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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2091250
Hinata [Haikyuu], Subaru [ReZero], Killua [HxH], Kuroko [Kuroko no Basuke]
After the three boys: Yukine, Luffy and Inaho returned like the other before, another bunch of random boys found themselves, locked in the room.

Hinata: Ah, my head hurts...wait, where am I?
Subaru: What? Who are you? Why am I here?
Killua: You mean, why are we here.
Hinata: Äh...yeah,whatever...
Killua: By the way, who are you?
Hinata: I'm Hinata Shōyō .
Subaru: My name is Subaru Natsuki, I am...a pretty normal guy...I guess.
Killua: And my name is Killua, whats your name?
Kuroko: Oh, you noticed me? That's unusual...my name is Kuroko Testuya.

Hinata: Ok, now that we know this, does anyone has an idea whats going on?
Kuroko: Yeah I know whats going on, because I was here before.
Subaru: Wonderful...and would you so kind and tell us?
Kuroko: I will but you wont like it...
Killua: That sound kind of bad...by the way, where are our shoes?
Kuroko: That's part of the stuff that I was going to tell ya, so let me explain. The last time I was here, I was together with two other boys, they had some weird powers and one were the devil...
Killua: That sounds really interesting, but could you tell us how you escaped?
Killua: We didn't really escaped...we were exhausted and fell asleep...by doing...things.
Hinata: Things?
Kuroko: We...we all had a foot fetish and yeah..after doing things explicit with them, I found myself in another room. After that I watched over another group, who also had a foot fetish...the does the same and one of them woke up in the same room as me. It looks like we must do sex based stuff to escape this room. Only one of us will stay here and the others will escape.

Killua: Are you fucking serious... (・_・ヾ?
Subaru: 'de faq boy (・_・;)...
Hinata: (´-ω-`) that's...weird...

Kuroko: I'm just telling the truth, I swear!

Killua: Does that mean everyone in the room has the same fetish? Then...were is the big problem? Someone who wants to lick my feet? [wiggle with feet]

Subaru: (* ̄ii ̄)
Kuroko: ( ̄ハ ̄*)
Hinata: \( ̄ハ ̄)
Killua: (//ω//) Didn't thought of this reaction, hehe.
Hinata: (°人°) Please let me first Killua-kun.
Killua: I already agreed, didn't I? Go on Hinata.

And it began, Hinata totally in love with Killua's pale feet, slowly starting to sniff on them. Killua: (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄). The orange haired then slowly lapped his tongue against his heel, slowly licking over his sole. He let his tongue press into the soft flesh, letting Killua moan. Killua: You're quite talented with your tongue Hinata.

Subaru: Damnit...Killua, could I like your feet too?
Killua: Sure thing Subaru, you can take my other foot.

Subaru grabbed his foot and started to lick his sole up and down. He then started to lick between his toes. Slowly he began to suck on them, letting his tongue play with them. Starting with the big toe, Subaru sucked his way down to his little one, strongly licking them. Killua: Oh man, I could lay here the whole day..

Kuroko: Why don't make a game out of it?
Hinata: Good idea, Kuroko!
Killua: Alright, what idea comes you to mind?
Kuroko: What about truth or dare, with just the dares?
Killua: Simple but could be funny.

Killua: Ok, I've made a few dares and throwed them into this bottle. Hinata you start.
Hinata: Kiss the feet of Subaru.

Hinata began to kiss Subaru's feet, starting from the heel and up the sole. He then kissed all of Subaru's toes and repeated the same thing with his other foot.

Kuroko: Kiss the person next to you.

Kuroko watched over to Killua and kissed him deeply. Letting there tongues dance with each other.

Subaru: Suck on the toes of Hinata..the best dare so far!

And Subaru doesn't hesitated and instantly sucked on Hinata's left big toe. He made loud slurping noises, while enjoy the young boys feet. he sucked on his smooth toes while letting his tongue lick them. Subaru really enjoyed Hinata's toes, letting his tongue lick them heavily. Hinata: Ah-Ah, so good..

Killua: The person you're looking at, will give you a footjob...jackpot! Ok Subaru, worship me with your feet.

Subaru blushed and started to rub his feet at Killua's shaft. Then Killua started to rub his cock deeper into his soles. Killua moaned heavy as Subaru wanked his cock with his feet. Killua pushed his cock into the sole and toes of him. Subaru massaged his tip with his soft toes, pressing them into his tip. Killua fucked Subaru's smooth feet deeper and stronger, he moaned. Killua: I-I'm gonna... Killua came into Subaru's feet, still rubbing at the white haired boys cock. Killua: That was great Subaru ( ̄▽ ̄), I will need more of your feet.
Hinata: Now I also want to fuck his feet 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。
Subaru: I'm sure you will get your chance ^-^.

Killua: You get blindfolded, and take your pants off. Then someone will rub your cock with his feet. If you can say who it was, this person will give you a footjob, if not, you will give another person a footjob and the one that rubbed your cock will tickle you while you're doing this.

Killua gets blindfolded and the other decide who will rub his cock.

Hinata: We can't choose Subaru, because he know how your feet feel like. It's Kuroko or me. I think Kuroko should do it.
Kuroko: Alright I do it.

And they began. Kuroko rubbed his feet on Killua's hard cock, playing with his tip. Killua: I-Ah..I think i'ts Hinata, am I right? Kuroko: No you're wrong Killua. And now you have to give me a footjob.

Killua took the cloth from his eyes and saw Kuroko's big cock in front of him, just waiting for his feet. Killua started with rubbing his cock between his two pale soles. He rubbed really fast and Kuroko began to moan hard. Kuroko took the pair of feet and forced them to his tip, fucking them without mercy. Killua: Do you like my feet so much Kuro? Killua smiled. Hinata then suddenly began to tickle Killua's armpits. Killua: I-I toh-tahaly for-ghot about th-hat, hahaahha. Hinata began to lick his armpits what only made him laugh louder. In the meantime, Kuro fucked Killua's toes and rubbed his right feet on the undersite of his cock. Then came the blue-haired boy into Killua's smooth foot. Kuroko: Your feet are absolute great Killua.

Hinata: Ok, I'm next! let's see. You fuck the feet of Subaru while Killua tickle them, meanwhile will Kuroko tickle mine. Killua and Hinata will lick off the cum from Subaru's soles.

Hinata let his pants down and began to fuck the feet of Subaru. He never fucked feet before, but he was sure that Subaru had great feet. He fucked into Subaru's soles and moaned, meanwhile began Killua to tickle on the same feet, sometimes touching Hinata's cock. Hinata began to laugh as Kuro started to lick his feet. It was like a dream for Hinata, when Killua suddenly began to lick Subaru's feet and his cock he exploded. Killua: That wasn't really long Hinata, too much pleasure? Hinata: I couldn't do something against it...his feet were great and then your guys tongues? No chance of restisting!

Subaru: Take all dares for this round.

Kuroko: You and Killua worship each others feet.

Subaru looked into Killua's eyes and took one of his feet, licking and sucking on it. The same does Killua, but he nibbled sometimes on Subaru's feet.

Hinata: You get a footjob from everyone!
Subaru: That's a dreamround!

Everyone gathered before Subaru a pushed there feet into his crotch. He leaned back and enjoyed Killua's, Kuro's and Hinata's feet, massaging his cock. As they pushed together on his tip, Subaru moaned and released pre-cum. They took his balls and squeezed them between there toes. Subaru then rapidly fuck into there group of feet, just to explode soon after. Subaru: Ahhh that was great guys, thank you so much!

Killua: Everyone has to lick my feet together! Then everyone will fuck one off my feet together.

So, everyone kneel down and began to lap there tongues against there young masters foot. The saliva dropped from Killua's foot as he enjoyed there tongues. They were like wild animals eating there meal, just with the exception that they only licked his feet. After, some long minutes, the three of them took there cock's and rubbed them against Killua's small foot. With every push they pushed harder and deeper. First came Subaru into Killua's toes. After him came Kuro onto his heel and Hinata came onto his pale sole.

Killua: Nice shot boys!

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