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How network marketing brings positivism to your life.
Modern companies spend millions of dollars advertising their products. It can take up to 25% of their profits. Television ads is one of the main approaches through which this is done. However in today's world, public considers this to be a nuisance and disturbing, especially when it interrupts their favorite show. Many companies are moving away from this and are adopting direct selling or network building marketing structures. This is more beneficial for the company as well as for their trade partners and customers. In this structure they follow a recommendation approach. Traders introduce a partner or a customer to the range of products available. This is called, “Word Of Mouth” marketing.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, a renowned author, has written a book 'For people who like helping people.’ In this book he explains the merits of a network building organization and how it will impact a person’s life for good. He starts by describing what a network is and how valuable it is. While doing this he compares it with a telephone company (the value of one person in the network is virtually nothing but as the number increases the value increases exponentially). He quotes Metcalf's law to support it, which states that the worth of a network is equal to the square of the number people, who are part of it.

Mr. Kiyosaki brings out the negativism with which people associate this business model. For instance, “Do we have to sell?” “It's crazy;” “People have tried it and failed;” “This is a phony scheme” and so on. To address these issues, Kiyosaki brings to the fore the ego and/or status of people, which is hampering their judgment. Selling is a daily activity. Everyone does it from the day he or she is born. It is just that people see selling in a negative way. We are selling ourselves when we go on a date or on a job interview. So, selling is one of the best skills a person has to hone. If we are making money by selling products, why shouldn't we?

One of the most prominent messages displayed throughout this book is 'Strive for Failure, you will eventually achieve Success'. People are afraid of failure and rejection. They want acceptance. This is not always possible, especially in the short run, as we are trying to do something different in order to lead a different and better way of life. This fear has been planted in our brains by the traditional education system, where children are told to get good marks or else they will not get a good job. We should break from this paradigm and build a new one where we are a failure, only when we give up on something. This principle can be very well understood by a person who is working as part of a network marketing business.

A network marketing business associated with a teaching institute is the best kind of business education, which a person can get. Any person who joins it will learn people skills, attitudes required to reach a goal, leadership skills and will be able to achieve financial freedom. So, I would suggest that people embrace this opportunity and strive towards achieving their financial dreams.

PS: Thank you Jay O’Toole, for an excellent review and editing of the article.
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