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Flash Fiction: 300 words max. Prompt: celebrate, normal, triangle
Tonight the Mudville Dragons (6-1) play their arch rivals, the Springfield Tigers (7-0), for the last game of the West Central Soccer League season. Coach Tyler Stewart is about to reveal his secret play for victory.

"Tonight's game is the toughest of our season. Those Tigers are big and fast. I have been working on a special play to get around them. I call it the "Triangle Crush." Our best players can pull this off by precision play. I want you to play better than normal tonight."

"When I give you the sign, I want Andrew Wood to move to the center of the field and head straight toward the goal. As Wood passes midfield, I need a striker to cross behind Wood from left to right. Josh Mills, that's your job. Wood, you pass to Mills as soon as he gets beside you." Coach Stewart diagrams the action on the white board as he speaks. The team all watches intently. "Meanwhile, our sweeper, Ben Grant will run down the right sideline past both Wood and Mills. After Grant gets ahead, Mills passes to Grant. Grant dribbles to the corner then crosses the ball to Mills, who should be at the penalty kick spot by this time. Mills heads the ball into the goal. Are there any questions?"

"You all know how important this game is to our team. Everyone is counting on us to bring home the trophy. Springfield wants to repeat last year's victory. Do you want that to happen?

Fired up as never before, the Mudville Dragons hit the field with victory in sight. At that moment a bolt of lightning, a crash of thunder, and the sky opened up.

No celebrating, only mud, in Mudville tonight. Lightning has struck out the Mudville Dragons.

Word Count : 297
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