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by Ali
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This is just the beginning of a story I'm working on
'Drip, drip, drip.' The sounded blood dripping rattled through my head as I lay asleep in a car on our way to Dallas, Texas. I couldn't remember why we were moving, but I did know that we weren't going back. I didn't like the idea of moving or going to a new school, but it wasn't up to me. So as I slept, I tried to remember what I forgot.

When we reached our new home, I got out and sat next to the door of the garage, trying to remember and comprehend my dream. I knew my dreams were like a key to my memories and such, but the problem was that I cant remember my dreams after I wake up. So all I could do was sit there and think as my mom and dad unloaded the car......

( that's where I stopped and I hope you like and review on this intro into a world much like Fran bow except without you know the pills and palontras and such....)
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