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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The Flight

The flight was delayed for some reason so I actually made it. I’d spent fifteen minutes in the tunnel wracking my brain as to how I could make it to the wedding if I missed this fight. My wedding. My mother was livid that I’d gone on this business trip, but I had to get away, this was my excuse. Was marrying Alex a mistake? I still didn’t know as I hurtled through the sky to my wedding.

Alex was perfect, we’d been together three years. We got along great, he was my best friend, we’d never even argued. Was that the problem… was that all it was supposed to be?

The lights flickered and the plane lurched slightly. Suddenly we could feel the plane going down. People started screaming. Someone on the speaker told us to grab our flotation devices for an emergency landing in the water. I put my flotation device on and pulled the string, nothing happened. We smacked down on the water. The crew was herding everyone to the doors, I kept trying to tell someone my flotation device wouldn’t open but in the turmoil I couldn’t catch anyone’s attention. Suddenly I was at the top of the slide, panicking about my device, when two arms grabbed me from behind and we slid down the slide into the cold water. Resurfacing, the arms were still around me, holding my head above water. A deep voice said, “I’ve got you, I won’t let go.”

Those arms held me for two hours as we waited rescue, softly talking in my ear, making jokes, keeping me calm. Finally, as I was pulled up into the lifeboat, I turned and looked into his eyes, and that when I knew for sure, I was not going to marry Alex.
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