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He filled me with a waterfall of pure living spirit.
Cat Stevens splendidly sang,
"I'm being followed by a moon shadow,
Moon shadow, moon shadow..."
Those words always remind me
Of the knowledge, we'll never be alone,
Even In the darkest dreary midnight.
The reassurance of Jesus Christ is,
If we profess he is the son of God,
And repent from our sins,
He's just to never forsake us.

If ever fit for a furious flaying,
I know a force greater than myself,
Will provide spiritual solace.
If my fate's goal is the gallows,
With a rope wrapped around my neck,
I have faith in the promise that,
When I pass through that trap door,
My infallible Savior will claim me.

I'm so certain of my Savior because,
I once asked to see the absolute truth,
So for a short time, he stepped back,
To reveal the difference,
Between refuge and rejection.

Disclosed to me was a small vista,
Of an otherwise invisible primal essence.
Like a scared rabbit, lost and stalked by wolves,
I sensed I might be pounced upon any second,
To be ravaged and devoured by the vilest evil.
Night after night I spent in knots of terror,
Lying in sheets soaked in a cold sweat,
I knew I was near,
The torments of hellfire.

Begging Jesus Christ for mercy,
A waterfall of pure living spirit,
Poured through me like the Red Sea,
Sweeping away the slave masters,
He cleansed my restless soul of foul salts,
Fervent as the torrents of Noah's flood,
He returned his loving protection as promised,
In life, death, and in all creation.

Yes, I know I'm being followed by a moon shadow,
Praise God!

Free verse: Poetry that has no regular meter or rhythm yet uses other poetic devices to provide artistic expression.

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