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My take on this life we live from another perspective. Got week 3, prompt 5
I Am the Ruler of the World! Why do you look so shocked? Did you not know? Can you not see it? No, no, I know that you cannot because you are too closed-minded, closing yourself off to all the things in front of your face, and caught up in a life of materialistic debauchery and your own sense of self that you forgot all about me. Oh, I see you think that’s funny. Well guess what? It’s not. It is not funny that you have taken everything in this world for granted, that you have not thanked anyone for anything in your life, especially me. Who am I? Well, I am another story, first let’s talk about you.

You who live your life backstabbing and gossiping about everyone and everything, because somewhere in that pathetic little mind of yours you have decided that you are better than everyone else. It is actually quite comical sometimes to see you brush things off, acting like they don’t bother you and you don’t care when in actuality you do. Oh I have seen it all. How the hell did he buy a new car? The jealousy is extreme in you as you rush off to buy a shiny new vehicle of your own, but not just any car. Oh no, that would be a waste wouldn’t it? You, dear one, go out and buy the newest, flashiest, most expensive thing you can get your hands on, and then proceed to make sure everyone knows about it, sees you driving it around town.

As they begin to build new houses all around you, each one bigger than the next, with all their expensive décor, and elaborate furnishings, state of the art this and that just sets your sights higher. You calculate how you can afford such extravagances, and before too long you are on the hunt to find your next conquest. Your acquaintances cannot out do you, they cannot have more than you do. In fact, everyone that you know has become someone to compete with, as if it is your life’s mission to put yourself above all others. Sigh. I do not know where this thinking of yours manifested, and after all these years, I no longer care. You have passed the point of no return when it comes to possessions. Who am I to stop you now? I have tried and have failed miserably.

I honestly thought by now you would wise up, grow up even, and become what you were meant to be, but that is just a dream I had for you, one that you pissed on, stomped on and discarded effortlessly. So on you went to the next big thing, being self-absorbed and childish in your ways, digging yourself a deeper hole, one I am quite certain you can never climb out of now. Yes, yes, it is true, it is too late for you. You have become an addict, addicted to buying what others have, to owning more than them, to making a name for yourself and what has that left you with? Ah, I know you think your name is everything. Those that hear it stop to listen to tales of your social climbing status, to see how much more you have obtained in recent years and somehow cannot get enough. It is contagious for sure, starting their wheels turning, because like you, they must have more. Greed it is fascinating.

Have they realized yet? No, I see that they have yet to discover that they have become your possessions as well. When they are good you reward them for that loyalty, but just be sure they do not make waves. No stepping outside of the box because that will cost them. Yes, yes, you must have total control over everything, the dominate puppet master lining them all up as you pull their strings, causing rifts when you choose, only to bring them back in line when you decide you have had enough. It is such a daunting game, isn’t it? Where do you find the time? Though I have noticed you get off on this kind of entertainment. Ecstasy does come in a variety of ways, and you have figured that out nicely.

Some have caught on by now, realizing that these things are meaningless. Those are the ones that have made the change, and with that change you will be left behind. Whether you realize this or not, I cannot say. Though I believe it will be another one of those things you will brush off as no big deal. Even if it is out of your control, you will never admit it, because for you there is a way to turn it all around. You will pretend like it is how you planned it all along, clutching onto that control as people fall like chess pieces, shunned when no longer of any value for you, no matter how small. It is sad to see, but this is how you operate, how you have always been, and yet most refuse to open their eyes and see just who you are and what you are all about. They cling to the same indifference, hoping their necks will not wind up on the same chopping block in the days to come.

This is your legacy, teaching those around you how to have to more, to take whatever they want and consequences be damned, because the things that you can touch and get your hands on mean everything to you. There’s the pity. Yes, you deserve the best of everything. Have you acquired it yet? Have you had enough? Oh I know you are thinking about it now, just as I know you will never change. This is amusement for you, you hunger for it, it drives you forward, and that deep ache rises to the surface sending you off to quench your thirst with the next successful conquest.

This is you, what you have allowed yourself to become and prided yourself on. As for me, well, I am the complete opposite of you. I care not about houses and cars, this name brand or that, diamonds, bobbles and trophies to put on display for the entire world to see—these trivial things that seem so important to so many. I go much deeper than what can be seen, than what can be felt in your hands and produced for others to admire and gushing over your latest finding.

You see dear one, what you perceive as having it all, is really nothing at all. You have missed the boat by oceans, because what truly matters most is not what you have, but what you do. Were you kind? Did you express true sympathy openly and communicate it without worry of being thought of as less than? Did you open your heart? Open it wide and glory in the abundance of what the heart can do? Oh the heart, that mighty fine piece of beauty that links us one and all on a profound level, bigger than anything a closed-mind could ever imagine. Yes, it is unconditional love, understanding, empathy and giving that defines us all. It is not enough to go through the motions, for one must stand behind their words and raise them up to me.
For I am the true power, the true ruler of the world. You may say you believe; in fact, you do not. Not until you learn to love others for who and what they are, to let go of monetary enticements and embrace me fully. You have your book, filled with lessons to be learned, but instead you twist those words so they cater to your own misguided beliefs, beliefs that go against everything I stand for. Me, the one that created everything you see, hear, feel, and touch. Such distaste you have for staying the course, for standing up for your heart and finding that true happiness and gain isn’t something that can be bought. Until then, until that day when it all comes crashing down around you will you catch of glimpse of all that was missing in your life. It is a sad fact, for you see, I have been watching you closely. You have been told that I do, though you choose to brush that aside as well, thinking you are doing good, when in actuality you have done nothing more than exist.

So go on back to your posh lifestyle, live it up, be self-centered, teach your friends and family what it is like to break your back for all the splendors of monetary and superficial belongings. But let me remind you, you cannot take it with you when you come to me. In the blink of an eye it will all be gone and then we shall see what you have left. Do you see it now? The error of your ways? Sigh. I suppose not. When I call you home and place you before that mirror, you will.

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