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I am responding to a series on The History Channel.
The History Channel recently did a series about DB Cooper. DB Cooper hijacked a plane in 1971 and escaped unmasked,probably unhurt, and $200,000 richer. Forty five years later nobody knows anything about him, not even if he survived his jump into the abyss.

The History Channel dug up a book worm and retired law professor Robert Rackstraw who had motive, opportunity, and means to have been DB Cooper but it's all circumstantial. Obviously, he denies being DB Cooper. He would be stupid not too. Even in the century of OJ, air piracy is a grave offense not to be taken lightly.

For years and years, Richard McCoy was considered the leading candidate to be DB Cooper. McCoy who also hijacked an airliner and jumped to freedom, was caught because he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Since he later died in a shootout with police, he could not be interviewed for the History Channel's program.

I believe the evidence that Robert Rackstraw is the real McCoy as opposed to Richard McCoy Jr. is convincing. I also could be convinced the real DB Cooper died long ago.

If it turns out the real DB Cooper is alive and well and has been enjoying freedom for forty five years while our incompetent cops have been chasing 'dangerous hummus lovers' I will write Congress to hold hearings since they have plenty of experience {They spent how much on investigating Bengazi?}!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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