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Western for GoT
Under the brim of his Stetson he watched her out of the corner of his eye, pretending his damnedest not to notice the men in the saloon who ogled and groped her while she served them whiskey. Luckily, he found a corner to slither into, mostly unnoticed by the other patrons, since he focused on minding his own business, but for how long who knew. Besides, they were too busy bending the elbow, betting on a hand of cards and molesting the women fetching their drink. Wyatt waited, still eyeing her, surprised how well she looked given the circumstances.

“Til big jump do us part,” he muttered, the last shot of liquid courage now sour in his belly, driving bile up his throat.

He couldn’t blame her for earning a living, the scuttlebutt of his demise being a bit premature and all, though damned if it didn’t crush him something awful seeing her in here, oblivious to his presence. Blasted woman should’ve known him well enough to know he’d find his way back, somehow, someway. No pine box could stop him when he wanted something, and after a year away, he still wanted her.

A real looker prancing toward him with a big smile, bright green eyes, and a hefty bosom caught his attention, turning his focus from his betrothed. He needed to get rid of the woman and fast, figure out how to approach Wila in a delicate manner and all. It wasn’t every day that your dearly departed rose from the grave.

“Hiya, honey, how ‘bout another one?” Red said, leaning down all nice and chock up so he could get a daisy look of what she was selling.

Any other time and well, Wyatt might’ve given her another gander, but today he had business to attend to. And his business was right set on marching up to his woman and getting her out of that saloon. He didn’t want to cause a scene, not up for a brush straight away, though he could handle his own when called for. By the looks of things here, someone would be ready to pull their Equalizer out at the slightest sign of trouble. Wila, being a handful herself, was trouble a plenty for now.

“I’m good,” he said, leaning to the side to continue batting eyes, thinking ‘bout how to make his move.

“Hold it right there, Jasper” a big man said, standing up from the game of poker, his hand at the ready.

The skinny man, Jasper, sitting across from him leaned back in his chair, reaching down for his pistol. “Now hold on there, Jake, I won that hand fair and square.”

Jake’s brow creased as he bent forward, the square of his jaw taut. “Somethin’ ain’t right here, and I know you’ve been hustlin’ me.”

Wyatt watched as Jasper made his move, revealing just what a cheat he was, two hidden cards in his hand, facing away from the table. That was it, just the distraction he needed. Wyatt saw his chance, and he was going to take it.

“Sit down, Jake, and let’s finish the hand,” Jasper coaxed.

Jake slammed his fist into the table sending drinks flying to the sawdust covered ground. Red disappeared, as Wyatt stood. Wila, his clever wife moved backward toward the door, not ready to be part of any brawl. Wyatt smiled, glad that she still had her wits about her. He moved forward, trying to bypass the card table. The second he made it to Jasper, Jake lunged forward, his balled fist coming right at them. The move was fast enough that it caught Jasper in the jaw. Jasper stumbled into Wyatt and the two fell to the ground, the cards lying beside them.

Jake reached down grabbing Jasper by the scruff of his neck, pulling him clear up off the floor, his scrawny legs dangling. Wyatt scrambled to his feet, wanting to catch Wila before she made it through the door and to the safety of the outside.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jake asked.

Wyatt ignored him, searching for Wila in the crowd that had gathered round now.

“Tell your partner he best not make another move, “Jake ordered.

Wyatt shook his head. “You got it all wrong.”

Jake dropped Jasper into the chair and took a step toward Wyatt until they were toe to toe. “I saw the cards you were holdin’ for him. You callin’ me a four-flusher?”

Before he could say another word, it happened.

“Wyatt Wills is that you?” Wila shouted, pushing her way through the crowd.

This was not how he’d intended this to go, especially there. “Wila,” was all he could manage to say.

Her brown eyes stared at him in disbelief as she stepped closer, closing the gap atwixt them. Wila closed her eyes, swallowed, opened her eyes and gawked, before reaching out with a pointy finger. She jabbed a finger into his chest, gasped, her mouth slacken. “But yer buzzard food!”

Wyatt laughed. “About that.”

Wila backed away, shaking her head. “One year!” she shouted, making him flinch from her tone.

“I had me a little trouble,” he admitted. Wyatt moved toward her, but Jake was not done with him yet.

“Don’t right care about your troubles, mister. We have a score to settle,” he said moving into Wyatt’s path.

“Don’t think so,” Wyatt said. “Yer friend here’s the one cheatin’ you, not me.” Wyatt turned to Jasper, but the man managed to slither away.

“Why that scrawny weasel,” Jake shouted. He turned and blundered off to find Jasper.

Wyatt moved quick, searching for Wila. He made it to the door, spotting her racing across the road with her skirt hiked up to her knees. He chuckled to himself, glad she still had that spirit in her. He always relished the chase. Oh she could run, no doubt, but she wouldn’t get far. He gave chase, catching up to her and grabbing her elbow.

“Where ya think yer goin’?”

Wila wriggled to try and get free. “Away from the likes of you,” she said, pushing her jaw out in protest.

“Oh no, darlin’, not without me.”

She managed to wrench her arm free and started to run away from him. Wyatt chuckled, liking this more and more by the minute. He decided there was only one way to handle this, and by God he would. With long legged strides he closed the gap, grabbed her by the arm and turned her around to face him.

“Now listen here, Missy. It’s high time you and I do some makin’ up. I risk my hide to come all this way to find you.”

Wila’s brown eyes widened. Before she could have a chance to think, Wyatt bent down, tossed her over his shoulder and marched off intending on getting a room for the night.

“Let me go this instant, Wyatt Wills!” she ordered, kicking her feet and pounding her fists into his back.

Wyatt just laughed, swatted her backside and kept walking. “I’ve missed my little firecracker.”


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