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My mom said it was for the best but, I think otherwise.(trigger warning)
                                                                               {indent{b}}Outcast In The Crowd{/b}
          Ever since I was eight I have had problems with life. I was never socially excepted, everyone looked at me as the freak,the outcast,and the weirdo. I tried to blend in by faking a smile but it just never worked, I was always to happy or to sad, never good enough for anyone. One day I was watching YouTube and a video popped up, it was about Amanda Todd, a girl who was bullied to the point of suicide. That video taught me a huge lesson in life , never bully anyone, even if they treat you like crap. So..... a few days past after I watched the videos, I had a breakdown and started crying in the middle of the night, I had woken up and couldn't fall back to sleep, so I sat up all night crying. This happens to me all the time. Oh yea I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Noah. Okay so as I was saying... I often wake up and start getting emotional and depressed, and even more often I just can't sleep at all. I stay up night after night with nothing to do but think and think and to be honest that is a lot of over thinking, don't you think so? Okay so before I continue I have a question for you. If you grew up going through hell, with no filter or anyone to talk to, wouldn't you try to create your own "ways to cope"?. If you answered yes continue reading please , if you said no fuck off XD jk, read on--->

                    Okay so i'm going to be pretty upfront for a few minutes. Thing have been pretty rough for me and I am going to say one thing before I let shit lose, no matter what you go through just know there is always worst.
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