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by Am____
Rated: 13+ · Serial · Action/Adventure · #209095
Her quest would lead to the adventure of a lifetime.
Emerald stretched her arms above her head as she sat up in her bed. Her eyes jumped around the room as she tried to figure out where Ren was hiding. Emerald could hear the little buzz of his wings but she couldn't quite find where he was. "Ren if you don't come out this moment I'll" Emerald started to say when Ren jumped from behind the mirror that sat in her room. "You'll what princess?" he asked as Emerald got out of bed. Her waist length golden hair fell as her body straightned. Emerald smiled and yawned lightly as Ren flew to her. "Must we go through this almost every day?" Emerald asked as he settled on her shoulder. The fairy smiled back at her. The two shared an incredible bond everyone knew they were born at that same day and time. That in itself was special. It had been a very long time since any royal family memeber had shared a birthday with a fairy. The mumurs were always there that Emerald was special, her destiny great. Emerald looked at her friend and said. "I suppose you came for a reason. To cause trouble perhaps, you love to get me into trouble."
Emerald looked at him impateintely as he just stood there. He could tell she wasn't really angry. Ren knew how to read her. They had spent a lifetime together. He bought him self time by jumping into the air and fluttering towards the window. He didn't want to be the one to tell her, but he had been sent by Madeline the Fairy Queen. Emerald was use to being summoned but this time Ren knew it was different. He had not been told why just that as soon as Emerald could she was to go to the Forest of Enchantment.
Ren looked at his beloved friend. She was the princess, the only child born to the king and queen. The people loved her for her kindness was known to them all. Ren watched her as she walked to the window and looked out. "Ren?" the question rolled off of her tounge and Ren turned from her for a second. Her gaze feel to the courtyard below. Ren watched Emerald sigh, he knew she wished for a different life, one not full of lessons in magic and sword fighting. She was a princess, a special one with a future filled with the fate of her kingdom resting on her shoulders,and she knew her life was different because of it. Emerald had risen to every challenge set in front of her and still there was much more to come. "Madeline asked me to summon you at your earlist convience." Ren finially said. Emerald looked at her friend. "Is that all? You seemed worried." Ren smiled and left the room without a reply. Emerald watched her friend leave her room. Concern growing in her at each passing moment. To Be Cont....
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/209095-Emeralds-Quest-Chapter-One