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The true story of the brutal oppression I experience in Vancouver
         I am being oppressed.  I live in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  Recently, I have known Vancouver as a place of brutal torture, harassment, and false labels.  When I was growing up in the city, I never experienced these things.  But ever since I returned from studies at the University of Toronto, Vancouver has generally been a horrible place to live.
         When I say torture, I do not entirely mean physical torture (although I have been a victim of that in Vancouver).  For the most part, the torture takes the form of harassment.  As someone who was recently a student and someone who has aspired to be a professional author, reading and writing are very important to me.  For the most part, living in Vancouver recently, I have lost my ability to read and write because of very frequent harassment.  The harassment is devastating enough, both practically and emotionally, to be termed torture.  This is especially true because the harassment takes on jeering, aggressive, and cruel aspects specifically designed to make me feel terrible.
         According to a member of the Toronto (I also experienced this while a student at the University of Toronto) police service, the police are usually powerless to help convict those who indirectly harass others because it is not possible to conclusively prove such harassment.  I spoke to police in Vancouver about the harassment, and they seemed apathetic.
         So, unable to read or write because of the harassment (including job application forms when at home), and suffering emotionally from brutal torments, I sought to be as effective as someone in a situation such as that can be.  Before long, my mother, who I was staying with, contacted someone, and an ambulance driver and a police officer showed up at home.  A psychiatrist came and declared that I was schizophrenic without having had a conversation with me, and I was taken to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH).  My mother and my brother both supported the idea that I was schizophrenic.  I was held at VGH for months under the label of a schizophrenic.
         In reality, I am not schizophrenic and have no mental illness.  For this reason, I appealed the decision that I was schizophrenic two times, but the review panels ruled against me both times.  The most recent time, I was accused of having hallucinations.  No evidence exists of my having had hallucinations, because it has never happened.
         One interesting proof that it is actual harassment rather than something in my own mind is the way in which it is different in different places.  At my home in Vancouver, the harassment generally interrupts and stops attempts to read or write.  In Saltspring Island, from which I am writing this, no harassment seriously interrupts any of my attempts to read or write, and I can generally read and write in peace.  So there is virtually no harassment on Saltspring, but an unlimited amount in my Vancouver home.  That seems to suggest that the problem is with the place and not with me personally.
         Being labeled as schizophrenic is a serious issue.  I am forced to take medications which make me sleep for twelve hours each night, doing damage to the regular day.  I am disallowed from moving out of the province of British Columbia.  This does serious damage to my career potential.  All of this when I actually have no mental illness.
         So, I am kept from being able to read and write in Vancouver and I am labeled falsely as a schizophrenic which takes away some of my rights and messes up my days.  When in Vancouver, I am sometimes forced to put up with aggressive harassment aimed at making me feel bad.  I hope that I can find a good psychologist and a good lawyer to help me out of this disaster.
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