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by mel
Rated: E · Novel · Drama · #2089859
Is about a shy girl who makes novels. And with those novels, it changes her whole life.
In this story, everything begins in the Zenn Inn. Where famous extraordinary people live in. But one less extraordinary person is Isis Nija the only not so famous or rich girl in the Zenn Inn. While other girls would die to be in her shoes right now. But Isis is different from other girls. She's a timid writer that writes about love. She's shy because of a trauma she went through when small. When she was eight years old bad kids in school picked and bullied her. They bothered her so much that she got to the point of a very sad depression. Little by little she became introvert but a dangerous one.

She one day ended up cutting both of her wrists. But before she bleeds a lot her mom came in quick to stop her and save her. After the accident, Isis never got close or spoke to anyone ever again. Only to her mom, she spoke to ones in a while. Then when she turned sixteen her mom took her to a therapist to help Isis out. Then after months of talking Isis began speaking again. And she said I want to be an author. Her therapist accepted the idea and so she told Isis's mother to send her to the Zenn Inn a building great for Isis who is stuck in shock just maybe the Zenn Inn will help her break down all her walls. Then three years passed by and Isis grew up graduated from a private college. Since then Isis has been living in the Zenn Inn all by herself all those three years.

And now she's nineteen years old. And then one quiet evening came as alway's Isis writes her novels on the Internet on her computer. There is a specific favorite novel of her's she was typing in called The Rose of yesterday. While typing in chapter ten to her story. A loud thud noise comes from her door. And with the thud came the knock. Someone at her door started knocking very loudly. Isis froze, her whole body became in shock. She is so terrified that she started to shake and a lot of less breathing also became involved. Backing away from her door.

"Hello is there anyone home!"screamed a man the voice sounded so low and aggressive.

Isis heard a man's voice. A man standing outside her door pounding the door like if this was his home. Isis scared she did not open her door. But just stayed away from the door quietly staring at the door. But then.....

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