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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2089426
Giants inhabit Earth, and set up a University system

Male Megaterran Students:

Penn Prospero: The "leader" of the group, he has pacifist intentions.

Lazaro Lupo: Neutral, he can be swayed to side with either Penn and Felicity, or Mace and Sapphire.

Mace Megalos: He is bent on dominating the Microterrans.

Female Megaterran Students:

Felicity Fontana: She is in a relationship with Penn, and agrees that they should be nice to the Microterrans.

Tegan Terranova: Neutral, she can be swayed to side with either Penn and Felicity, or Mace and Sapphire. She is the girlfriend of Lazaro.

Sapphire Serpico: She is in a relationship with Mace, she is also bent on dominating the Microterrans.

Chapter 1: Arrival on Campus

Tommy Travers was an 18-year-old college freshman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He sat in his seat on the newly constructed monorail, as it sped out of the city toward the desert. The monorail had been constructed by robots in six weeks, which was remarkable considering that the monorail was over fifty miles long. It was a mag-lev train, so it would take only a couple of minutes for Tommy to reach his destination since he left the Los Angeles area.

In the distance, Tommy could see the University through his window. It was as high as a skyscraper, and was at least as wide as it was tall. It was one of the many structures built by the mysterious Megaterrans, a race of giants from a parallel reality who had taken up residence on Earth until they could find another planet to colonize. Tommy was part of an exchange program set up so normal-sized humans could get to know Megaterrans.

The monorail slowed to a stop at the front of the University, and the passengers (along with Tommy) disembarked. He had his backpack on as he walked along with the other normal-sized students through the front door of the monolithic structure. An android directed the students to the main auditorium. Tommy was astonished when he got his first view of the giants. There were hundreds of chairs set up for normal-sized students, but beyond the tiers of seats, there were giant chairs, identical in design to the smaller chairs, but built on a massive scale. A six foot tall man would stand about two inches tall when compared to the giants; it would take three normal-sized feet to be equivalent to one inch by the standards of the measurement of the Megaterrans.

The giants were composed of an equal number of young men and young women. They looked just like normal people with the exception of their size; there were fit people, normal people, chubby people. The giant students wore the same uniforms that the normal-sized people wore; shorts and a button-up short-sleeved shirt and a tie for the men, and an ultra-short plaid mini-skirt and a short-sleeved blouse for the women. Tommy didn't mind being dressed this way, because it reminded him of Angus Young from AC/DC.

A normal-sized middle-aged man stepped up to a podium. His image was transmitted to a gigantic closed circuit television screen that was visible to the giants on the other side of the auditorium.

"Good morning, students, I am John Wilson, the area administrator. Welcome to the first day of classes at the southern California campus of the Megaterran University system. My goal is to explain who the Megaterrans are, and where they came from. I know some of this was covered on the television news stations, but I might be able to fill in some details and dismiss rumors that may have arisen about them."

Tommy tried to focus on Mr. Wilson, but his gaze kept shifting to the other side of the auditorium, where he saw a cute brunette giantess. She smiled in his direction, but Tommy wasn't sure if the smile was directed at him, or someone else.

Mr. Wilson continued: "The Megaterrans are from a parallel reality that exists on a scale 36 times greater than ours. That means three feet to us is equal to one inch to them. In the reality they came from, they consider themselves human, just like us, and they even speak all of the languages we speak here on Earth. They adopted the name "Megaterrans" to distinguish themselves from us; privately, they refer to themselves as normal human beings, just as we do."

A green light lit up on the right arm of Tommy's chair. It was a text message. It read: "My name is Felicity Fontana. We're going to pair up shortly, would you like to pair up with me? I'm the brunette Megaterran who smiled at you."

Tommy looked toward the side of the auditorium where the giants sat, and the cute brunette waved to him. Tommy quickly swiveled the keypad out from the texting screen, and replied: "Definitely!"

John Wilson continued: "For those of you who are normal-sized, I'm sure you're aware that all of you have signed waivers in case you get injured or killed here. The laws of the Megaterrans are slightly different than ours, and you assume the risk of dying from misadventure. Now to dispel some rumors: They are not here to conquer us, they are simply finding a suitable planet to colonize. In the meantime, they set up these Universities all over earth so their young people can learn more about their fantastic technology, and young people from Earth can learn from them as well."

Just then, one of the giants tossed a crumpled up piece of paper at John Wilson, and shouted, "Terramite!" It missed him, but knocked the podium over. One of the giant teachers scolded the student, and he was led out of the auditorium. A normal-sized teacher ran up and righted the podium so Mr. Wilson could continue.

"In case any of you were wondering," said Mr. Wilson, "terramite is a derogatory term some of the Megaterrans use to describe normal-sized people like us."

Someone raised their hand, and Mr. Wilson selected him to stand and ask their question. "How do we avoid getting crushed under the Mary Janes of these giant students? Are we expected to walk down the giant hallways at the feet of these giant students?"

"That's a good question," said Mr. Wilson. "Each of you will be paired with one of the Megaterrans. He or she will be responsible for taking care of you while you're here during the day, and if the two of you agree, you can stay in their dorm room while you're a student here. Some of you have already been texting each other and found partners, while the rest of you can fraternize and choose yours."

The giants began to stand, and the cute brunette giantess waived to Tommy, and began approaching him. Tommy walked and met her halfway, in a large aisle built for the Megaterrans to walk on. Felicity Fontana knelt down in front of Tommy, and placed her outstretched hand on the linoleum for Tommy to step onto. Tommy obliged, and stepped onto her palm. The giantess slowly stood upright, and smiled at Tommy as he stood in her hand slightly above her waist level.

"I'm Felicity Fontana!" said the cute brunette giantess.

"I'm Tommy Travers," said Tommy, "and I think I'm going to like it here!"

To Be Continued!

Chapter 2: First Class of the Day

Felicity carried Tommy to her first class. They had a conversation on the way there.

"We have all of the same classes," said Felicity. "That's the main reason I chose to pair up with you!"

"Was that the only reason?" Tommy asked.

"Well, you're kind of cute!" Felicity replied. This filled Tommy's heart with pride. Soon, they arrived at the classroom. There were giant desks and seats at the rear of the classroom, but in the front there was a giant table with normal-sized desks and chairs for the normal-sized students. Felicity dropped Tommy off there and found a desk in the rear, and other giants dropped off the students they had been paired up with.

The teacher was a giantess, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was in her mid thirties.

"Welcome to speech 101, class." the teacher said. "Just because it's the first day of class doesn't mean we won't be studying today. I want each of you to come up with a controversial topic, and present it to the class. This will be a way of introducing ourselves to each other. Who would like to go first?"

One of the giants raised his hand, it was the young man who had thrown the crumpled piece of paper at the area administrator who was conducting the orientation in the auditorium.

"Who are you?" the teacher asked.

"Mace Megalos!" said the giant. He had dark hair and brown eyes, but his race was uncertain. he could've been a blend of Caucasian and Native American or Hispanic, or some other mixture. He was about the same age as Tommy, but he had a sinister look in his eyes.

"What controversial topic would you like to discuss?" the teacher asked.

"I feel that we should enslave the tiny people of this world, and take what we want from them!" the young man said, and a young woman sitting next to him high-fived him. She was a brunette with gray eyes (Tommy could see their features very clearly because they were so huge.) and she also had a sinister look in her eyes, just as Mace had. Tommy wasn't sure if they were related, or if they were in a relationship.

"Why do you feel we should enslave the humans?" the teacher asked.

"Survival of the fittest," said Mace. "Personally, I think every Megaterran should own one of them as pets!"

The young woman sitting next to Mace erupted with laughter; luckily, she seemed to be the only giantess in the room who agreed with Mace. None of the other giants were chiming in to support his point of view.

"Does anyone agree with Mr. Megalos?" the teacher asked. The young woman raised her hand, and the teacher called on her.

"I'm Sapphire Serpico, and I agree with Mace! Personally, I'd like to swallow one of them!" Sapphire lifted her blouse to reveal her belly button, and began stroking it in circular motions. This made Tommy's penis tingle, and he began to develop an erection. He hoped against everything that he cherished that the teacher wouldn't call on him at that moment.

"Do any of the humans have an opinion about the opinions of Mr. Megalos and Ms. Serpico?" the teacher asked.

Luckily for Tommy, a young (normal-sized) woman raised her hand, and the teacher called on her.

"I'm Tara Peterson, and I agree with Mace and Sapphire!" the young woman responded. The class gave out a simultaneous gasp as both giants and humans were shocked that Tara agreed with them.

"It's only fitting that the mighty would exploit the weak, history is full of examples of that. In exchange for their fantastic technology, it seems only fitting that we should exchange some of our freedoms for the better good of their master race!"

"That's an excellent point, Ms.Peterson!" said the teacher as she marked something down on an electronic tablet. "You get extra credit for having an opinion that is controversial."

By this point, Tommy's hard-on was throbbing because Tara's testimony only added fuel to the fire, so he was petrified that the teacher would call on him.

"Does anyone disagree with the opinions of Mr. Megalos, Ms. Serpico, or Ms. Peterson?" the teacher asked. Tommy looked around the room and saw a lot of hands go up, both giants and normal-sized students. "Does anyone have another controversial topic to share? I'm going to pick someone at random," said the teacher, "how about another normal-sized student, you!" she pointed directly at Tommy, and a light went off in his head when she said 'normal-sized.'

"I'm Tom Travers, but everyone calls me Tommy! I'm curious about the terms Megaterrans and normal-sized humans, if the Megaterrans identify as human in their home reality, why aren't we referred to as Microterrans, and they referred to as normal? Why is the preferred perspective skewed in favor of the smaller race?"

"That's a good observation, Tommy!" said Felicity from the back of the room.

"I agree," said the teacher, as she wrote something down on her electronic tablet. "Extra credit for creative thinking, Tommy! I think you'll do well in this class. Does anyone have another controversial point of view they'd like to share?"

Felicity raised her hand, and the teacher called on her. "I'm Felicity Fontana, I feel that the Megaterrans and the normal-sized humans should team up, and conquer the galaxy together! We know of hostile races that are more technologically advanced than normal-sized humans, and we could wipe them out so their worlds will give us more living space."

'That goes against our directives, Ms. Fontana, but as far as your assignment is concerned, you get a passing grade. Very controversial!"

After an hour and fifteen minutes passed, the students were dismissed from the class, and Felicity collected Tommy and made her way down the hallway. Tommy could see the floor beneath him as she walked along, and he saw multiple normal-sized humans walking unassisted. The Mary Janes of many giantesses barely missed some of them. Felicity noticed that Tommy was looking at this, and commented.

"It's a good thing we paired up when we did, some normal-sized humans never teamed up with a Megaterran, and they might end up getting squashed by a careless Megaterran!"

To be Continued!
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