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So much disharmony in the universe, and yet...
While the moon continues to spin
and a comet streaks across the night,
Jupiter is rising but Saturn is descending;
solar flares erupt upon the sun,
explosions birth new planets,
and supernovas kill old stars.
Pluto wants to be seen but isn’t;
and while the earth makes a year-long trek,
the constellations hold their nightly vigil;
asteroids float lazily in the atmosphere,
and the moon plans to eclipse the sun.
A black hole engulfs the space around it,
meteors crash into planets,
and little brown dwarfs want to be orbs but aren’t.
While Mercury is in retrograde,
and the North Star points the way,
the sun burns and scorches and warms,
and gravity fights to bring it all down but can’t;
while the galaxy is in disarray,
while the universe is in constant chaos,
those two lovers in the night sky,
those two dueling celestial bodies,
Venus and Mars, are alright tonight.
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