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discontent is perfectly normal my child...*
Happy Birthday My Dear- Dear Daughter

The day is long past I know, and even if it had not been and I could still wish you a
happy birthday on this one particular day, it might only elicit in you the curled lip and uneasy scorn.

For I doubt if I am carried high on that list of things fondly remembered from childhood, as I have been and still am eminently forgettable.

The years have added a wee bit of force to my gestures and put a little more color into some of my metaphors ... otherwise I suppose you would find me quite unchanged ... and carrying in my heart whatever I carried then... ( not having the thumb that bends backward ).

And of course I had my uses ...what actor could exist without an audience? A stage, yes, since there is hardly a place not fit for that ... and you made use of them all...

No doubt you were generous ..When anything worthwhile was afoot you would have gladly made me co-actor... except I could never remember my lines so precisely. It was plain that dire necessity made me part of some of your grand audiences, when I should surely have been there live-and-in-person on the same stage with you in the full glow of scintillating floodlights.

It could hardly be said of you that you walked into things blindfolded and with you the word SNAFU had a very reliable and explicit meaning: it was something that failed because you had somehow let me know too much about it... and I had set upon it the kiss of death.

It's true my blunders since have not been perhaps as spectacular... too there has hardly been as many of them as I expected... and I've learned to forgive myself as you never could, forgive me.

I've lived, I guess most of my life I suppose in a house by the side of the road .. But weather I've been very much of a friend to mankind I don't know... probably not .. And you no doubt find this pretty much as your script would go had you written it

But there is one thing that puzzles me .. And maybe in your incisive way you could lay bare the mystery....

Though not outstanding, eloquent and outgoing in any way, yet as I look back my life is besprinkled with little stars that light up the world, and each star is the light of someone who was a friend to me, who when I needed it did the deed that counted, though never again did my eyes fall upon them ...The bounty of my life has been through this mysterious kindness of strangers. Why?

If you took a poll of all the scientist in the world It's pretty safe to say that not many of them would take much interest in the hollow earth theory. They would take a dim view of the inside of the earth looking just about the same as the outside ( except for the absence of the stars and the moon), a lovely place with mountains, hills, rivers and so on and of course filled with people living there enjoying the sunshine from their own central sun. The ODDS of scientists being interested in such a thing would be practically zero. But if we enlarged our poll taking to include segments of the general population you would see the odds jump. Even where there was no belief in such a thing, you would find quite a few ready to listen to you and even a few who would ask more about it and finally astonishingly there would be a fairly reliable sale for a book on the subject. Why is this? Because people bye and large are bound and determined to believe in the most unbelievable things they can. Sometimes this is something that is the same thing scientist believe in too, but most often it is not.

To the ordinary man it is not the possibility that a thing can be proved that makes him start beating the drums for it, it's far otherwise... anything that can be proved too easily hardly interests at all. What interests him is probably what interested you, something in which there is no proof about the thing one way or the other , so we can all argue about it ...this is also the scientific attitude, but in any science in which there are multiple explanations for the same phenomenon it appears that such uncertain realities attract everyone to their ranks. It's human nature to want to be where the action is, the turmoil and the excitement of thrust and counter-thrust.

Because scientist are only seeking answers and don't know it all, anymore than we do (but sometimes they just pretend to know it all) they suffer the same relative disadvantages of hardly ever knowing whether any of their answers are true at all. And have to settle for small victories such as: "This is a perfectly typed sentence." or a perfectly conceived mathematical formula....But as to whether there is any "meaning" in either of them please don't ask... Neither of us know...

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