you,so i suggest stay low and be ready to fire!"
"Fair enough!"smilled Mark.
''Here i have a map..."Frankie replied pulling out a long map from his poket."This is london,now these are the areas i want each of you to be in.Okay,glammed up lady..."Frankie pointed to Shelly."I want you near Big Ben!"
He then turned to Simon.
"I want you near that hotel just there on the map right!"
He turned to Mark.
''I want you near Bucklingham Palace!"
And then he turned to Lucia with a smile.
''You take that building there,the roof!"
And finally turned to the Sergent.
''You...you just do what you do best,but first...im going to rob a bank!"
''WHAT?!"yelled Sergent Phillips.
''Well,they will have to owe me for my job saving London,so ille get the money myself..."smilled Frankie going for the till.
Sergent Phillips grabed him by the shoulder.
''That means ille have to arrest you!"he hissed.
''Uh excuse me get your hands off my brother!"shouted Lucia coming forward.
"Uh guys..."Simon wimperd turning to the back door of the bank that was starting to bang slightly.
''You get your hands of me Sergent!"Frankie yelled.
''Stay away from that money!"The Sergent snapped.
''Guys!"Simon called again.
No one was paying attension,expect they were all watching the fight between Sergent Phillips and Frankie.
''Fine,ille do it myself!"Simon shouted running for the back door.
He put all his wieight onto the door,trying to push it back.He could hear the mouns and grouns of the zombies outside,and he knew they were there.
''Look you take that money,thats stealing!"Sergent Phillips replied.
''Yeah thats my money,im working for it!"
''And me!"Lucia added.
Simon was pushing the door,angrey no one was noticing what was going on.Till Shelly turned...

The door slammed open,hitting Simon in the head,knocking him to the floor unconscious.Two zombies staggerd in as Shelly quickly grabbed her gun,as did Frankie,and they both went to kill the zombies.Frankie got the first one in the head,but looked shocked as Shelly stood strembling looking at the zombie coming for her.
''SHOOT IT!"Frankie yelled."DONT STAND THERE!"
Shelly still stood,like she was in some kind of day dream.
''GIVE IT HERE!"snapped Frankie snatching the gun off her.
Bang!The zombie went down,shot in the head,as Shelly gasped looking down at it.She was out of her day dream,but her nerves had got here,and her hands trembled.
''Why didnt you shoot it?"yelled Frankie."Did you want to be killed?"
''LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!"Mark suddenly shouted coming towards Frankie.
There was silence as Shelly ran for Simon.
''You leave her alone alright,this has been tough for all of us,were not expieranced like you,alright?"Mark hissed in Frankie's face."So leave her alone!"
Frankie glared into Mark's eyes as Mark began to move away heading for Shelly who was trying to wake Simon.
''Oh god baby!"she cried."Simon?"
"Is he alright?"Mark asked kneeling down to them.
''Hes had a massive bang to the head,he alive!"
"Great,we have a stupid invasion out there,an unconscious man,what could be worse?"Frankie sarcastically laughed pacing around the room.
"So whats your big idea?"asked Sergent Phillips."What should we do now?You tell us seeing though your the smart one,go ahead what should we do!"
Frankie sneered at him as he began to pace,Lucia was standing with her arms folded looking on.
''Well i say we leave this useless lot here and go kill that lot ourselves Frankie,their a waste of our time!"
''We dont need you..."smirked Sergent Phillips."Your a pain as it is,go on,away with ya, and dont come back here!"
"Dont worry we wont be coming back,and dont come running to us when you need help,i say good luck to ya!"Frankie laughed as he headed for the back door.
''Go on,out your go!"snapped Sergent Phillips.
He watched Frankie and Lucia leave laughing.He couldnt beleive that two professional hunters behaved like that,they shouldnt even be aloud to be hunters with attitudes like that,what a disgrace it was to have those two around.

The zombies were having the best day of their lives,it was now Ten pm, and this was their night,they had completly taken over Halloween and were proudly wandering the streets,eating the flesh and body of the dead humans,and making them zombies.It was their proud night to do as they wished and kill.Anyone who stood in their way were dead in seconds,and they were proud of it.Sergent Phillips watched from the window at the zombies walking by,he was thinking of a Plan B,and he needed to think fast before the zombies released they were in the bank.They had been there for 25 minutes,with Simon still out cold,and two dead zombies still lying on the floor,this Halloween had turned out to be the worst day of their lives.
"Do you think their out there...?"asked Shelly with Simon lying on her lap.
''Who?"asked Mark.
''That brother and sister hunters,they still out there fighting them?"
''Dont even bring them up Shelly..."sighed Sergent Phillips."They are a disgrace to London,ha zombie hunters,what a joke!"
Shelly looked down to see two blue eyes opening.
He started to squint as his vision became clear.
''What they hell happend?"he mouned.
"Well at least were all back toghther now!"Sergent Phillips smilled.
''What should we do about that lot outside?"
''I say we finish what we started!"
They had sat again and planned,they had got a better plan this time,and they desided the spilliting up into ones around london was a good idea,expect for Sergent Phillips.But wepons?Well they were just in luck.Because Frankie and Lucia had forgot that they had left 35 tinamites in the bank behind.

BANG BANG went the guns,BANG went off 2 tinamites,and in the background some of Frankie and Lucia's wepons going off.This time more and more zombies were falling to their knees and there was less of them this time.Mark had climbed Big Ben and stood on the roof,Simon was standing on a roof next door to Big Ben,and Shelly was below that building as close as she could near Simon. Sergent Phillips was planted loads of tinamite near zombie territory,and their plan was working.
"Hows the numbers?"asked Mark through his walkie talkie.
''Their going down,there has to be 59 of them left now!"Sergent Phillips replied.
There was a zombie suddenly climbing Big Ben.
''You got one after you mate!"Simon replied to Mark.
Mark looked down at the zombie climbing up,till his eyes widned suddenly.
It was Pete,climbing Big Ben,a zombie.He looked awful from head to foot as Mark gazed down at him.He had flash backs of the little girl,Vanessa,and when she turned into a zombie,he found it hard to get a gun and kill her,this was the most diffcult position for him as he clutched his gun in his hand nervously.He didnt want to do this,he had this problem with the little girl.
''Shoot him Mark!"Simon cried noticing the zombie still climbing.
''Its Pete!"
"What?"Simon gasped.
''Hes a zombie,i dunno what to do!"
''Theres only one thing you can do mate,im sorry,youlle have to shoot him down.I know its painful buddy,its the only way!"
Mark looked down at Pete who was a mile away now,and he began to rise his gun up to Pete's face.Simon watched when there was no zombies coming after him,and saw the full sadness that Mark didnt want to do it.He didnt want to kill Pete,the man he had just met a few hours ago,it didnt seeme right,the same way it felt to kill poor Vanessa.
''Mark you gotta kill him,im sorry its your only hope!"cried Simon.
Mark's hand began to tremble as he pulled the trigger back,Pete was so close to him that suddenly,as Simon and Shelly gazed up at him,Pete grabed Mark's hand.
''MARK NO!"Simon cried.
The zombie pulled Mark down,and both of them began to fall from Big Ben.
''NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"screamed Shelly as she coverd her hands with her mouth.
They watched Mark and Pete fall all the way down to their death with a massive thud.Shelly stood motionless as did Simon,looking at the two bodies with complete horror.This couldnt be happening.Simon looked up,tears in his eyes.Shelly fell to her knees,tears falling from her eyes as she began to scream.Sergent Phillips was coming through the street,walking through the dead zombies,when he came close to Big Ben and what was near it.He saw a zombie of Pete lying on his back,and over his body lied Mark,both dead.Sergent Phillips looked up at Simon who was standing lost for words,and then he turned to Shelly,shaking,screaming,crying on the floor.She looked up at the gun beside her,wiping the tears with deep breaths as she took the gun.She came to her feet,and then...
"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"she screamed running through the street towards a few zombies coming towards her.
She ran for them,letting off bullets towards them,the zombies falling down to their knees.Sergent Phillips yelled in pain as a zombie grabbed him from behind bitting into his neck.Shelly turned around as she had finally killed the zombies,looking as Sergent Phillips fell to his knees.And to her horror,she saw the same thing happening to Simon,he had got attacked also in the neck.She watched them both drop to the floor a the hands of the last of the two zombies.The two of them looked at her,hungry,wanting to eat her.Shelly stood there motionless,looking at them,as the one on the ground began to stagger towards her,and the zombie up on the roof,leaped down,and they both staggerd for her.She stood there,rising her gun,there was no bullets.She droped the gun,watching as the zombies came after her,and she let them eat her.

Shelly quickly rose from her bed,her heart beating incredibly fast.
''Shelly?"Simon cried quickly rising from the bed grabing her shoulders."HEY!HEY!Whats wrong?"
Shelly steadied herself as she took deep breaths,holding Simon's hand to calm herself.Once she found the courage to tell him what had just happend,she finally spoke.
''I had a dream,it was just a dream,but it looked so real,im sorry!"
''Dont be sorry over a dream!"
''I thought i'd lost you!"
''Youlle never loose me,im here!"Simon laughed drawing her into a hug and giving her a cheeky kiss."Besides,your my wife,ille never loose you,and youlle never loose me!"
Shelly laughed and nodded and she came back to her senses,it was true,it was just a dream.But it sounded so real.She looked across at her clock...
31st OCTOBER 7.OOam
"Ha,happy Halloween Simon!"
''Happy Halloween!"
Simon started to get out of bed.
''Oh yes please!"Shelly smilled watching him walk out of the bedroom.
She sighed in relife.She thought what she had just witnessed was real.But it wasent to her relife.It was just a dream.She stretched and got out of bed.She went to the shops that morning,and she saw the people that she had seen in her dream,she saw Sergent Phillips,who was on patrol with anouther police officer.She waved to him as he said hello.She also saw Pete and Judy,happilly walking down the road.And even the great Frankie and Lucia,who were not looking like hunters,just normal people.They walked happily along to their car.She wonderd what had happend to those people,Frankie and Lucia,did they die in the dream? And where did Judy go?Did she die too?Well to Shelly it didnt matter,she took it as a dream,and was happy everyone was alive,that was all that matterd,she wasent going to let a silly little dream get the better of her.But what she didnt release,coming down a hill in the distance of the street,was someone staggering down the hill.


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