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Rated: GC · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2091102
Chapters 16 thru 20
Chapter 16

With both hands at his waist, he suddenly remembered who Gallia was. With a frustrated groan, Valen stepped back from the naked temptation on the floor in front of him. A vow made enjoying Gallia’s body off limits, and he began to loudly curse at this cruel injustice.

Hearing his voice so close to her, Gallia rolled over and slowly sat up. She began to rub her eyes, still not fully awake. “What are you doing here?” Momentarily, she had forgotten this was Valen’s home. She also failed to notice the towel no longer covered her body. It lay on the rug next to her legs she had bent to one side. “What’s the matter with you? Must you swear so much?” Gallia looked up at Valen, a disgusted look on her face. “It’s not nice to use those words in front of a lady.”

Valen gave a harsh, humorless laugh. “What lady? You were here waiting for me, your skin all pink and clean, your legs spread like a camp whore.” His glare would have scared most females, but it left Gallia unimpressed. “Any of the men could have come into my home. What would you have done then?” He began cursing again at the idea of Gallia underneath one of his warriors. If he couldn’t have her, neither would any of his men. Knowing his enemy, Emonan, had enjoyed taking Gallia’s virginity gave him a bitter taste in his mouth, but he was unwilling to share her with any other man, at last for now.

Before Gallia could get to her feet, Valen sat down on the fur rug next to her left side. My vow didn't say I couldn't touch Gallia, just ordered not to do anything that would fill her womb with my bastard. Unsatisfied with this restriction, he nonetheless decided to go as far as he could without breaking his solemn vow. He reached out and caught her closest ankle in his hand. When he felt the normal rhythm of her pulse under his fingers, he gave a satisfied nod. Woman, I’m going to have that racing before I’m done with you.

* * *

Gallia tried to remove her foot from Valen’s loose grasp, but winced in pain when his fingers immediately tightened. Firmly trapped in his grasp, she soon discovered struggling against her captor did her no good. She leaned backwards on her elbows when he moved closer, too close in her opinion. Not understanding his sudden grin, she let out a surprised yelp when Valen roughly used his free hand to strike her closest elbow out from under her. This caused her to once again land flat on her back. Even as Valen’s strong fingers remained around her left ankle, she next saw him place his other hand on her right lower leg.

“What are you doing?” She managed to gasp out these four words. Gallia tried to ignore the feelings Valen’s fingers caused. The pain increased when Valen closed his fingers even more around her left ankle. It was what his other hand was doing, though, that made her ask that breathless question.

She felt his fingers slowly tracing a path up her leg. He stopped now and then to caress her soft skin before moving ever higher. Just below her knee, he released her left ankle and placed that hand for balance on the rug beside her. By now he was leaning over both of her legs, his long hair falling forward to hide his face. “Please stop. You shouldn’t be doing this.” Gallia tried to sit up again without success and finally returned to lying on her back.

With a big sigh, she closed her eyes, resigned to letting Valen have his way with her. I have to admit this feels better than what Emonan did. Even when Valen’s fingers began gently stroking the inside of her leg above her knee, she remained still and let the new experience flow over her. An unfamiliar ache soon started in her belly when his hand slid between her upper thighs.

Without realizing what she was doing, Gallia instinctively spread her legs wider, thus giving him better access to the entrance into her young, virginal body.

Chapter 17

“Where’s Val?” Devon looked around the crowded courtyard, but he didn’t see his older brother anywhere. Earlier, he had taken Origga to the home belonging to Hakim. Once Origga entered the small, wooden building, Hakim’s wife and three children clustered around her. Devon and Hakim backed outside quickly, but nobody noticed or even missed them.

“First you need a hot bath, and then I’ll find something clean for you to wear.” Hakim’s wife, Sheele, shooed her oldest son outside. “Tell your father we need to use the communal bath house. I’ll bring Origga there after I find a dress for her.” The 12-year-old boy nodded and ran outside after his father.

Origga begged, close to tears, “Please, I need to wear what I’ve got on. I just need to shake it to get the dust off.”

“Nonsense! I have just the dress for you.” Sheele looked down at her own body that had grown in size after birthing three children. “It’s one I wore during my last pregnancy, so it should cover up yours nicely.”

“How did you know?” Origga thought she had concealed her larger belly underneath the loose, concubine dress.

Sheele didn’t understand the fear in the other woman’s eyes. “I’ve had three pregnancies and could tell by the way you walk. I don’t think anyone but a woman would notice, though. How far along are you?”

“I learned I was about two months the day I was kidnapped.” Origga did start crying at that horrifying memory. “The man had wrapped a carpet around me, except for my head. When he then slung me face down over his saddle, I thought for sure I’d lose the baby. He sat me up only when I started vomiting all over his horse.” She wiped her hand across her eyes, but the tears kept coming. “That was over three months ago.”

Sheele thought she understood. “You never got a chance to tell your husband, did you?” She also knew the law where a husband could deny his wife if she produced a child either from adultery or rape. All a husband knew was the end result was the same, a bastard that was not his legitimate offspring.

Shaking her head, Origga finally managed to stop crying. “Devon might think the baby isn’t his, and someone told me to wait until I was bigger to tell him.” She gave Sheele a watery smile. “She said I shouldn’t let him touch me until then. Maybe when he does find out, he might think he did it when I got back home.”

Sheele hated to dash the other woman’s hopes since she knew even the dumbest man could count to nine. For the time being, though, she decided to let her keep this false hope and realized Origga needed time to recover from her ordeal. Sheele decided to ask Hakim how to tell Devon he was going to be a father.

Chapter 18

Valen moved to sit as close to Gallia’s side as he could. By leaning over, he was able to see his objective clearly. Since he could not do anything that might impregnate her, he planned on satisfying himself another way. First, though, he wanted to make Gallia want him enough to allow the more painful penetration.

Slowly, watching her face to judge how far or fast he could go, Valen moved his hand closer until he was able to insert his middle finger. This was only less than an inch, but hearing Gallia’s nearly inaudible moan of pleasure filled him with male pride. When he pulled his finger out, he tried not to smile from the immediate look of disappointment on her face.

“You liked that?” Not waiting to hear her answer, Valen again moved his finger inside, this time even deeper. By slowly repeating this process a few more times, he finally had his entire finger inside her. Now I think you’re ready for more. While thinking this, he forced his index finger in with his middle one. At this point, he increased the speed and soon had Gallia’s hips rising up to meet his rapid inward thrusts.

Unable to wait much longer, he removed his fingers and shifted his body to kneel between Gallia’s legs. Giving her a quick glance to see how she was responding, Valen leaned down and began nibbling at the slight ridge around her navel. He paused now and then to lick where he had gently bitten.

* * *

Gallia wanted to complain when she felt his fingers leave her body, but let out a shocked cry instead. Her body also arched when she felt his mouth on her bare stomach. She couldn’t keep from moving restlessly when he began kissing her. When she first felt his tongue instead of his lips, though, she tried to scramble out from under him.

It was too late, and she felt Valen’s hands grasping her hips to hold her in place. Soon, Gallia didn’t know which she found more exciting, the slight pain from the nibbling of his teeth or the increasing ache in her belly the licking his tongue caused.

When he raised his head and got back up on his knees, Gallia wanted to cry again. This time it was from frustration, not shock.

* * *

By now, Valen didn’t care if Gallia was ready for what he wanted to do next. He moved from between her legs, but remained kneeling beside her. Already his arousal was rock-hard, and Valen knew he was physically unable to wait much longer.

Chapter 19

“Woman, turn over!” When Gallia failed to obey his harsh command quickly enough to suit him, Valen roughly twisted her over onto her stomach. When the panicked woman tried to get away, Valen pushed her legs together and moved to kneel over them. In this way, he kept her trapped under him on the floor.

Valen tried to ignore her cries of fear, but suddenly realized he wanted Gallia to share the pleasure of what was about to happen between them. This feeling was new to the seasoned warrior. By the time Valen had reached his current age of 32, he took his own pleasure with no thought of the woman.

Even his timid wife, Anaya, failed to bring out this unfamiliar tenderness when they had sex. During the few months of their marriage, Valen thought nothing of it when Anaya lay silent and motionless on their bed. While he was trying to enjoy himself inside her young body, Anaya was looking anywhere but at him. Because this often left him unsatisfied, he would leave his wife to find one of the camp whores for his final release.

Valen now fought for control of his rebellious body. He was panting from the effort and knew he had to quickly get Gallia ready. He reached forward and placed his hands on her rounded buttocks. When she started wildly wiggling to get away, he began stroking the soft skin. He alternated his gentle caresses with a sharp slap on first one cheek and then the other.

“Hold still, Gallia, this isn’t going to hurt.” When she stopped struggling, he didn’t realize it was because he had called Gallia by her name for the first time. With no further thought of his vow to leave her untouched, he again reached down and undid the few buttons at the front of his trousers.

Valen gave a loud sigh of relief after he removed his heavy arousal from within the increasingly tight material. He next shifted his body forward so he wasn’t sitting on Gallia’s slender legs. Quickly, he pushed his trousers down his hips until they bunched underneath his own buttocks. Reaching behind him, he removed one trouser leg at a time and discarded the garment onto the floor. He wore no underclothes and had removed his dusty boots when first entering his home. Within seconds, Valen stripped off his shirt, which left him naked from his dark-blonde hair down to his bare feet.

He whispered, “I’ll try not to hurt you. Just relax your body while I…” Valen stopped telling Gallia what he was doing to do and did it instead. First, he used his fingers to spread the crack between her buttocks. Valen almost ejaculated prematurely when Gallia started rapidly wiggling her body up and down in an attempt to dislodge his fingers.

“Don’t do that, woman. Hold still,” Valen harshly ordered while he tried repeatedly to shove his thick penis into her wildly gyrating ass. Time after time he failed, and he was getting more angry and frustrated as the seconds raced by. He reached forward over her back and grabbed her long hair, pulling her head backwards until she cried out in pain. “Now, I’ll let go if you stop trying to get away.”

When Gallia stopped struggling, Valen immediately released her hair and moved back once again into position. With his arousal poised to push between the fleshy cheeks of Gallia’s ass, he felt more than ready for the pleasurable task ahead of him.

Chapter 20

Since leaving his home 10 minutes earlier the next morning, Valen had ridden his black stallion at a brisk pace. He was holding the reins to the horse Gallia was on, which forced them to keep up with him. A long line of his men rode behind them down the mountain road to the valley below. Each warrior held the reins of another horse upon which sat one of the rescued concubines, each freshly bathed and dressed in new clothing provided by the generous wives of some of the men.

Gallia was nearly crying from the discomfort. “Please, Valen, can’t we slow down?” It was no surprise to her when he ignored her repeated complaint. Her rear end felt covered with bruises, and she tried, without much success, to relieve the pain by raising herself up.

Resigned to Valen’s foul mood, Gallia thought back to what had caused it the evening before. It had all began with her screaming.

* * *

With Gallia now lying quietly on her stomach, Valen decided to enter her as gently and slowly as he could. She let out a loud scream of protest when she felt something hard, thick, and wet trying to push inside her. “Gallia, what’s the matter with you?” Valen did try to stop, but began to lose the tentative hold he had on his self control. Still on his knees with Gallia’s legs trapped under his body, Valen pushed inside her so fast he almost lost his balance. Once in, he managed to hold still long enough to lean forward and grab Gallia around her waist to keep her from escaping.

“Shut up, you silly woman! Do you want to wake up the whole camp?” Gallia pleased him when she remained silent. He began again by slowly bringing his penis almost out of Gallia’s body and then used his strong hips to push back inside. Valen repeated the in-and-out motion a second time, and then a third.

He felt rewarded after that to hear Gallia give a small whimper each time he went faster, harder, and deeper. Sweat quickly covered both of them. Valen fought to keep from coming too soon, but he was beyond the point when he could have stopped. Finally, he realized there was no way he could keep from ejaculating in the next few seconds. Breathing hard from the effort to hold off until he was inside her, Valen began his last, fierce thrust into Gallia’s body.

Just then, the front door to his home slammed open. He heard a furious voice yell, “What the hell are you doing to her?”

Story continued in next segment.
 The Veils of Gallia - Segment 05  (GC)
Chapters 21 thru 25
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