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Not as far-fetched as you may think.
I would like to propose that Christ Jesus was actually female and not male as the great majority of people believe. In order to demonstrate my idea, I have included a couple of excerpts from the Jehovah's Witnesses Awake! Magazine. This is where the seed of my belief originated. However, it in no way suggests that this is the belief of Jehovah's Witnesses or their magazine.

Excerpt of article Why the Controversy? from Awake! Nov/22/02
How to make a clone:
...First, they extract an unfertilized egg cell from a female and enucleate the cell, or remove its nucleus, which contains the DNA. From the body of the animal to be cloned, they obtain a suitable cell, such as a skin cell, the nucleus of which contains its owner’s genetic blueprint. They insert this cell (or just its nucleus) into the enucleated egg and pass an electric current through it . This fuses the cell with the egg cytoplasm. With its new nucleus, the egg now divides and grows as if it were fertilized, and a clone of the creature from which the body cell was taken begins to develop.

So does this mean that if a woman gets struck by lightening that she could possibly become pregnant? Does this solve the mystery of Mary's immaculate conception? Mary was probably walking along, minding her own business, when she was hit by lightening. When she came to, her memory was impaired and therefore she didn't remember being electrocuted. A freak accident is how she became pregnant while still remaining pure. Which means... that she in fact gave birth to a clone of herself. Which means Jesus was a clone of Mary, and therefore, Jesus was female. This could explain why there's a religious sect which worships not Jesus, but Mary.

Excerpt of article Why Proclaim a “Marian Year”? from Awake! Nov/8/88
Some point out John Paul II’s “Marian fervor.” Many Catholics consider him to be the “Madonna’s pope.” He has even included, plainly visible, the letter “M,” the initial of Mary, on his episcopal emblem. As his motto he adopted the words of Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, a 17th-century Catholic mystic, fully consecrating himself to the “Madonna” with the words 'Totus tuus' (All yours) ... According to observers, therefore, the proclamation of a Marian Year is a further demonstration of the pope’s fervid “Marian spirituality.”

What did the Pope know about Mary that most Christians seem not to? Did he know the truth, that Jesus was really a clone of Mary? This possibility could explain why idolatry was forbidden by the church. Perhaps worshipping an image was frowned upon because if someone had painted a picture or carved a statue of Jesus the public would realize that Jesus was female, not male as the church would have you believe. Since Jesus could only meet so many people, and there was no CNN back then, most people were taught by Jesus' disciples and so, not that many people (in the grand scheme of things) actually encountered Jesus, live and in person. It could also be that because women were perceived as lesser than males at that time, maybe Jesus pretended to be male in order to have more credibility. In most pictures Jesus has long hair and long, loose clothing. It's not beyond the scope of possibility that a female Jesus could have gotten away with impersonating a man. And maybe those who ordered the death of Jesus did so because they found out that “He” was a “She”. Of course, when they eventually realised they couldn't stop idolatry, or people passing on information to one another, the church made sure that the figure of Jesus was depicted as male by creating a male image of Jesus themselves.

I also believe the church came up with the story of Adam and Eve to keep people stupid and under control. Why would God create a tree of knowledge, tell Adam and Eve about it, and then tell them not to eat it's fruit? Anyone who's familiar with the basics of psychology (which I'm sure God is) knows that if you tell someone not to do something it's going to make him/her curious and want to do the forbidden thing. Therefore, the moral of the church's story is 'just do what you're told without question, or else you'll be punished'. Which means 'don't be curious', which naturally leads to 'don't think for yourselves'. In today's terms it's known as bullying.

So, why did/do the PTB's (Powers That Be) not want us to know that Jesus was female? Part of the reason might be that they realized that females are more skillful at running societies than males. For one thing, women are the child bearers - sometimes even without the aid of males, if my lightening hypothesis is correct. This gives them a lot of natural control. Women are also more sensitive, more in touch with their feelings, which results in better psychic abilities and therefore more knowledge of the metaphysical realm. Which in turn makes them instinctively wiser than men. Since the PTB's were and are mostly (if not exclusively) male, this female advantage made them feel inferior and, like bullies tend to do, they wanted to reverse power from the more powerful (women) to the less powerful (men) by means of intimidation and aggression. They then proceeded to spread the false idea that women are worthless and their only reason for being was to bear their husbands' children - in their view, without a man you might as well not bother being alive. The PTB's knew they could get away with this idea through the aid of “religion”, a man-made concept, which teaches that we are all “God's children”. Therefore, as children, we are to do as we're told by a higher authority, one who knows better than we do what's good for us. It's no accident that religion uses the words “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” rather than “the Parent, the Child, and the Holy Spirit”. If any females started to ask questions or come up with their own ideas, they were simply overpowered. Because they're naturally physically stronger than females, men could either beat them into submission or kill them. This is why today we have a society based on armies and police, the majority of whom are male. If anyone doesn't follow orders - manhandle them. This way of thinking about women carries on today (ie: rape culture), making male superiority in our society assured. For now...

I believe the reasoning behind the churches hiding of the fact that Jesus was female, was that this was the most efficient way of keeping control of their minions, and to keep the illusion going that men in general are the superior sex. The power of the male superiority idea trickles down to the average people and gives more power to men than they would otherwise have, in controlling their families. And when average people believe that males are superior this in turn gives more power to the church which, as I mentioned previously, is headed mainly by men. And thus, the cycle continues, and will continue, until women fully realize their natural, God given powers; The powers which do not require violence in order to try and achieve peace, but love. As Jesus said, “You must love your neighbour as yourself.” I can only imagine these words coming from a woman in those male dominated, hostile times.
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