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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2090249
Rin x Shima feet worship
It was a quiet day in the True Cross Academy, the Young Blue Flame Demon named Rin Okumura, was just resting from his time playing with Kuro, his demon cat, who is now resting on his belly. What the Son of Satan is doing is taking a reading a manga, nothing besides that, so what he wondered is that when his friend will return. By that, Shima, came in from his job of fighting demons, "Ugh, its been a long day." Shima said tiredly, as he removed his boots and sat down at his work desk, placing his blacked socked feet on his desk. The Blue Flamed Demon closed his Manga and placed it on the desk next to the bed. "About time that you finally came home, it's been too long." He stood up from the bed, Kuro waking up and going onto the bed. "Sorry, I had to travel by foot to get to the location, it took me three days and my feet are killing me trust me." Rin smelled the scent in the air, the scent that got his attention was the scent of the boots that Shima wore for 3 days, and oh boy, did it smell bad, though Rin secretly enjoyed the smell of his boots, he just never told him. "If you would excuse me, I will go ahead and change into my pajamas." Shima goes to change in his pajamas, believe it or not, he still has his socks in, he looked over at Rin, who is now in bed, pretending to sleep, "Oh Rin, I hope you have pleasant dreams." He chuckled and goes up to the bunk bed, slowly falling into a slumber.

The current time was 12 am, Rin was still awake and Shima was still asleep. Rin sneakily goes to to the boots, picking them up then taking a whiff of the inside of the boots, Wow, glad that you went for three days, your boots just smell amazing. He then looked over at the sleeping Shima, he was asleep on his belly. also that his feet was hanging out, he wasn't going to fall or anything, though it was just dangling there. As Rin saw this, he slowly tiptoed to where his legs are, his face inches from Shima's socked foot. Slowly as a cat to its prey, Rin grabs the rim of his black sock, then slowly tugging on it, then pulling it down, revealing the soft sole. What Rin noticed is the sock still felt moist, since he did wear the socks for three straight days. He moved his face to Shima's toes and took a whiff, he blushed like a cherry from the strong scent, Your feet are amazing, I wish you knew about this.He smelled his toes more and then gives his sole a tender kiss. Shima's sole was as soft as baby skin, when they are cleaned, bright to the touch, though the sole was all red since he walked for three days. Rin then grabbed his ankle lightly and started to lick his friend's arch. Shima moaned as this made him feel very pleasurable, since no one ever gave his feet tender kisses or licks, "Mmmmm~" Shima moaned out in his sleep. Rin grinned as he gave his soles a few kisses and started to lick the sole a bit more, though Shima wiggled his foot lightly, since it did tickle him. Rin was actually doing this to his friend, and boy he was enjoying it. He started to lick his toes too, licking between the sweaty gunk from all of the walking around he did.

From the licks, Shima slowly began to wake up slowly, then looked over at his friend, he gasped and pulled his foot away, saying, "Rin!! What are you doing?!" His face became to form red, he this admitted that he was enjoying the tender licks that his friend was giving him. Rin jumped seeing his friend now awake at 12:24 AM in the morning, "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! I didn't want to tell you, but I really---" He was interrupted by his friend then moving the sole close to his face, well both of his feet close to the edge of the bed, removing the other sock of his foot, "Don't forget the other foot when your done." Rin looked at his friend, who is now sitting on the bed, blushing, then taking the foot he was licking, which was the right foot, then giving the sweaty sole some nice licks, Shima purred from his friend licking his feet, he was enjoying it for once. Rin licked between his toes, with Shima spreading them so it would be easier for him to get the sweat. Then, the Blue Flamed Demon started to suck on his friend's toes, nice and gently, he purred himself from the taste. As soon Rin was done with that foot, he moved to the other foot and repeated the same method, Shima moaned in delight as his friend's tongue explored the sweaty sole from the exploration he did.

The time was now 12:37 AM, Shima was blushing red in the face, then he got off from the bed and pushed him onto the lower bunk, then Shima gets on top of him. Rin was shocked from what his friend did right now, "Shima, what are you doing?!" Yukio then whispered into his ear, "You might enjoy what I will do right now." Shima then placed his lips onto his friend lips, Rin's eyes widen from his mouth touching his, but slowly submitted to what was happening, closing his eyes slowly, kissing back. During the kiss, Rin inserted his tongue into Shima's mouth, the boys eyes widen as his tongue now danced with his, like Beauty and the Beast. They finally stopped and Rin cuddled with Shima, then slowly falling asleep.

As soon as Rin was asleep, Shima slowly peeled up Rin's socks to expose his feet. He licked his lips, staring at Rin's smooth soles, slowly closing the gap between his face and Rin's sole. "I hope you're not as ticklish as I am Rin", said Shima while smelling his toes. Starting with his arch, he licked his way up to Rin's toes, licking between them. First licking, then sucking and slurping on his cute toes, he wiggled them in Shima's mouth. Starting with the big toe, Shima sucked his way down to his little one. Rin giggled at how it felt as Shima continued burying his nose in-between his toes. Then he pulled out his tongue and started licking the heel slowly. He licked up and down Rin's pale sole. He removed one foot from his face and put it on his bulge. "Ah-- Rin, if you just could feel what I feel," said Shima while rubbing his cock against Rin's sole and licking the other.

Shima was about to cum, as Rin woke up. "Ähm, Shima what are you doing?" Shima smiled at him and continued to fuck his foot. "Hey--hey what..--" Rin stopped as Shima sucked on his toes. "Just tell me that you have pleasure...baka," Rin blushed. Shima rubbed his cock in between Rin's toes, moaning heavily. Rin then moved his foot to Shima's cock and "helped" him. It doesn't took long for Shima to came into Rin's soft feet, and cleaning them afterwards with his tongue. "Ahh--Rin your feet are the best, let me do that more often." Rin mumbled, "As if I would..." still blushing.
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