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A story about jumping to conclusions before due process.

A Box of Golf Balls

My girlfriend and I had just completed our round of golf at the Rock Creek Country Club when one of the clubhouse attendants approached us. He asked if he could have a look into our golf bags as it seemed someone had borrowed a box of very expensive golf balls without paying for them. I spoke up: “Are you accusing us of stealing the balls?” The young man said: “No, but we were emphatically told to search all golf bags of our members.”
“Well, we certainly don't have anything to hide, so help yourself.” While the club attendant was searching my bag, he found a box of the same kind of balls that were missing from our country club. “Mr Scott, do you by chance, have a receipt for this box of golf balls?” As I looked at the balls found in my bag, I remembered that my brother had brought those balls to me from Scotland. Last Summer, he and a group of his golfing buddies had vacationed in Scotland just to play golf. I tried to explain that to the Country Club membership committee; but, they decided I was lying. The membership committee suspended me for further notice when I couldn't find a receipt for these very expensive golf balls. The Country Club impounded my golf balls.
The Country Club wasn't the only ones who thought I was lying. My girlfriend, became morose and exceedingly unhappy with me. She blamed me for losing friends she had, had for a long time. I was having none of it. I told her: “If you think that I lied, then do something about it.” She did just that. She quit answering her phone, and when I did happen to connect with her, she always seemed to have an excuse not to see me. Finally, I dropped her or maybe it was the other way around. We had been planning a wedding before the incident at the country club. No more wedding plans.
I was devastated as I had been deeply in love with her, and I still was. She took the golf club's side of the story, and didn't want to date a liar, or a thief as it was explained to me by one of our mutual friends. “Really”, I exclaimed when our friend told me this. I tried to explain to this friend of both of ours; but hey, they apparently didn't believe me either.
After six months had passed, I was asked to play in a foursome with some business associates of mine. “Yes of course, I said, I would love to play golf with you guys; and, maybe we can discuss this new project.” As we went in to pay for our round, I was pulled aside, and told that I wasn't allowed to play at the club anymore. “What, and you are still accepting my dues?” This had gone too far. This incident was harming my architecture business by way of embarrassment. I explained to my project associates what had happened, and two days later they canceled our arrangement for the new project. I have always been an upstanding member of the community; and, now my reputation was 'shot all to hell' over a box of golf balls.
I had graduated from Stanford University over seven years ago; and had established a very good architecture business around a five hundred mile radius of Dallas. The name of my firm was: SCOTT ARCHITECT and ASSOCIATES. We were known for honesty, integrity, and top notch architecture. I had four associates working for and with me. They all had families to feed; and, the company was beginning to suffer.
We still had several projects working for us; but, the big deals were just not coming to fruition for us. As I was sitting and pondering over the situation, I decided to call my brother. My younger brother was somewhat of a playboy, and he lived in Los Angeles where he made big bucks writing screenplays for one of the large Hollywood studios. When I finally reached him, he was still in bed. “Steve, this is your brother Tom”, I said. Steve: “Man you woke me”. Tom: “It's time all fools were up and making a living, instead of sleeping their life away”.
“What can I do you for”, echoed Steve. “You will probably think I am crazy; but, do you think you might have the receipt for those expensive golf balls you purchased for me last Summer in Scotland?” “You betcha, I always keep expense statement receipts, when traveling for work.” I told him what had happened to my business; and my love life with Julie. “Steve could you spare me the receipt,” I asked. “You bet, anything for my favorite brother.” That's funny as I am his only true blooded brother.
I probably could have taken the receipt and got back in good standing with the Rock Creek Country Club; but, I decided to join another club in Dallas. I explained to the Dallas International Golf Club about the misunderstanding at the Rock Creek Country Club.
After showing the membership committee at the Dallas International Golf Club the receipt for the purchase of the golf balls in Scotland; I was welcomed to join as a new member. After joining the new club, I drove over to the Rock Creek Club. While there, after producing the receipt for the golf balls my brother had purchased for me, I insisted they give back the golf balls that had created this mess in the first place.
“Give them back or I will see you in court.” They jumped right on it, and gave back my golf balls, and begged me to return to their golf club. I, politely declined. I really liked the new country club; and then the architecture business began to rebound in the favor of SCOTT ARCHITECTURE.
My brother Steve came to Dallas to visit; and just happened to run into Julie at a Dallas night club. Julie asked Steve where his lying brother was; and, Steve told her that I was scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico with my new lady friend. Steve told Julie about how a box of golf balls had changed my life for the better. He; also mentioned to Julie about his trip to Scotland for the studio, and he told her about the special, expensive box of golf balls that he had purchased for his favorite brother.
Steve told me: “You should have seen the expression on her face when I told her about the expensive box of golf balls that I had purchased for you in Scotland.” Steve also; told Julie how I was through with 'gold digging' women who were more interested in being seen; instead of being in a true love situation. “Man her face turned crimson when she heard me say that”, said Steve.

The End
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