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To be celebrating 30 years of marriage on August 1st is both blessing & amazement to me.
That thirty years of marriage is
a truly lovely thing,
My heart must shout, it doth confess
and all the time it sings!

The days have flown, I just said, "Yes!"
my wife is but a bride,
The days to come are still the best
with Lady by my side...

'Twas August 1st of '86
I looked right down that aisle
First sight of her my eyes did fix
How lovely in her style!

Three decades have brought ups and downs
and tests we have passed through,
But with God's help are smiles from frowns
new hope from all the blue.

Her grades weren't good, when we began
so college, where we met
Was graduation as I planned
but for her down was let.

Career I chose in early days
was flying rather high,
But what she knew was just dismay,
which often made her cry.

How sad I felt! I knew her mind,
She really is quite bright!
"I think the course for you this time
is styles of hair. That's right!"

In twelve months time she breezed on through
and many are her names
From hair stylist to sculptress, too,
so many know her fame!

The years have changed, our places, though,
for my career grew less,
Retooled careers mean more to know
and often it's a guess

Yet, her career has remained strong
and needed it has been
Society somewhere went wrong
or my skills need a win.

Perspective has a way to teach
what youthful hearts must learn.
Our grasp at times is o'er our reach
experience may burn.

But when a child comes to the home
past seventeen years toge'er
Then Wisdom's class will quickly come
and teach great things with care.

The stretching comes to show what's best
by home or self, career,
The fires of life will show by test
the truth that's really clear.

Let her great skills of beauty make,
Let tender-hearted man
do what he can from home and take
the nurturer's upper hand.

So, life has changed for better, Yes!
the star is different now
As quiet one is home to bless
his wife, who needs the bow.

We are a team and as a team
the blockers mean as much
As quarterback, who makes the scene
of touchdown and such.

Who is the boss? I know just this,
that God is Leader best,
Forgetting problems time has kissed
by Grace we take the test.

So, thirty years can poem make
that really is quite long,
But had again this path to take
'twould be my lasting song
My life is best in this one stake
together all along!

by Jay O'Toole
on July 25, 2016

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