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Tricia and Rozland part 6
The Mice Emma Hayden
As Tricia watched Rozland in disbelief, as she stood on the couch with the law book I her hand, ready to pounce.

Tricia just shook head, this whole thing started, in the kitchen, Rozland went down to get a glass of water, and turn on the lights, she saw the mouse, and screamed.
Tricia ran in to the kitchen, where she found Rozland on the counter top pointing to the corner.
Rat over there! Tricia walked over in the direction she was pointing. “I don’t see a rat, it was probably a little mouse” Tricia said calmly I don’t see a rat, there are trash cans outback he probably came in looking for food. Rozland exclaimed “Oh that makes senses,” as she started to get off the counter, then it happened the brown mouse ran across the floor,

Rozland screamed and ran in to the living room. And jumped on the couch and refused to get off until the rat was caught.
“I’m going home” Rozland announced. “you are home” Tricia responded
They had been living together for over a year.
“No, I mean to my Aunt Betty’s home” Rozland explained “what” Tricia said “over a little mouse, baby, it’s not going to hurt you.
“I know; I have this book “as Rozland held up the law book.
Tricia laughed “what are you going to do? quote the law to the mouse?”
Rozland pointed her finger at Tricia, “First of all, it wasn’t a little mouse, it was a huge rat, and secondly they have millions of diseases.”
Rozland pointed to the table “hand me the phone “Tricia said Go ahead reach for it, and started laughing “It’s not funny” as Rozland snatched the phone out of Tricia hand.
She dialed the house number, on the second ring, a sweet voice said “Hello, Wilson House”.

Rozland smiled, “Hi, Rachel, where Aunt Betty?” Rachel answered drunk and asleep.
“Well, who watching you?” Roz asked Nobody I can watched myself, I’m ten years old.
“Girl, please,” Roz rolled her eyes. “Is Toni there? “Yeah, she upstairs, we were playing cards”
Rachel yelled for Toni to pick up the phone, Toni picked up the connecting line, “Yeah, what’s up, Roz?
Oh, I was making sure somebody was there, I am coming home. Roz explained.
Why? Toni asked I saw a rat in the apartment Roz said Tricia yelled in the background, “it was a little brown mouse Toni,” Toni laughed as she heard Tricia, “Girl, if you don’t shoot the damn mouse with your gun. and go to bed.” “It’s...Toni glanced at the clock Nine-thirty-five, girl bye,”
“No,” Roz claimed. “my gun is at the house in your closet. so come pick me up.”
Girl, No, take yourself to bed. then Toni hung up the phone. Roz looked frustrated. As she hanged the phone back to Tricia,
Tricia asked Your gun, what Gun, Rozland didn’t want to argue with her. Yes, I have a gun, I am a security guard, MY JOB; I have to make sure the drunks don’t get out of hand.
Tricia said Well...You’re not that good Ms. Security, you’re scared of a mouse.

Rozland asked Tricia “will you drive me to my Aunt House?” “No” Tricia yelled “tell Toni to pick you up” Roz exclaimed She won’t come she told me to kill the damn mouse and go to bed.
Tricia mumbled Even Toni has more sense than you. Roz yelled “Hey! that hurt my feelings”

Tricia turned and said “Baby, you been standing on the couch for over thirty minutes, waiting on a mouse to come out of the kitchen, when it probably went back out the same hole that it came through by now.”
Roz said “you really think it did, are you sure Tricia, go look please, honey for me.”
Tricia blow out breathe, and went into the kitchen. The mouse was still in there.
Damn Tricia thought, as she turned and said “it’s gone. I didn’t see the mouse.” and I’m going to bed.”

Rozland said wait, wait.
Tricia turned around to face her “What woman?”

Rozland asked in a whisper, “Do you think the mouse can come upstairs?”
Tricia heart soften and she smiled No, baby, the mouse won’t come upstairs. Okay
As she picks Rozland up and starts walking towards the stairs “besides I will protect you Rozzie okay” Rozland smiles Okay, but I am taking My Book. As they headed up stairs to bed.

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