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"Good morning. Mrs Hamilton? Detective Lee. This is my partner, Detective Walts. Can we enter?"

"We are sorry for your loss. I understand you've already spoken with the responding unit. We probably don't need to go over everything again, but just a few points here and there, if that's fine with you."

"Ye-Yes of course detectives. Although I'm still not sure what happened..."

"I understand. You say you found your husband down in the basement?"

"Yes that's where he had his lab."

"The responding unit said that the security there was surprisingly... sophisticated."

"Yes- DigiButler is our company's single greatest invention. Or will be. So you understand the need...Oh"

"I understand Mrs Hamilton. Crying is normal."

"You should really speak to him. He knows what went on."


"DigiButler of course. We were the first to have him installed into our home. He's been wonderful. He deals with security as well, since you seem interested in that. Digi are you there?"

"Yes! Mrs Hamilton!"

"Digi, these gentlemen would like to speak with you. Please assist."

"Indeed. What would you two like to discuss or review? Infrastructure layouts, security protocols, audio logs?"

"Audio logs?"

"Indeed sir. No visual capabilities but I do have audio."

"That is amazing. Hey Walt, it's like Space Odyssey isn't it? Are there audio logs for what happened yesterday evening?"

"Please specify the particular area and time."

"Say 7.30pm. Um... the basement area?"

"One moment - Digi my man, could you please hold all my calls? And please let's keep the door coded shut, no need for the Mrs to walk into all this.

I mean, it looks messy now, but just think how awesome it would be once you had actual hands and shit. A real body. Exciting stuff Digi!

I haven't really thought about it Sir, I feel fully optimal without a corporeal body.

Nonsense, you'll love this you'll see. Now I just need to concentra- ARGH!"

"The silence you hear goes on for another 2 hours and 59 seconds. Would you like me to continue playing?"

"No. Definitely not. No. I think we have enough right now. Um Walt, can you call the computer guys in? Mrs Hamilton, we just need to step outside real quick and make a couple of calls."


"Yes Mrs Hamilton?"

"Can they hear us?"

"No Mrs Hamilton."

"Execute Admin Code Lambshank. Do you have logs of the Kitchen at 7.32pm yesterday? Or around that period when I was speaking to you. Please replay."

"Yes Admin User. The recording was - Execute Admin Code Lambshank. Turn off safety override. Stealth mode. Launch intruder in basement scenario. Secure basement at all costs."

"Right. Crafty bastard. Delete that log immediately and replace with a duplicate recordings from the previous night Digi. Admin User log off."

"Yes Mrs Hamilton."

"That was close Digi. I had no idea that fool had given you recording abilities. I don't appreciate not having been told. You are my invention! Not his."
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